Borneo's Tree of Life Exhibition Tour At GMBB

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A Photography Exhibition by Chien C. Lee That Specially Presented To You By GMBB

Great Experience Exploring The Borneo's Tree Of Life, An Exhibition by Chien C. Lee Presented by GMBB

Last weekend, I booked a trip to explore the Borneo's Tree Of Life, a international standard photography exhibition of a famous biologist turned photographer, Mr. Chien C. Lee. This exhibition is specially presented to all of us by GMBB, the creative community mall that gathered all creative artists and great artisans together under one roof. 
Chien is sharing his incurable fascination of the Borneo's rainforest through stunning images that has been widely used by international publishers including National Geographic, Smithsonian and the BBC. The images selected are Chien's fifteen years personal collections that able to convey not only the extreme diversity of the island's rainforest but also their interconnection and fragility. 

These pieces are intended to inspire an appreciation of nature and to encourage viewer to venture into the forest themselves, thereby seeking their own deeper understanding of the wonder of life. 
An International Standard Photography Exhibition Presented by GMBB
The exhibition utilizing the darkroom with the images set in the light box setting which allows us to be truly immerse into the photography. The overall experience will be further enhanced by igniting your other senses through the sound of the real rainforest and scented. The fresh scent within the exhibition area is scented by OLFAC3. 
Do you know that Malaysia is a home to some of the tallest tropical trees? According to the Smithsonian Magazine article, the yellow meranti in Malaysia's Sabah state is the world's tallest tropical tree with the height of 330 feet tall that taller than a 30-storey building and weight more than a jetliner. Can you imagine how huge the tree is? 
Borneo Forest Is One Of The Most Biodiverse Forest On The Planet
Just to share another fun fact about the gliding species here in our rainforest.
As our rainforest is a home to many high tree canopy with abundance of dipterocarp tree that don't fruit, many species in the rainforest has been evolved with gliding ability that allows them to forays to lower ground for foraging purpose. No doubt that we have a diversity of gliding species here in Malaysia. 
More Fun Facts To Be Discovered Here At This Photography Exhibition
Don't you feel proud that within our region we had such a great record in biodiversity and we should do our best to protect them not only for us but future generations as well. Borneo's forest is one of the most biodiverse forest on the planet that is a home to 15,000 plant species and more than 1,400 of amphibians, birds, fish, mammals, reptiles with some unknown insects as well.
Hence, this unique exhibition will not only showcasing the discovery and rediscovery of new and long lost species, it will also sharing an interesting stories behind each photo as well in the description.  
Exploring The Exhibition Area And Enjoy Reading All The Facts Of Each Photo
Interesting exhibition right? Want more fun fact? Let me share with you the last one about this Borneo's Tree of Life Exhibition. It is a FREE TOUR WITH ENTRY FREE TO ALL just for you and your loved ones! Why not register your interest to book your slot since this exhibition has already open to the public to avoid disappointment. The exhibition will be ended on the 30th June 2021, so don't miss it.
Register Interest Here:

What else do we have in this GMBB since I mentioned earlier that this is a creative community mall that houses lot of creative artists and great artisans under one roof right?

The first shop that I visited before the tour started is OLFAC3, a luxury artisanal perfumery house that offering original, exquisite fragrances created in Malaysia and founded by Aien Mokthar. They launched their first hand-crafted Eau De Parfum series in a small weekend market in Kuala Lumpur back in 2016 and three years later, OLFAC3 became the first Malaysia perfumery house with the OLFAC3 PERFUMES LOUNGE here at GMBB. 
OLFAC3 In GMBB (Unit No: 1-13)
I had my great time spent here to explore the world of great scents ranging from floral to wood and some limited edition scents. Instead of spraying on a piece of paper like many other perfume sellers do, here in OLFAC3, the perfume will be sprayed on a hand fan then fan on us to have a feel of it. We will have a better experience on the scent testing with this method. Brilliant I would say!
Floral-Oriented OLFAC3 Perfumes
Wood-Oriented OLFAC3 Perfumes
More Floral-Oriented Perfumes
Special Edition OLFAC3 Perfume
Besides perfumes, OLFAC3 does have other products as well such as mood scents and the scented sanitizer with 4 different scents; Matahari, Bunga, Perle and Skin N­°7. Oh yes, remember that we are still in the midst of curbing the COVID-19 pandemic?
Here at OLFAC3, they prepare this sanitizer for you before entering their outlet beside the requirement to scanning your MySejahtera and body temperature. 
Because of the awesome personal usage experience, I bought all 4 of them after I completed my tour. The price? RM 100 for a set of 4 where a bottle of 30 ml scented sanitizer is priced at RM 25.00 each. 
Mood Scents
Scented Sanitizers by OLFAC3 (Source: OLFAC3 Website)
After OLFAC3, the next stop is Belantek where this is the Malaysian first comic batik that produces unique and rare artwork that combines artworks and fashion. Do check it out for their creative artwork at KOMIK BATEK by The Belantek Instagram  .
The Belantek
And BUJINS, another homegrown brand created by Mr. Amir Harith bin Mat Kashim that passionate about the art of batik making and proud of our art and wishes to protect this cultural heritage.
 Batik With Cik Siti Wan Kembang By BUJINS
Proudly Malaysia @ BUJINS GMBB
Next stop, the Museum of Picture Book Art is a shop with wide collection of picture books of local Malaysian stories and some Southeast Asia too that we are all familiar and grew up with.
Museum Of Picture Book Art
Picture Story Book by Museum Of Picture Book Art
Local Malaysia Stories Picture Books
Picture Book Turns Into Batik Story Book Collection
There are more stores that available here that worth your time to explore! Not only for their creative artworks, but there are also workshops that we can join in to learn more about arts!
Studio Seri Endon
Gallery of Fusion Wayang Kulit
Eddie Putera Noordin Diorama & Miniature Gallery
Before I forget as well, this mall do have plenty of awesome murals with great OOTD and Instagrammable spots that allow you to unleash your creativity too. 
One Of The Entrance Door At GMBB (Side Entrance)
Iconic Hornbill Mural
Iconic Porcelain Mural By Drew Funk
Artwork by Mr_KenjiChai
So, why not plan your trip to visit this awesome GMBB soon with your family or friends. As we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the operating hours here might be affected. Just stay tuned for the official announcement made by GMBB. Do follow them on their social media platforms for more updates. 

Since today is the last day of the holy month of Ramadan, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my Muslim brothers and sisters, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Maaf Zahir Dan Batin from us. 
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir Dan Batin
Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We e-Meet Again On My Next Post!
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  12. I visited this exhibition also and it was such a great experience, so many eye opener captures.

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