Soft Launching Of Daging Salai Ori Cik Lyn Products At Impiana KLCC Hotel On The 20th January 2022

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 Official Launching Of Daging Salai Ori Cik Lyn Products Officiated By Yang Berhormat Tan Sri Noh Bin Haji Omar, Ministry of Entrepreneur Development And Cooperatives (MEDAC)

Soft Launch Event For "Daging Salai Cik Lyn" At Impiana KLCC Hotel
Do you still remember that many businesses have been badly affected by the current pandemic especially in the year 2020? But this is not the case for Puan Norhayati Maslinda Chew Binti Asmawie Chew, famously known as Lynda Chew, as she took the initiative to start up her own business empire, Perniagaan Daging Salai Cik Lyn. This business was fully established back in 2020 while many business owners are struggling to sustain their businesses. 
Today, on the 20th January 2022, it is a remarkable event for Perniagaan Daging Salai Cik Lyn as the products are officially launched and officiated by Yang Berhormat Tan Sri Noh Bin Haji Omar, the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (MEDAC). This memorable event is hosted at Impiana KLCC Hotel and witnessed by Guests of Honors, business partners and friends of media. 
Daging Salai Cik Lyn Is Ready To Expand In Both Local And International Markets 
Before the company's establishment, Cik Lyn Smoked Mansion was just a small smokehouse that focused on small and local businesses. But today, Cik Lyn Smoked Mansion has the capability to expand the business empire, enhance and strengthen the company's capabilities in products production, processing and manufacturing. 

Not to forget also, in terms of marketing to fulfill the company's mission of becoming the Muslim - Bumiputera company that exploring the international market starting from East Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East and further to Europe and also the United States of America
MoU Signing Ceremony On The Soft Launch Event At Impiana KLCC Hotel
Official Distributor From The Northern Region - Koperasi Harapan Mutiara Pulau Pinang Berhad
Daging Salai Ori Cik Lyn (DSCL) is a 100% Muslim-owned company that produces Halal food products using meat and duck. The meats are sourced from high quality and premium with nice texture and great in taste, meanwhile, the duck meats are from the quality and organically-fed ducks
What makes Daging Salai Ori Cik Lyn products so special are the secret spices that combine both the traditional and Western recipes to produce a unique and extraordinary taste that you won't find elsewhere. Most importantly, the meats are smoked using a 100% coconut shell that produces an appetizing aroma. 
Foods Served Using Daging Salai Ori Cik Lyn Products
Daging Salai Ori Cik Lyn is focusing on the business model based on Business to Customer (B2C) by promoting and selling the products directly to the consumers and Business to Business (B2B). They utilize aggressive marketing strategies and adopt positive entrepreneurship cultures that have finally yielded excellent results in a short period of time. 

With the successful business models in hand and the newly built manufacturing factory, Daging Salai Ori Cik Lyn production can be increased from 20 kg to 30 kg a day to 1 to 5 tonnes a month.

Let us together give the best support to Daging Salai Ori Cik Lyn and hope that these products will be made available soon across the globe. Of course, with the helping hands from the government bodies, this business will have a bright future to achieve the company's mission and vision soon. 
Souvenir From Daging Salai Ori Cik Lyn
Currently, there are 4 serving options available in the market ranging from 150 gm, 200 gm, 300 gm and 500 gm with three different flavor choices; Moist, Black Pepper and Spicy. The products with the weight of 200 gm above are made available at the hypermarket and the smaller portion of 150 gm is only available at the petrol station. 
You can now find Daging Salai Ori Cik Lyn products at these locations: 
  • Pasaraya Merhaba
  • Pasaraya Ikhwan
  • Jaya Grocer
  • Rosyam Mart
  • SHELL Seremban
  • SHELL Karak Highway (arah Kuantan) Bentong
  • SHELL Karak (arah Kuala Lumpur) Bentong
  • PETRONAS Klang (Taman Rishna) 
Daging Salai Ori Cik Lyn Price List
Food Demonstration By Dato Chef Haji Ismail
For your information, Daging Salai Ori Cik Lyn already has an ongoing negotiation with international market players such as Qatar, Morocco, Singapore and Brunei to supply the smoked meat and smoked duck products.
On top of that, there are other market expansion strategies shared by Puan Lynda Chew during the soft launch events such as: 

  • Product distributors nationwide, Southeast Asia, East Asia and the Middle East
  • Cafe or Restaurant franchises in the planning phase
  • Construction of Mozlyn Kiosk (Kiosk Mozlyn Mampu Milik) with modern, contemporary and interesting designs at a nationwide level with affordable prices including free courses will be prepared for the selected entrepreneurs
  • Introducing modern and unique recipes using Daging Salai Ori Cik Lyn products worldwide as it is so convenient to be prepared even it is still smoked with a modernized traditional method. 
For more information about Daging Salai Ori Cik Lyn, you can visit their website at

Before I end my sharing today about Perniagaan Daging Salai Ori Cik Lyn, once again, let us together congratulate Puan Norhayati Maslinda Chew Binti Asmawie Chew for being selected as the Award Receipt of Outstanding Women Award Sabah 2022 in conjunction with the International Women Day 2022 (Hari Wanita Antarabangsa 2022). 

This award presentation event will be held at Sabah International Convention Centre (SICC), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on the 12th March 2022. 
A Picture Together With Puan Norhayati Maslinda Chew @ Lynda Chew
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  1. Sedap tu daging salai, dah lama tak mkn, nti blhlah cari Daging Salai Ori Cik Lyn

    1. Ya kan, senang juga ada packaging macam ni, boleh prepare daging salai menu hari2 time Ramadan nanti... cara nak masak pun senang... boleh try ni...

  2. Eh daging salai dia mmg terasa salainya. I sampai abes 2 kotak dah..mmg sedap giler

    1. Betul kan Kak Min, Nell nanti pun nak beli siap2 stock nak prepare sahur pun senang, juadah berbuka pun okay juga... tak perlu susah2 nak prepare from A-Z kat dapur, ni memang sangat convenient...

  3. nampak macam sedap daging salai ni, nnt nak cuba la, harap memang sedap.

    1. Oh yes, memang dan wajib kena try ni, confirm kat menyesal... lagi2 best beli siap2 prepare as juadah berbuka puasa since Ramadan is around the corner, oh yes, serve time Raya pun baik punya...

  4. Congrats on exploring the international market. This is a great example of a great local brand exploring the vast market without compromising the quality.

    1. Very true bah! Good to see more local entrepreneur with such big dream and motivation to move forward, exploring international market is a wise decision... huge market out there...

  5. Wah best nyer daging salai ni, senang nak prepare and nampak sedap juga

    1. Yes Kelly, lagi2 with our busy schedule nowadays, but no more reason after this that we cannot enjoy the delicious daging salai meal because the preparation is so simple ahh.