Online Shopping On 3.3 Double Digit Sales

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Yesterday on the 3rd March 2021, this is one of the most waited double digit day where many business platforms are doing sales and giving great offers or deals to all online shoppers like you and me. Who wants to miss out the opportunity to purchase items at better price, huge saving of owning an item at lower price and also FREE SHIPPING sometime. 
As usual, I will do the scrolling on every online platforms to look for items that I would love to have it. Upon scrolling, this is the item that catches my attention the most! The "Stackable Food Storage".
I found out this item to be very useful especially for family that normally cook one time a day to cater the meals for both lunch and dinner. Storage of the foods can be a huge issue in term of the freshness, cleanliness, space and many more that you can name it.
Stackable Food Storage
This stackable food storage comes with individual compartment that can make up to multiple layers based on your preference and number of dishes that you would love to store on that particular day. It is made from ABS material that considered as a food grade thermoplastic with good balance toward impact, heat and chemical, durable with dimension stability and surface hardness. This is a safer for use material in food processing.
Made From ABS Material
Each of them has a clear and slide-able window that allows you to easily open or close it by just push and pull. As the window is made from clear and transparent material, you can easily see through what is stored in each of the layer that you stacked up without the need to open each of them by guessing. 
Clear and Transparent Window That Easily Open And Close By Just Push Or Pull
With this window and close system, your foods are kept from dust, flies or any unwanted contamination. As long as the window is properly closed, you can have peace of mind without worrying the cleanliness of your foods that you have kept inside. Another interesting fact of this product is the temperature preserving function.
Dust And Cleanliness Proof
As mentioned that the material has a good balance of heat, it eventually has a function to permanently lock the temperature within the storage are to keep your food warm for longer period of time. You can have your food warm and without the need to re-heat within 2-3 hours storage period.
Temperature Lock
And as each tier can be easily stacked up and separated, this is the great advantage for space optimizing especially for houses with limited space of their dining table or kitchen area. You can just stack them upward to keep more dishes as you wish. Besides, the cleaning process has been made easier with this feature where you can just remove it from the stack and clean it one by one without the need to clean it as a whole. 
Easy To Clean
How about that? Do you love to have this product as well? You can get them for a very affordable price I would say as it is priced at RM14.99 for 1-tier (N/P: RM38.62), RM35.81 for 2-tiers (N/P: RM57.77), RM44.36 for 3-tiers (N/P: RM70.54), RM51.00 for 4-tiers (N/P: RM76.92) and last but not least for the 5-tiers are priced at RM62.00 (N/P: RM96.07). You can purchase them from the link below.

That's pretty much that I want to share with all of you. If you found out this item to be useful for your family or your loved ones, remember to share this link with them so that they can purchase it too. 
Also, what have your bought for yourself during the 3.3 Double Digit Sales yesterday? Share with me also so that I might get them for me too. 
Signing Out For Now And Take Care Till We Meet Again On My Next Post. 
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  1. Wow ini sangat menarik. Normally i letak bawah tudung saji ajer. Kalau letak dalam stackable food storage ni boleh letak banyak2 food sekali ya. Menarik.

  2. Ohh I’ve seen this stackable food storage too before, indeed it seems interesting and convenient to have at home right 😁

  3. I actually have bought this stackable food storage and to be honest it is quite convenient and space-saving. However, bigger bowls and plates will not be able to fit in.

  4. Thank you for sharing, I always wanted this stackable storage at my kitchen, hope to be able to buy it someday.

  5. my mother in law guna bekas ni. sangat mudah nak simpan lauk2 jimat ruang

  6. Bagusnya.. first time tgk.. rs kena ada satu kat rumah. Boleh panaskan beli pula

  7. dah tengok haritu. nampak ok utk simpan makanan and tak payah reheat. wajib ada kat dapur ni

  8. Keren juga ya food storage bertingkat ni. Siap boleh keep warm. Kebetulan Mac ni is my bday, so beli utk diri sendirilah. Hehe.

  9. Waaa i pun baru beli jugaa.. hasil kumpul menabung seposen-seposen kat PGmall.. memang senang berguna simpan laukkan..

  10. omg i spent so much on 3.3. i also love all the items on this list that you recommended, they are totally worth buying!

  11. Oh, this is great! Sometimes u want to keep your food away from flies and ants but don't want to refrigerate it. So this is a good space saving option.

  12. Memang cantik. dekat rumah saya pun ada jugak. boleh simpan makanan & lauk pauk.. harga pun sangat berpatutan .:)

  13. Memang kena bijak sekarang.. pilih tarikh yg sesuai dan platform yang best.. mcm pgmall.. dapat cashback lagi..

  14. Best betul shopping bila banyak sales ni. Bila dah ada family sendiri memang barang rumah barang anak-anak jela penuh dalam cart

  15. Wahhh bagusnya... Baru tahu tentang benda ni. Nina rasa memang perlu ada satu kat rumah ni. Lagi pun jimat ruang. Harga dia pun berpatutan.

  16. Wah this food storage is so compact, hygiene, and looks good also, will check out now.