Hannah Delisha Appointed As vida Vitamin C Sparkling Drink Brand Ambassador For 2021

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Beautiful and Demure Hannah Delisha Appointed As The New vida C Brand Ambassador & Provide Yourself An Immunity Shield With vida C 

Immune system is essential for our survival and without a resilient immune system, our bodies would be easily fall sick due to the attack from the bacteria, parasites and viruses like what we are currently facing the world's pandemic. As we all know, Vitamin C is one of the most effective way to boost our immunity by taking it as a supplement regularly and I have been consuming Vitamin C since I was young until now. Vitamin C is an imperative nutritional component that is known for its multiple health benefits and shield the body against infections. 
Dydo Drinco Malaysia Sdn Bhd as the leading and innovative beverage manufacturer in the market once again making headline in Malaysia. They had taken an advantageous move in the view of a recent surge in consumer interest in regard to immune health especially during this Covid-19 pandemic by introducing vida Vitamin C Sparking Drink with 1000 mg of Vitamin C.
Malaysia's First vida Vitamin C Sparking Drink
This all new vida Vitamin C is a remarkable extension of the vida sparkling beverage brand that is formulated using advanced Japanese Research & Development and expertise. vida Vitamin C Sparkling Drink contains essential 1000mg Vitamin C in every can and this is the first ready-to-drink Vitamin C sparkling beverage in Malaysia. Due to its low sugar content with recommended daily dose of vitamin C in each can, this beverage had been recognized as Healthier Choice in Malaysia and Singapore and approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH). Hence, this sparking drink is suitable for all age groups especially for the group of consumers who are always on-the-go and leads a busy lifestyle and are always searching for a hassle-free Vitamin C health drink.
Healthier Choice Approved by Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia
The vida Vitamin C sparkling drink is branded as "Your Immunity Shield" as it is fortified with 1000mg of Vitamin C that is packed with nutrients and health benefits which is crucial for our health and body well-being during this pandemic. This is a perfect choice of beverages as it helps to strengthens our immunity system, reduces the risk of heart diseases and helps to aid on iron deficiency in our body while it also helps to lightens and enhance skin radiance because of its antioxidant benefits. 
vida Vitamin C Sparking Drink Comes In Two Flavors
This refreshing and thirst-quenching drink comes in two flavors; the vida Vitamin C Lemon Sparkling and vida Vitamin C Orange Sparkling with the benefits of vitamins of 18 lemons and 19 oranges each that meet the recommended Vitamin C consumption packed in the 325 ml can size. 

Hannah Delisha Appointed As Brand Ambassador For vida Vitamin C Sparkling Drinks

Sparkling, beautiful, demure and full of life portrayed by Hannah Delisha that resembles closely to what vida C is about as a brand making her the right candidate to be appointed as the vida Vitamin C Sparkling Drink Brand Ambassador. She started her career in Singapore as a member of the group Delisha, then appeared in several television shows published by MediaCorp Suria which later leads to her debut and commercial success in Malaysia through a drama adaptation of the novel Mencintaimu Mr. Photographer in 2017. 
Hannah Delisha Personality Made Her The Right Choice As vida Vitamin C Sparkling Drink Brand Ambassador
With more than 15 dramas, telefilms and films that speaks a volume of hear acting calibre, her hard work as an actress and entrepreneurial talent was recognized as she was nominated and won the Pasangan Serasi in the Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2019, Artis Paling Popular - Singapore in the Anugerah Planet Muzik ke-16 as well as bagging the Asean Top Social Media Influencer Award. Not enough of that, she is also recognized with the Special Talent Entrepreneur Award by The 100 Top Young CEO Award in 2019. 
Influential Hannah Delisha As vida Vitamin C Sparkling Drink Brand Ambassador
Hannah Delisha is adored by her 2.6 million followers on Instagram and has proved to the entertainment industry to be an influential young actress that will further showcase her exceptional talent among industry player. 
Such An Inspirational Role Model, Hannah Delisha
"When it comes to juggling a prosperous career, life, passion and health especially during this pandemic, we couldn't find a better fit than Hannah Delisha for vida Vitamin C, the first ready-to-drink Vitamin C sparkling beverage in Malaysia because Hannah leads a modern healthy lifestyle where she prefers convenience due to her busy commitment in the entertainment industry. Secondly, she has a go-better personality which it is proven as she pursues her love for acting but at the same time, she never forgets to live a healthy life. Lastly, we see Hannah as a trendsetter where we she her being active in the entertainment industry with acting and singing and she shares her passion with the same target audience just like vida C", said Mr. Takeshi Suma the Chief Executive Office of DyDo Drinco Malaysia Sdn Bhd. 
Mr. Takeshi Suma Delivering His Speech
"To promote the health benefits of vida Vitamin C Sparking Drink, we have come out with a year-round campaign that will commerce in January 2021. We are confident that our partnership with Hannah today would enable us to encourage Malaysia consumers to lead a sparklier life with the fun and healthy vida Vitamin C sparkling drinks", Mr Takeshi Suma concluded. 
Hannah Delisha With Mr. Takeshi Suma During The Launch of vida C
Now, you can get this highly convenient and travel friendly vida Vitamin C Sparkling Drink that packaged in a perfectly portable size of 325ml can at 7-11 convenience stores, petrol-marts and Dydo Drinco Malaysia Sdn Bhd also made it available through online purchase. I am thrilled with this sparkling drink and this will definitely helps me to obtain recommended daily dose of Vitamin C in more hassle-free manner.
Saya Dah, Anda Bila Lagi?
For more information about vida Vitamin C Sparkling Drink, you can visit vida Vitamin C Website | Dydo Drinco Malaysia Sdn Bhd Website | Dydo Japan Website | vida Malaysia Facebook Page | vida Malaysia Instagram
You can made purchase online too using Buy vida Vitamin C Sparkling Drink Online Here
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