5 Reasons Why You Can Give Yourself A Break From House Cleaning With realme TechLife Robot Vacuum

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Tired of Cleaning? Give Yourself A Break With realme TechLife Robot Vacuum

Working From Home was something new to us when we were all forced to stay at home as an initiative to curb the spread of COVID-19 especially in the office. For the past one and half year since March 2020, I have been spending most of my time staying at home while working. Thankfully, the nature of my business line allows me to do so. 
In line with the positive trend after Malaysian Government has tirelessly working hard to ensure that most of the Malaysians especially adults and the vulnerable groups received their vaccination jabs, finally the economics and businesses are now rebounding from their lowest point. Similarly to the company that I am working at, our management has announced the Back to Office date which is real soon on the November 2021. 

On top of that, the tourism sector also welcoming the fully vaccinated locals and offer them a chance to kick back and enjoy their vacation. Hey, after a long break from actively moving around and working at the office, we definitely will find ourselves being more occupied and busier than before. 

Do you still want to come back home and been forced to clean the messy home after a long, tiring day? What if I share with you a solution that can give yourself one less thing to worry about with the help of the little cleaning buddy. None other, the realme TechLife Robot Vacuum

5 Reasons Why You Can Give Yourself A Break From House Cleaning With realme TechLife Robot Vacuum
realme TechLife Robot Vacuum

Here are the FIVE (5) reasons realme TechLife Robot Vacuum would be your best cleaning buddy. 

Sparkly Clean Floors

Of course, we want our floors to be sparkly clean, right? So how clean is clean? 

Vacuums are usually just suction devices to remove dust, you are still left needing to get out the mop with a pail of water and start mopping away with all your might to ensure the floors are actually clean. 

The good news is the realme TechLife Robot Vacuum features a 2-in-1 vacuum and mop function that meets all your cleaning needs for a spik and span floor. The robot vacuum doesn't just remove dust, it also ensure your floors are sticky-free!

Do you feel stress where some vacuums make a lot of ruckus however you still find dust lingering about the floors?

With realme TechLife Robot Vacuum, you won't find the same situation as this robot vacuum ensures cleanliness as it provides a super-high suction power of 3000Pa which enables it to deeply suck up dust from crevices. 

Anyway, we don't need to use such powerful suction all the time. As a brilliant innovation tech, this robot vacuum comes with 4 different levels of suction; 500Pa Quiet, 1200Pa Normal, 2500Pa Turbo and 3000Pa Max for you to choose the level of which is required for certain areas. 
5 Reasons Why You Can Give Yourself A Break From House Cleaning With realme TechLife Robot Vacuum
realme TechLife Robot Vacuum - 4 Different Suction Levels

 State-of-the-Art Sensor

Not only does it clean efficiently, the realme TechLife Robot Vacuum is independent enough to make its way around the house as it cleans. It is equipped with a whopping 38 sensors, one of which being the most crucial sensor for the robot vacuum to navigate precisely in real-time, the LiDAR

5 Reasons Why You Can Give Yourself A Break From House Cleaning With realme TechLife Robot Vacuum
realme TechLife Robot Vacuum with LiDAR State-of-the-Art Sensor

LiDAR is a state-of-the-art technology that is commonly used as a navigation system for electric vehicles and aircrafts. With LiDAR, the robot vacuum has fast and accurate real-time navigation and precise in-app room mapping
Basically, it is able to calculate positioning and orientation with respect to its surroundings accurately which enables a better path planning while avoiding bumping into furniture it comes across when cleaning. It's like having eyes at the back of your head, you're completely aware of your surroundings. 

 Not At Home? No Problem!

When you staying at a hotel and after a long day out, you find yourself greeted by a clean room, all thanks to the housekeepers. It is truly one of the highlights of being on a vacation! Why not having the same too when you reach home from the long day? 
This realme TechLife Robot Vacuum can give you the same sensation every day. It is designed to work with realme Link which gives you a complete control of the vacuum through your phone. You can choose where, when and how you would like an area cleaned even if you were overseas. 
For instance, you can configure the robot to clean the living room with minimum water and normal vacuum power, then use the highest water and vacuum power to perform a deep clean of the kitchen and so on. So, just schedule the vacuum to clean during working hours and after a tiring day, you would be greeted with a clean floors. 

5 Reasons Why You Can Give Yourself A Break From House Cleaning With realme TechLife Robot Vacuum
realme TechLife Robot Vacuum - Set Timing and Cleaning Pattern Using realme Link

Set Boundaries

Boundaries are important in every relationship and can also be extremely useful between your relationship with your cleaning buddy. There may be areas in your home you don't want to be disturbed or cleaned. 
The realme Link app enables you to set a virtual walls and no-cleaning zones which can help you better plan the cleaning routes at home. 
The robot vacuum always strives to give you it's very best as it is constantly refining the map of your home to better execute its cleaning process and navigate through efficiently. A satisfactory, worry free cleaning process and you don't have to even be present. 
This smart device also capable to store up to 5 different maps, so you won't need to purchase different robots for your 3-storey home as this little guy is more than enough. 

5 Reasons Why You Can Give Yourself A Break From House Cleaning With realme TechLife Robot Vacuum
realme TechLife Robot Vacuum - Smart Device With Boundaries Setting And Mapping Capability

Voice Command

Intelligently, the realme TechLife Robot Vacuum works with Google Assistant and Alexa where this will takes easy cleaning to the next level. Just a few words are all you need to begin or end the cleaning process. 
How it works? Well, just give your robot vacuum a name, like for instance, Robot Bob. All you have to do is lie around and say "Alexa, turn on Robot Bob". Easy peasy, right? 

realme TechLife Robot Vacuum

Aren't you excited just as much as I do? With realme TechLife Robot Vacuum, it will take house cleaning to the next level by saving our time and energy especially on our tiring days. It is time to give ourselves a break that we deserve and make this realme TechLife Robot Vacuum our cleaning buddy. 

realme TechLife Robot Vacuum is affordably priced at RM 1,999 and you can get your hands on it at realme Authorized Stores very soon. 

So, do follow their official social media platforms by clicking the links below and be on the lookout to find out more about realme TechLife Robot Vacuum.
5 Reasons Why You Can Give Yourself A Break From House Cleaning With realme TechLife Robot Vacuum
realme TechLife Robot Vacuum - Priced At RM 1,999 With 2-Year Warranty

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According to Counterpoint's Q4 2020 smartphone shipment report in January 2021, young brand realme grew 65% YoY and shipped 42.4 million smartphones last year. realme was also announced as the fastest-growing international smartphone brand in the world for 2020. The brand has leapfrogged over established industry giants and took 7th position in terms of global market share. 
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