Enjoy A Stay-At-Home Cinema Experience With Hisense TV (Hisense 4K Smart Laser TV 100L5F)

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Hisense 4K Smart Laser TV 100L5F Brings The Magic Of Cinema Experience Into Your Own Home

When was your last time visiting cinema to enjoy good movies? It has been awhile now and I believe you do long for the days when you could see colorful life-size movies on the big screen, right? Same goes to me here that I do long for the thrill of sitting in a dark theatre surrounded with an amazing sound system.

Many of us without a doubt are yearn for the return of the theatrical atmosphere. However, due to the current pandemic, it is advisable for us to stay at home and stay safe with our family and loved ones during these challenging times. Agree? 
Hisense 4K Smart Laser - 100L5F
There is always a way for Malaysians to bring the magic of cinema experience into your own home! Hisense has introduced the Hisense 4K Smart Laser TV 100L5F that can turn those lengthy, dull movie nights into a fascinating and immersive experiences. These are the reasons why and how you can enjoy a stay at home cinema experience with Hisense TV. 

4K High Resolution Screen

Hisense 4K Smart Laser TV 100L5F offers a razor-sharp resolution and clarity that allows you to enjoy and see every detail in a crystal clear images. All is possible with its 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160 Ultra High Definition (UHD). Not only that, you can have a far more vibrant images resulting from its wide color gamut coverage.
With this feature, you can now enjoy watching movies with your family just at the comfort of your own home with more immersive experience, vibrant, and detailed cinematic experience. Most importantly, this 4K Smart Laser TV is eye-friendly that helps to avoid strained eyes after watching movies for hours. 

 HDR Technology

On top of that, Hisense 4K Smart Laser TV 100L5F offers HDR technology that producing images that are extremely realistic where colors are up to 40 times (40X) brighter and 10 times (10X) darker than they were previously. The Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation (MEMC) technology is used to analyze the motion curve and smooth it out. MEMC motion can recognize the tiniest features or fast-moving objects and reconstruct the pixels to restore smooth and clear motion. 
Hisense 4K Smart Laser - 100L5F

Dolby Atmos Audio

Do you agree with me that high resolutions and smooth motions are meaningless if they are not supported by an impressive audio systems? Well, Hisense 4K Smart Laser TV 100L5F got you covered as this Smart Laser TV has a built-in Dolby Atmos Audio that delivers a rich, full-bodied sound with a deep bass. 
You can now have an access to a top-notch audio system fit for a home cinemas setup. How cool is that as you can experience the same frightened feeling when watching the horror movies at the cinema because this TV is able to bring the similar eerie sound background in the cinema at your own comfortable home. 

Wide Screen Size & Sleek Appearance

Hisense 4K Smart Laser TV 100L5F offers a premium, sleek appearance that will bring a touch of modernity to your space with 100-inches of massive screen that is almost your entire wall. With this massive TV installed, all you need to do is grab your favourite snacks and enjoy your home cinema.

Hisense TV has its own inbuilt apps and popular programs like Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video and NBA. Just simple switch on and stream your favourite movies or shows whenever you want!

Enjoy Home Cinema With Hisense 8K ULED Android U900KF

Let's Go 8K!

If you want to upgrade to even better resolution, Hisense got your covered again this time as Hisense Malaysia has launched its first-ever ULED 8K Android TV in Malaysia, the U900KF. This U900KF is powered by the Hi-View Engine and has Quantum Dot Color Technology which provides the coverage of broad range of colors for a more vibrant pictures. 

It comes with Full Array Local Dimming Pro which allows you to change the brightness independently and connected with HDMI 2.1 connectivity to reduce lag and greatly improve the game-play detail.

How cool is that, guys? 
Now, you can literally enjoy a stay-at-home cinema experience without the need going to the cinema with Hisense 4K Smart Laser TV 100L5F at the price of RM 26,999 or 8K ULED Android U900KF at the price of RM 18,999. All you need to do now is turn off the lights, grab your favorite munchies and watch your favorite movies with your family and friends. 
Hisense 4K Smart Laser - 100L5F (RM 26, 999) (Source: Hisense Facebook)
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To learn more about all of Hisense's premium offerings, you can visit Hisense's Official Website and do follow all their Official social media accounts. 

About Hisense Malaysia

Hisense Malaysia is a subsidiary of Hisense Group, Ltd. established in 1969 and headquartered at Qingdao, China. Hisense Malaysia is recognized as a global Top 10 player by business intelligence industries and research institutions. Being in the Malaysian market for over 10 years, Hisense Malaysia offers the innovative range of technology products such as TV, refrigerator, air-conditioners, chest freezers, washing machines that disrupt the consumer electronics industry, challenge the competition and provide significant value to the consumers. 

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  1. Oh wow!!!!!!! Oh wow!!!!!! This TV looks awesome. You make me want to have one. Thank you for sharing your review with me.

  2. iena pun guna jenama hisense jugak. Tapi tak besar cam gini lah hehe..
    Kalau dah pindah rumah sendiri nanti boleh beli ni

  3. Memang puas la tengok if ada tv function best macam ni. Tunggu pindah rumah nanti beli

  4. Hehhe tv umah kita pon jenama ni. Memang ok sangat sound kat tv pon terbaik. Function tiptop tapi harga mampu milik

  5. My family has one HiSense TV but not this one, for quite a while in fact. Sampai my sister teringin nak tukar new tv tapi tak rosak2 pula yang lama. Haha

  6. features dia mmg best giler.. kira pembelian yg sangat berbaloi..

  7. Waaa besarnyaa.. Hisense ni Sis guna aircond dia jerr, tv belum ada beli lagi.. but suka harga dia, brand dia harga sangat berpatutan..

  8. Wah this is new to me, thanks for sharing this innovative gadget ya.

  9. wow ada smart laser! kalau tak silap khai ni innovatif and latest technology even dekat cinema pun dah pakai teknologi ni. tapi tengok harga dia tak mampu la kite haahaha

  10. I would love to invest in one huge 8k tv too then we do not need to go to the cinema already. ha :D

  11. dekat ruamh pakai aircond hisense nih . hehhe sejujurnya baru tau pasal brand ni, kalau tak pasang aircond mmg tak tau

  12. Hisense ni sekarang dah makin popular . Harga pun ok , quality pun setaraf jenama popular yang ada dipasaran. Kebetulan smart TV saya pun ada problem , harga nak repair dia boleh buat beli TV baru jer.