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Taste Extraordinary Everyday With Super Coffee

How do you normally kick start your day in life? A cup of good coffee for me! Coffee really helps me a lot on boosting my energy and stay productive for all day long. It 'wake up' effect stimulates both my physical and mental performance, increase my alertness and overcome fatigue, stay focused and more concentrated at work. One of my favorite coffee brand that I have been consuming since I started to drink coffee is SUPER coffee that keep me awake for late night study and fueling my day at work.
SUPER Coffee With New Logo

About Super Group Ltd (Now JDE)

SUPER was first established in Singapore back in 1987 and known as one of the leading manufacturers of instant beverages in Asia. In 1992, SUPER Group Ltd has made their debut in Malaysia and continue growing to be one of the important company hub's with main production facility due to it strategic location that close to SUPER's headquarter. This has further confirmed when SUPER was recognized by Malaysia Book of Records as Malaysia's Largest Coffee Manufacturer where Super Group has produced more than 20,000 metric tonnes of coffee in a year. 

This amount is equivalent to 10 billion cups of coffee a year! Massive isn't, guys!

Super, being a pioneer in the beverages mixes is known to be a master blender where hundreds of taste variations in coffee, tea and cereal has been created. The concept of 3-in-1 coffee has revolutionized the coffee consumption pattern and making it a preferred form of coffee consumed in Asia. 

With their simple vision which is "To Make a coffee delicious, convenient and accessible in a tea drinking region", SUPER has introduced their new logo that give a fresher look and attractive packaging. 
Super Signature "New Look"

Super Signature Coffee

A cup of SUPER Original coffee will make your day a much better one and this Signature Coffee will bring out the best in you. The perfect brew with their mastery skill in balancing the right ingredients able to create a harmony of taste, aroma and texture. This is their signature blend and has been the staple of their range since the very beginning, made with a perfect ratio of coffee beans, sugar and creamer. 

If you are someone that love stronger aroma, SUPER Rich is your choice with their intense coffee blend and fuller in taste. This cup of coffee is intensely aromatic and bolder in taste with stronger "KICK" right from the first sip. 
This is my favorite since I need to control my sugar intake, SUPER has introduced this new flavor, SUPER COFFEE ZERO SUGAR. The taste of good coffee is not neglected because you still can have a cup of aromatic, smooth cup of coffee with no sugar added. 
Super Signature Coffee Range

Super White Coffee

Super White Coffee "New Look"
A SUPER cup of white coffee will bring back memories of the good old days where it exudes the aroma of a light char, reminiscent of the traditional heritage of charcoal roasted beans in the 19th century. The roasting techniques used by SUPER is faithfully capture the rich, smooth, buttery characteristics of this classic brew. 
SUPER White Coffee Classic is suitable to satisfied the coffee lover that love the authentic taste of Ipoh coffee shop white coffee. This cup of coffee is brew from the premium blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans that you a creamy and aromatic taste in every sip. 
SUPER White Coffee Hazelnut has a nutty aroma of a freshly roasted hazelnuts with a balance blending between nutty aroma and premium blend of the Arabica and Robusta coffee taste.

Love the smell of toffee? SUPER White Coffee Brown Sugar is the one that you should go for it as it has a deeply aromatic, toffee-like taste. If you looking for something creamy, SUPER White Coffee Coffee & Creamer is the one that you need to grab. This is a less sweet option with creamy and aromatic coffee. 

The second new products that SUPER introducing this time is the SUPER Kopi Nusantara, a traditional white coffee that will remind you of a smooth and aromatic local warung coffee. Remember those days when people spent their afternoon tea-time relaxing and enjoying cup of coffee at the warungs? Yes, even me myself growing up missing this taste and bring back all those good memories. I love how smooth this Kopi Nusantara flowing through my throat and you can smell the coffee aroma. 
SUPER Kopi Nusantara For Tea-Break
SUPER White Coffee Product Range
And last but not least, let check out the SUPER Functional Coffee Range which consists of SUPER Power Kopi Tongkat Ali and Ginseng and Super Ayu Kopi Kacip Fatimah and Collagen. 

SUPER Power 6 in 1 Coffee is a traditional coffee mixture of freeze dried coffee and Robusta beans that specially blended with authentic Tongkat Ali, Misai Kucing and Ginseng herbs that caters to the males coffee lover that need to boost their energy. Tongkat Ali is well-known for its energy enhancer, Ginseng to boost energy and Misai Kucing extracts is good for improved detoxification

SUPER Ayu 5 in 1 Coffee contains Kacip Fatimah and Collagen which is targeted at the ladies who derives great pleasure drinking their favorite brew with added knowledge that collagen will firm up their skin texture. Kacip Fatimah is know for its function that able to reduce fatigue and alleviate menstrual symptoms whereas Collagen for revitalized and healthy skin
SUPER Functional Product Range
For more information about SUPER and their latest promotion, you can visit
Super Malaysia Website | Super Malaysia Facebook | Super Malaysia Instagram and you can also purchase the item by clicking this 
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  1. brand ni memang famous untuk produk coffee, i paling suka white coffee, minum panas-panas waktu musim hujan ni memang terbaik

  2. I'm among regular customer for Super's product! Definitely will try this one too.. tq for info!

  3. Yesss, kak bell da try semua jenis dah. Not bad coffee dia. Tongkat ali je tak try. Hehe.

  4. Baru je semalam beli sekotak super white coffee hazelnut! Cantik lah packaging baru dia.

  5. Coffee lover here! White coffee Super ni memang sedap ☺️

  6. super instant coffe ni favourite brand my mom, hehe.. nanti nak try yang hazelnut tu macam best je

  7. Coffee Hazelnut dari Super akak pernah cuba. Sedap la. Wow... dah cantik dah new look Super.

  8. Yeayyy, sis pun minum kopi Super jugak. Sedap kan. Sis suka sebab wpun 3 in 1 tapi kopi dia pekat kawww gitu. Antara byk2 tu sis paling suka kopi nusantara. Dappp 👍

  9. Kak min suka semua terutama yg hazelnut tu..memang sedap sangat

  10. nothing like a good, strong and fragrant instant coffee. these sachets are so lovely and conveniently!

  11. I'm more of a tea person, but don't mind the occasional cup of coffee. I especially love Super brand. The smell and taste are very kaw!

  12. Kopi Super ni dulu Sis memang rajin minum sebelum keluarnya lain-lain jenama, sebab dia dah lama berada di pasaran kan.. memang sedap, pek dia pun dah lawaa.. rasa mesti lagi mantap!

  13. Super Coffee memang jenama yang tak asing lagi kat Malaysia ni memang cukup terkenal dengan rasa dan juga keenakan coffee nya yang disukai ramai..

  14. Jenama Super ni kopi dia best. Akak memang suka. Mesti ada kat rumah. Oh ya lagi satu, Nel cuba produk Essenso dari Super. Best gilerrr. Akak lagi suka! Sebab dia rasa mewah dan bau dia fuhhhh. Susah nak citer. Hahaha.


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