Bento Set Promotions By Tokyo Teppan Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

 Dear Readers, 

Get A Free Mango Pudding and 100 Plus When You Order The Bento Set From Tokyo Teppan

Enjoy Bento Set From Tokyo Teppan
I have been craving for Japanese cuisine especially the sushi and chicken teriyaki since last year. These are the foods that normally I will go and enjoy it at the restaurants when we were free to dine-in during those golden old days before COVID-19 pandemic been part of our lives.
Although I am a big fan of Japanese cuisine, I normally go to few of the well-known restaurants among the Malaysians market.
But recently I saw one attractive promotion available on the social media platform by Tokyo Teppan! When I saw their promotions, I was like "Why Not Give This A Try, Right?" since I never try their meals before.
Attractive Bento Promotion by Tokyo Teppan
Why I say ATTRACTIVE PROMOTION? Look at these promotion banner! The bento set is priced at RM 21.80 only and not only that, it comes with a FREE Mango Pudding and a can of 100 PLUS

Oh yes, what you see in the banner is what you get when the foods arrive on your doorstep. Not believe me? Check this out! 
Chicken Teriyaki Bento Set
Sushi Bento Set
The bento set comes in 4 different set that can satisfy our craves for Japanese cuisine. There are: 

  • Sushi Bento
  • Sushi Roll Bento
  • Chicken Teriyaki Bento
  • Chicken Nanban Bento
I am truly satisfied with the foods from Tokyo Teppan especially the taste and the quality of the foods they served. The sushi tastes so good and the bento set comes in a generous amount of side dishes too. Not forget to mention, the gyoza really cure my craves tho!

In addition to the reasonable and affordable price per set promotion, Tokyo Teppan also offers a FREE DELIVERY when you place a minimum order of RM 80. This offer is valid for those staying within 10 KM from their outlet

Interesting promotion and deal, right? For more information about Tokyo Teppan and their latest promotion, you can visit their official social media platforms by clicking the links below. 



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  1. great combo. semua yang kita nak ada dalam 1 box. tak payah beli asing asing. senang sikit

  2. I usually prefer eating sushi at the restaurant. There's something about sitting there picking your own sushi from the sushi belt that just can't be replicated at home. But this bento set sounds like a good offer.

  3. Nice one - we get everything in one box. You are making me craving for sushi pula. Kena order la kot kan?

  4. aduh. craving for sushi ni! lama sgt dah tak mensushi :(
    nice. nampak amat menyelerakan. tapi tu la kan, i prefer ke kedai and makan. aura nyer lain sgt. jepun sgt kita ni nanti, best :)

  5. PKP ni makin blur tak tahu nak makan apa, nak masak apa. Orang KL boleh laa order bento set Tokyo Teppan ni :)

  6. uishhh sedap ni. saya pun dah lama tak makan makanan japanese ni. craving pun ada jugak :)

  7. omaigadd sedapnya, lama tak makan sushi sebab pkp ni kan, boleh order ni je la, online je senang

  8. Aduh! Sedapnya nampak bento. Marsha ni peminat bento. Memang nampak sedap sangat tu

  9. Telan air liur tengok bento dia. Food dia nampak menarik sangat

  10. Sedap sangat tu, complete one set, kalau makan Shushi pun Sis emmang suka beli Bento jer.. nampak kecil tapi mengenyangkan...

  11. I’m drooling right now seeing all those Japanese food, lama dah tak makan sejak this MCO wahhhh nanti nak check out those deals la, tq Nelson!

  12. Saya baru sekali merasa sushi. Itupun rasanya sudah bertahun-tahun lamanya saya tak makan. Tengok gambar ni agaknya memang confirm lah sedap.

  13. OMG the Bento Set From Tokyo Teppan look very delicious! I am sure my kids will be very happy when I order for them. Will order for lunch tmr, tQ

  14. Bento dia quite affordable lah... Boleh la sesiapa dekat area situ cuba kan

  15. Semua nampak menarik. Nanti Sal share dengan geng kaki bento ni. Sure dyorang suka dan dari segi harga memang dah berbaloi sangat . Kena support sebab musim pandemik ni kan , bagi ruang dan peluang business berkembang maju . Aaajoommm

  16. Wah nice lah! i like thei sushi bento only RM 21.80 and comes with a free mango pudding & drink

  17. a nice bento set to recommend here with the promotion, can't wait to try & enjoy too. cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  18. Saya suka makan sushi jugak , dalam seminggu mesti ada sekali order sushi tapi yang Teppan Tokyo ni tak pasti halal atau tak. Nanti ai akan siasat kalau halal semuanya bolehlah order sebab betul2 nampak menarik dan harga pun ok.