Dreamy Eyes With The Tagline First Love Never Die Has Started Its Screening At Selected GSCinemas On The 8th April 2021

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Dreamy Eyes, A Film By Victor Vu Will Be Available In Selected GSCinemas Starting From 8th April 2021 

Dreamy Eyes In Selected GSCinemas From 8th April Onward

Dreamy Eyes really brought me travel back in-time and reminds me about all the childhood memories that I had with me. Starting from the scene setting that resembled closely to our old days, the way how we grew up and also how the spark of the untold love story gets started. If I told you that I have the similar story but different ending, will you believe me?
He was at 6 and mine was at 10 when we first developed the feeling towards our childhood schoolmate. "Cinta Monyet"?. But of course it is only the part of the childhood monkey love story as I didn't ends up raising the offspring of another man. So let's explore the synopsis of this movie together. 

About Dreamy Eyes

Director: Victor Vu
Truc Anh as Ha Lan
Tran Nghia as Ngan
Tran Phong as Dung
Khanh Van as Tra Long
Running Time: 117 Minutes
Country: Vietnam
Language: Vietnamese (With Subtitle)
Dreamy Eyes (in Vietnamese known as Mắt biếc) is a Vietnamese love story movie about the purest first love from the boy named Ngan towards his childhood girlfriend, Ha Lan. Let's traveled back in time because this movie begins its story in 1961 and ends in 1990, touches upon the themes of time, unrequited love and also devotion. 
Ngan's First Sight Love Toward Ha Lan When He Was 6 Years Old
Good Time Spent Together While Both Are Still At Do Do Village
Ngan has an instant crush on Ha Lan when they first met at school and he was just 6 years old at that time. Their childhood years are well-spent together and slowly shaped Ngan's view about love toward Ha Lan and his hometown, Do Do. 
Unrequited Love That Ngan Has For Ha Lan
Reaching their teenager age, Ha Lan and Ngan has to be separated as she yearns for the modernity of the city life, so she moved to Saigon city while Ngan left behind, still clings onto Ha Lan of old and the Do Do village, the hometown he grew up in.
Ha Lan Visited Ngan At Do Do Village After She Moved To Saigon
Nevertheless, he then moved to the city for Ha Lan too, but he later suffer the pain of rejection as she chooses his richer and better-looking cousin, Dung over him. Dung with his playboy character, true enough that he soon leaves Ha Lan to marry someone else. Sooner later, Ngan found out that Ha Lan was impregnated and as the relationship has now falls apart, Ngan decided to take care of Ha Lan and raised Ha Lan's daughter, Tra Long as his own. 
Ha Lan Chooses Dung, Ngan's Richer And Handsome Cousin
Ha Lan And Dung (Behind The Scene)
As time passed, Tra Long has comes to the age where she became an echo to her mother and slowly developed feelings toward her uncle Ngan, who later realized the ramifications of his devotion toward Ha Lan. 
Ngan Raises Tra Long As His Own
Will Ngan stay in the past and accept Tra Long's feelings as a late consolation for his devotion or will he move on and begin anew? 
What do you think the ending going to be, guys?
Trust me, I was in my teary eyes while watching this movie and I truly recommend this movie to all the movie lovers out there. This movie has been screened at the selected GSC Cinemas nationwide. Do check it out if it is available nearby you because you should not miss this great movie. 
And for your information, this movie is also selected to represent Vietnamese entry for the Best International Feature Film at the 93rd Academy Awards. 
Do Do Village Market Scene Setup
The Wooden Tables And Chairs In The Classroom
Ngan With The Kampung Boy Lifestyle
Dung With His Modern City Boy Lifestyle
Special thanks to Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) for having me during the media preview session for this Dreamy Eyes. 
Kitkat Nelfei At Dreamy Eyes Media Preview Screening
Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We e-Meet Again On My Next Posting. 
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