Time 2 Play Again At Sunway Lagoon Malaysia and Sunway Lost World Of Tambun

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Sunway Lagoon Malaysia And Sunway Lost World Of Tambun Will Be Reopened To The Public Starting 6th March 2021

Sunway Lagoon Malaysia
Sunway Lost World Of Tambun
Looking back at my phone memory, 2019 was the last time I have so much fun and enjoyed the "Best Day" ever at Sunway Lagoon Malaysia and also Sunway Lost World of Tambun. Do you still remember that when all businesses including theme parks were forced to stop their operation due to the restriction placed when Malaysia was hit hard by the deadly COVID-19 pandemic during the first quarter of 2020?
After a year dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, finally we observed the decreasing trend of the number of people affected by this deadly virus. We also received a good news where Malaysia has received the first batch of COVID-19 vaccine and our frontliners are amongst the first to received their vaccination. 
With all the positive signs and finger crossing that Malaysia condition will be recovered and getting better soon, the restriction of operating the theme parks has finally been lifted during the recent announcement made by our minister. In light of the announcement, Sunway Theme Parks are now ready to open their doors to welcome all of you once again starting 6th March 2021.
Sunway Theme Parks Fully Open On 6th March 2021
Sunway Theme Parks never failed to surprise us with their great deals. They have introduced two attractive packages for those in the Selangor states namely "2 Play Again" and "Playdate" for you to enjoy the Sunway Lagoon Malaysia theme park. As for Sunway Lost World of Tambun, there are awesome "Staycation" packages too which provide an absolute heaven to stay within the eco theme park itself. 
Great Deals Isn't It? What Are You Waiting For?
Sunway Lagoon and Sunway Lost World Of Tambun will be reopened with an enhanced "State of Play" where the capacity to cater the crowd entering the theme park has been capped at 30% only. Hence, we can return to the theme parks full of confidence with their heightened SOPs that well above the standards implemented by the Ministry of Health (MOH) in their 132 acres theme parks combined. 
"We are anticipating families and friends to reunite at both out theme parks where moments to play will be even more poignant in these times. As the leading "Play Master" in this region, we can't wait to welcome all our guests back into our vast outdoor spaces whether you're sliding down our Vuvuzela in Sunway Lagoon or feeding our hippo at Sunway Lost World Of Tambun." said Mr. Calvin Ho, Executive Director of Sunway. 
So, what are you waiting for guys? Let plan the trip with your family and friends to enjoy the "Best Day" ever with your loved ones. For more information about the Sunway Lagoon and Sunway Lost World Of Tambun packages, kindly visit their websites at the links below. 
A very good news to be shared with all the Sunway Lost World Of Tambun Annual Pass holders! Check this out now before you miss it.

Members Enter Sunway Lost World Of Tambun For FREE (6th - 7th March 2021 ONLY)
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  1. Tak sabar nak rentas negeri buka. Nak bercuti kat Selangor ni tidak la. Cukup la sekadar balik hari merentas daerah ajer. Nak pergi ke Sunway Lagoon boleh pergi balik hari. Lost World of Tambun tunggu boleh rentas negeri. Tak sabar!!!

  2. anak-anak ni pun tak sabar nak bercuti.boleh plan ni ke sunway lagoon.PM umum je boleh rentas Negeri dah boleh book siap-siap..Lama dah teringin nak ke sini.

  3. Masa tu ada plan nak pergi mandi-manda dekat Sunway Lagoon tapi niat tak kesempaian. Tunggu rentas negeri buka baru family Nina holiday sakan. Have fun... tenangkan fikiran semua.

  4. alaa dah lepas tarikh! hahaah anyway glad to know theme park pun dah buka. lepas ni boleh la plan dengan member untuk ke sini

  5. Wow.......it's good that these theme parks is now re-open. But now Malaysia is experiencing heatwave. Not a good time to go to theme parks. However, thank you for sharing this information.

  6. seriussss i memang nak pi. hope ada masa nak pi. dah lama sangat tak enjoy di sunway

  7. Once border dah bukak, confirm ramai yg serbu datang Sunway Lagoon & Sunway Lost World of Tambun. Crowd pun limit pada 30% sahaja, harap semua selamat lah bermandi manda

  8. Since takleh rentas negeri lagi, Sunway Lagoon is the best place untuk unwind and relax. Nak apply cuti!

  9. wah best yer sunway lagoon dah buka semula. plan dari tahun lepas nak ke sana tak kesampaian. hope tahun ni dapat la terjah sini

  10. Kak Bell belum pernah sampai lagi sini. Teringin juga nak bersantai rilek kat sini. Nanti nak pi la jalan perak.

  11. Sunway Lagoon belum pernah lagi Sis pergi tau Nel hahahaha.. tak tau laa sebab anak-anak takde pun sebut nak ke sini.. one day nanti nak bawa jugalah anak bercuti ke sini..

  12. LWOT dekat je dengan rumah ni. Boleh la pergi tapi terlepas yang entrance free tu. Takpe, boleh set untuk next vacation with my kids!

  13. Tak sabar nak tunggu Sunway lagoon buka. Mesti meriah dah seronok.

  14. Oh cool! I've been to Tambun twice. It's always a great place to go to with a group of friends or family members.