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Do you know that there is a crocodile farm located at Langkawi, Malaysia? I have been to Langkawi for many times but this was my first experience visiting the Crocodile Adventureland. Surprisingly, this was the largest crocodile adventureland here in Malaysia.

Information - Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi
Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi is located on the road to Datai Bay which is approximately 30 minutes drive from Kuah or Pantai Cenang and 20 minutes drive from the Langkawi Airport. This is the home for nearly 4000 crocodiles from all ages and there is also world biggest crocodile in captivity, the "Bujang Lang".

Snippet of "Bujang Lang"

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Mr. Adam Fuaad, the Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi General Manager and he gave us details insight with what to expect from this visit including the package combos that offers by this attraction.

Briefing by Mr. Adam Fuaad, General Manager of The Crocodile Adventureland

The best seller combo is the Croc Encounter Combo where the package is inclusive of Admission Ticket, Juvenile Feeding (1x Pellet), Guided Tour (Sharing), Photo Pass (Voucher), Crocodile Interactive and Crocodile Fishing.

Crocodile Adventureland Combos
After purchasing the tickets, we started our guided tour heading to the first stop at Species Pond where few species of crocodiles were placed with information placard properly displayed. So, you will be able to gain knowledge and know them better!

Crocodile's Fun Facts
Buaya Jelulung
Buaya Tembaga

There is also an activity kiosk along the way from Species Pond heading to the Crocodile Juvenile Pond where "Did You Know" counter was setup with interesting display like the hatching babies, female and the male crocodile organs.

Activity Kiosk - Did You Know?

Next stop, the Juvenile Crocodile Feeding where you can feed the energetic juvenile with the pellets that came with the combo or you can get them at the activity kiosk. Beside that, there is another "Must Try" activity here which is the Crocodile Fishing. The juicy snack for them will be dangled at the end of the fishing line and you can see how this juvenile crocodile jump up from the pond to catch their snack.

Crocodile Fishing

Your visit is not complete if you did not join the crowd at the Crocodylus Pond A and B for the Best Crocodile Education Show in Malaysia where the professional and experienced keeper will show you some jaw-dropping stunts with Bujang Lang! Trust me, my breath stopped for few seconds especially during the kissing scene.

Keep Kissed The Bujang Lang!
Professional and Experienced Keepers with Bujang Lang

The adrenaline-rush journey did not stop at the Crocodylus Pond A and B, we continue our tour to Giant Crocodilian Pond at Bridge Pond. Here you can see bunch of intelligent crocodiles that know what is happening next, where to be for the perfect spot and what to do when the keeper give the sound of signal. It's meal time!

Giant Crocodilian Pond - Feeding Time (Bridge Pond)

Introducing the new attraction that just added into the list, the "Jurassic Croc" show featuring the world's largest Sarcosuchus dinosaur! You will be able to see the extinct beasts with a realistic appearance that brought them back to life via the animatronics technology. Don't miss the opportunity to take pictures with Velociraptor and Dilophosaurus, the genial dinosaur mascot.

Team "@KiteJalan" At Jurassic Croc!
Jurassic Croc Scene
The Largest Sarcosuchus Dinosaur

After the show, we continue the tour to the Special Pool where these are the special crocodiles that born with unique features. In this area, you will be able to see a crocodile that born with no tails and the most interesting one, the 40 years old crocodile with hump on its back.
Crocodile with Special Hump
Tailless Crocodile

Next after Special Pool, the "Colossal Pond" where this is the home to Bujang Basar, one of the largest crocodile in captivity recognized in Malaysia Book of Records. Bujang Basar is a 44 years old saltwater crocodile with total length of 15.3 ft and weight around 1000 kg.

The "Bujang Basar" Colossal Pond

Before we ended the tour at Crocodile Adventureland, we get a chance to snap picture with the juvenile crocodile by the camera expert and trained keeper. This is a "must-take" picture to keep the memory and experience of holding crocodile with your bare hand.

Kitkat With Juvenile Crocodile

Team @KiteJalan with the Juvenile Crocodile

Special thanks to Mr. Adam Fuaad and the team for having us. It was indeed one the best crocodile-related attraction that I have been to in Malaysia. The park was really clean, well-maintained, most importantly odorless, family friendly and educational that suitable for all ages.

So guys, if you are visiting Langkawi next time, you definitely need to include this Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi in your itinerary.

Address: Taman Buaya Langkawi Sdn. Bhd., Jalan Datai, Mukim Air Hangat, PO. Box 50, 07000 Langkawi Kedah Darul Aman. (
Tel: +604-9592559/+6049502061
Fax: +6049502081

Special thanks to Megawater Sports for having us.

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