BaWangChaJi Malaysia Launches Buy 1 Gift 1 Face Mask Campaign To Aid The Needy

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BaWangChaJi Raises Awareness On The Importance Of Quality Masks And Gives Back To Society

BaWangChaJi Malaysia Launches Buy 1 Gift 1 Face Mask Campaign To Aid The Needy
BaWangChaJi Limited Edition Premium 3-Ply Disposable Surgical Face Mask
I still remember when we first hit by the COVID-19 pandemic back in 2020, the 3-ply surgical mask was fully run out of stock and hardly available in the market as face masks have become a crucial necessity for all Malaysians to stay safe amidst the pandemic. 
Looking at the shortage situation, the face mask production has increase tremendously to meet the market demands once again. In short period of time, the face masks are being sold immensely everywhere in Malaysia nowadays and it can be easily purchased online too!  

Unfortunately, many underprivileged people may not have the funds to acquire sufficient quality face masks and they will be the high-risk group of people that might be exposed to the potential risks. 
BaWangChaJi Malaysia Launches Buy 1 Gift 1 Face Mask Campaign To Aid The Needy
BaWangChaJi Launched "Buy 1, Gift 1" Face Mask Campaign To Aid The Needy
BaWangChaJi noticed this situation and quickly rolled out their "Buy 1, Gift 1" face mask campaign as part of the company's effort in supporting the community. The idea behind this campaign is to raise awareness on the importance of using quality face masks while also giving out face masks to those in need
"We are very aware of the impact this pandemic has on the livelihoods of our community, moreso the risk factors on the underprivileged who don't have sufficient resources to stay safe. We'd like to offer our efforts to spread awareness on wearing quality masks for safety purposes and also do our part in contributing face masks to those in need." said Jack Chong, CEO of BaWangChaJi Malaysia. 
BaWangChaJi Malaysia Launches Buy 1 Gift 1 Face Mask Campaign To Aid The Needy
BaWangChaJi Premium 3-Ply Disposable Surgical Face Mask
BaWangChaJi has produced 3-ply disposable surgical face masks with EMPRO who manufactures the highest quality face mask using the World's 1st AEROFIT Technology. This advanced technology manufactures masks that provide comfort as well as the highest protection to the users. 

These premium face masks are made hypoallergenic graphene free and free from latex and fibreglass which make them wearable for those with sensitive skin. BaWangChaJi face masks are also made lightweight and soft to provide utmost comfort while wearing. 
BaWangChaJi Malaysia Launches Buy 1 Gift 1 Face Mask Campaign To Aid The Needy
BaWangChaJi Premium 3-Ply Face Mask Design
BaWangChaJi Limited Edition Premium Face Masks come in boxes of 50 pieces and will be made available for sale starting from 29th of September 2021 onwards at the very affordable price of RM 34.90 per box
This "Buy 1, Gift 1" face mask campaign will be carried out from the 29th of September 2021 until 31st of October 2021. During this campaign period, for every box of the BaWangChaJi Face Mask purchased, a box of the mask will be donated to a non-governmental organization (NGO), HOPE Worldwide Malaysia who will then distribute these premium and high quality face masks to the needy. 
BaWangChaJi Malaysia Launches Buy 1 Gift 1 Face Mask Campaign To Aid The Needy
BaWangChaJi Premium Face Mask
BaWangChaJi cares deeply for their employees and customers safety during this pandemic, thus will be allocating these quality face masks for employees to use as well as encourage customers to use quality face masks and support this cause. 
"We believe that our online presence and influence will encourage more people to be a part of this good cause because only through a joint effort can we make a real difference." Jack Chong concluded. 
If you wish to support the "Buy 1, Gift 1" face mask campaign, you may purchase these premium 3-ply surgical face masks per box at all BaWangChaJi's outlets in Malaysia from the 29th of September 2021 onwards. 
You can also locate all the BaWangChaJi's outlets by clicking the link below. 
Apart from that, you may also order the BaWangChaJi face masks through their BW Delivery platform and get it delivered directly to your homes.
 To find out more about BaWangChaJi Malaysia's events and promotions, do follow their official Facebook and Instagram by clicking the links below. 


About BaWangChaJi Malaysia

Originated from Yunnan Province in November 2017, BaWangChaJi is one of the earliest regional teahouse chains that positions itself as the purveyor of Original Tea Leaf of the Chinese Culture. From Yunnan to China Nationwide, China Nationwide extending throughout the world, the brand has expanded rapidly with over 200 outlets across Asia. 
BaWangChaJi offers 4 different categories of tea drinks, which are Cheese Macchiato, Fresh Milk Tea, Cold Brew Tea and Fresh Fruit Tea. We pride ourselves with strict material selection standards where everything is freshly made to ensure the quality of each drink that we serve. We strive to bring a modern twist to the heritage of Chinese Tea and cultivate a new culture in the tea industry in Malaysia where authentic and healthy drinks are cherised by people of all ages. 
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