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IndoAsli Will Satisfy Your Cravings For The Authentic Tastes Of The Indonesian Cuisine

Dining Experience At IndoAsli Central i-City, Shah Alam
Do you miss the Indonesian cuisine like I do? I still remember my trip back then to Aceh, Padang, Medan, Bandung and even Bali, I will request my Pak Supir to bring me around to explore the local delicacies at the restaurants that are famous not only to the local, but also to the tourist as well. 
The tastes of Indonesian cuisine is really close to my heart and something that I will definitely look forward to have it just to satisfy my craving even my trip is over as I will be searching for it here at my own, home country. 
And today, I would like to share with you about the brand that served Indonesian cuisine here in Malaysia that I just discovered recently. IndoAsli, from the name we already know that here is the place where you can look for the authentic tastes of Indonesian dishes. 
Welcome To IndoAsli Central i-City: Lot. No: LG-58
True enough, in line with their tagline, "Authentic Indonesian Homestyle Cuisine", I finally found the place where I can satisfy my crave for Indonesian foods and beverages. Currently, there are two branches of IndoAsli that available here in Malaysia, one at the IOI City Mall, Putrajaya (Lot. No: LG-36) and the one that I recently visited is located at Central i-City, Shah Alam (Lot. No: LG-58). 
I would say the location of this outlet is very strategic as it is located at the Central Court of this shopping mall. You just need to descend from Ground Floor to the Lower Ground using the escalator and you will see this outlet immediately on your left. 
The ambient and the interior design of this branch was pretty much identical, resembling and creating the vibe as if I am actually visiting the restaurant in Indonesia. I really love the design of this outlet as I feel it to be really welcoming and the staffs are pretty helpful and friendly too. These made me enjoyed my dining experience here.
IndoAsli Friendly Staffs And Welcoming Ambient
Next, let us focus on the foods that are served and prepared by their talented Chef. Do you know that in order for the chef to deliver the most authentic flavor of the foods that offers here at IndoAsli, he has been traveling around Indonesia two decades ago. He stopped by various places in Indonesia and tasted different foods from different regions in Indonesia. 
No one will forget the delicious taste of the Indonesian spices and herb, similar to the chef that he eventually traveled back to Indonesia to acquire all the authentic recipes in order for him to spread the delicious and love of Indonesian cuisine to the people in Malaysia. 
This is how the brand, IndoAsli was created as a restaurant which houses authentic Indonesian food for customers to taste the flavors of Indonesia. IndoAsli will be a one-stop restaurant that allows you to enjoy variety of Indonesian food from different regions of Indonesia. 

Since Ramadan is around the corner, why not plan a special break-fasting or iftar with your family and friends at IndoAsli. Let's check it out what I had during my last visit okay, guys! First on the list is the appetizers, the Tempe Sira for us to munch while waiting for our main dishes to be served. The bowl of tempe sira is filled with the tempe, peanut and fried anchovies.
IndoAsli - Tempe Sira (RM 4.90)
Next on the list was something that really caught our attention, the Tahu Telur. This dish is so unique that comes in the little oblong that is made from the bean curd covered with fried egg put on top of the sauce. Remember to well-mixed it for the perfect taste.
IndoAsli - Tahu Telur (RM 11.90)
The other main courses that served were the Ayam Bakar Sate, Gulai Ayam Padang, Rendang Kambing and Rendang Sapi. If you are a big fan of the meat dishes, you will definitely love it too just like me. It was perfectly cooked to perfection, the textures were soft, juicy and flavorful.
IndoAsli- Ayam Bakar Sate (RM 19.90)
IndoAsli - Gulai Ayam Padang (RM 16.90)
IndoAsli - Rendang Kambing (RM 27.90)
IndoAsli- Rendang Sapi (RM 22.90)
Enough of meat, let us explore the options available for the seafood. We had the Cumi Bakar Jimbaran and also the Ikan Talapia Goreng Renyah Sambal Nusantara. This dish was served with variety of sambals; the Sambal Balado, Sambal Ijo and Madura Sauce. To be honest, I seldom eat fish but I can't stop having it here. 
IndoAsli - Cumi Bakar Jimbaran (RM 35.80)
IndoAsli - Ikan Talapia Goreng Renyah Sambah Nusantara (RM 39.90)
For vegetables, you can try their Terung Raos Khas Bandung and if you want to try something beside white rice, you can order their Nasi Tumpeng Ayam Bakar Percik Bali
IndoAsli- Terung Raos Khas Bandung (RM 11.90)
IndoAsli - Nasi Tumpeng Ayam Bakar Percik Bali (RM 25.90)
To completed our meals, we had our desserts too. Another unique dessert that I never tried before, the Jeli Dalam Telur (Jelly in the Egg with Two Scoops of Ice-Cream). It was so refreshing having the jelly chilled with some Nata de Coco in it and ice-cream. 

Also in the list is the famous Popia Pisang. The banana is wrapped in the popia skin and it was really crunchy and sweet. That's what we called desserts.
IndoAsli - Jeli Dalam Telur (RM 8.90)
IndoAsli - Popia Pisang (RM 12.90)
Now, you must be wondering what are the beverages that are served here at IndoAsli, right? These are the Must-Try beverages; the avocado drinks that are very famous in Indonesia and here in IndoAsli, the options are the Es Alpukat or the Jus Alpukat Teristimewa IndoAsli. For chilling and refreshing, you can choose the Soda Serai too. 
IndoAsli - Avocado Drinks And Soda Serai (From RM 6.90 to RM 13.90)
That's all the menu served during my visit to IndoAsli. The portion served was suitable for 4 to 5 pax and we were filled to the max. The prices were pretty reasonable and acceptable as well. Most importantly, the foods taste so good, delicious and memorable. It really satisfied my craves for Indonesian foods. I will definitely visit again in near future. 
IndoAsli new menu is currently exclusive at IndoAsli IOI City Mall, Putrajaya and will soon be available at IndoAsli Central i-City, Shah Alam. 
IndoAsli- The Happy Family
For more information about IndoAsli and their latest promotion, you can visit their official social media platforms on the links below. 
Thank you so much IndoAsli for having us and looking forward to see you again in near future.
Friends of Blogger And Content Creators At IndoAsli Central i-City, Shah Alam
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Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We e-Meet Again On My Next Post.
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  1. Nampak sedap je hidangan yang disediakan. Popia pisang tu nampak menarik. Air soda serai tu mesti minum rasa refreshing je.

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