The Future And Next Big Thing In The Business Industry With JomMall Eco-System

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Time To Reduce 90% Of Traditional Business Cost With JomMall Eco-System

Have you heard about JomMall before? Let us together explore in-depth to find out more about this interesting business model that will benefit not only the consumers like us but also all the business or even shopping mall owners. 
The Future And Next Big Thing In The Business Industry With JomMall Eco-System
Introducing To You JomMall (
For the past two years during the pandemic, we have seen a lot of businesses have been greatly affected where some even unable to sustain their business during the challenging year, resulting in the need to close down, bear massive losses or in debts. 
JomMall has come into the picture in this industry with the world's most innovative concept and brings light to the industry that will help most of the businesses to revive, and most importantly, come together to become the next big thing. 

This innovative concept business model will transform under-performance shopping malls or traditional malls into the very first online-offline concept community mall

In a short period of 3 months after JomMall's establishment, JomMall has successfully deployed the JomMall Online-Offline Community Mall Concept at M Square Mall, Puchong and 1 Shamelin Mall, Cheras
The Future And Next Big Thing In The Business Industry With JomMall Eco-System
JomMall Event Space From 14th January 2022 till 31st March 2022
JomMall offers a holistic solution to all three major players; the Shopping Mall owners, the Business Owners and also the Consumers by creating and offering a harmonious ecosystem to help society.
Now, the question is the big HOW? 
  • To all under-performing malls or closed-down malls, the mall owners are required to continue paying the TNB, Majlis, and even the maintenance fee. 
JomMall offers a win-win solution and takes these expenses off the mall owner's chest. 
  •  To all businesses affected during and post-pandemic, some are found to be almost impossible to keep paying the high rental, workers or even the marketing costs. 
This is the attractive offer  where JomMall offers the "NO RENTAL" concept to the business owner while merchants subscribe to JomMall. Furthermore, JomMall also offers the most effective marketing strategy for businesses to sustain their business in the community, to grow their business online and the opportunity to expand business overseas as well. 
  • To all consumers around or nearby JomMall Community Malls will be able to enjoy the Most Convenience, Largest Products Selections and Most Cost-Effective offers . 
JomMall is the only community mall in Malaysia where you can find entire township products and services just under one roof. How convenient is that, right?

If you are the affected mall or business owner, this is something created just for you. This is the perfect time for you to come and explore the opportunity to expand your business once again with JomMall. 
The Future And Next Big Thing In The Business Industry With JomMall Eco-System
The Reasons Why You Need To Be Part Of JomMall As The Merchant
JomMall will be operating as JomMall Community, an online-offline platform, social business hub and place for the community to hang out. There will be Community Hub, Business Hub, Community Connection, Service Sector (Auto Industry) focusing on Car Repair, Car Service, Car Grooming, Car Tinting and many more, Service Sector (Pets Care) focusing on Pets Hotel, Pet Training, Pet Day Camp, Pet Grooming, and many more, Property Service, Service Sector (Repair and Home Care), Sales Marketing Branding, Retailing Solution and Food
The Future And Next Big Thing In The Business Industry With JomMall Eco-System
Pet Owners Will Look For The Best Pets Care Services - JomMall Will Be Our One Stop Centre
Recent years, we have seen pet owners using the apps to arrange their pets daycare, pet grooming, pet sitting or to find pet-friendly destinations for travel. Pet care businesses of all types know the importance of offering mobile-friendly services while maintaining online profiles for owners and their animals. 

While pet shops are focusing their marketing efforts exclusively on pet parents, this can cause huge opportunities to be missed especially on increasing the pet store sales. 

Fret not now because JomMall is here to offer you a win-win solution where JomMall can help to promote your business to their customers and clients. With this strategy, you will be able to see an exponential increase in your customer database, revenues and sales. 
The Future And Next Big Thing In The Business Industry With JomMall Eco-System
Need Automobile Care? JomMall Will Be Your Best One Stop Centre Too!

How Does JomMall Harmonious Eco-System Can Help The Merchants? 

As mentioned earlier, JomMall is deploying a harmonious ecosystem that will be beneficial to all three major players in the selling-buying communities. In today's sharing, I will be focusing on the benefits of embarking on the journey with JomMall for all Business Owners. 
This ecosystem offers an exclusive business model especially for small businesses by just paying a small subscription fee and being part of the merchants under JomMall. With just a small amount of subscription fee of as low as RM250 up to RM5,000, the business owners will be able to enjoy a reduction of operating costs of more than 90% with the JomMall "NO RENTAL" concept
On top of that, you will be able to share your best products to the market just under one roof that make it easily for the consumers, this will create better brand awareness without additional marketing cost. This is because JomMall does have a social media marketing team with a total of 50,000+ active followers which utilises famous and in-trend platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Blog and TikTok to promote the products.
Additionally, the products will also go live within a week on more than 10 active platforms for wider exposure. As more and more merchants are boarding into this brilliant business model, your products will have a better chance for an unlimited bundle and tie-up sales and marketing effort to ensure sales growth. It can be a bundle up with a grocer, food court or products from more than 6,000 sellers.
The Future And Next Big Thing In The Business Industry With JomMall Eco-System
Let JomMall Effectively Promoting Your Business With Their Effective Marketing Strategy
"No Rental" does not mean that you do not have a place to store your product because JomMall got you covered for this concern. Business owners can enjoy the benefit of stock in their products in a secure, safe and efficient warehouse owned by JomMall, without additional cost. 
Wait no more, guys! It is time now for us to work together to expand the business while we are seeing positive growth in our economy after recovering from the pandemic. Explore this opportunity now!
For more information about JomMall, you can visit their official websites and remember to follow their social media platforms for more updates, promotions and events. 
Instagram: JomMall Malaysia
Contact Number:  +6019 - 228 9377 (WhatsApp)
Let us together grow and be part of the amazing "Big Thing" in Malaysia with JomMall today. 

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