Wonder Which Are The 4 Best Luxury Retreats In Malaysia?

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If You Are One Of Many People Interested In Visiting The Beautiful Country Of Malaysia But Are Looking Exclusively For Luxury Destinations, We Got You Covered

Wonder Which Are The 4 Best Luxury Retreats In Malaysia?
4 Best Luxury Travel Destinations In Malaysia

Malaysia is an extraordinary place that offers something for everyone, no matter their age, preferences, and passions. This is a country with an interesting history, rich culture, and a beautiful clash of nature and urban cities

If you wish to dip in pristine waters, relax on sandy beaches, hike through the highland rainforest, or experience the buzz of the city's restaurants with unique cuisine, visit nightclubs and other hot spots, you will find it all in Malaysia. 

For the lovers of luxury gateways, we have especially scouted the best travel destinations in Malaysia. 

Why Choose Luxury Destinations For Your Vacations? 

Some may think that they can arrange their vacations and have an amazing experience, the same as the one you can have in luxury getaways. 

We will disagree with that, as the employees of such establishments have only one task - to deliver you unparalleled comfort and experience

The experience you can have while skydiving for example, or playing at 1xbet casino as you can see while checking this page, or have some other unforgettable activity. 

Luxury resorts and hotels will provide you with furnished rooms, infinity pools, views of magnificent landscapes, and dining options both indoors and outdoors. But the main advantage is their focus on a personalized experience for each visitor in pursuit of unmatched relaxation and enjoyment. 

One & Only Desaru Coast

Imagine yourself on the shores of Desaru Coast in the period between April and October, by many the best period to visit it. 

The good people from One & Only had the same idea for you, and they opened a beautiful resort to host you. They are renowned for their velvet-gloved treatment, and their resort in Malaysia will not disappoint its guests. 

Elegant rooms are waiting, or if you prefer you can have suites or villas at your disposal. They have a personal concierge for you, a butler, aromatherapy sessions, and cuisines that span from Mediterranean to Japanese. 

But one thing we must emphasize, and that is the view. You will be left breathless while gazing at the ocean, lush gardens, or lagoons. 

Four Seasons Resort Langkawi

A perfect retreat in Malaysia to relax and forget about your hectic everyday obligations is nested in Langkawi's Four Seasons Resort. 

We need to state that the special perk of the rooms at these resorts is private balconies that have amazing views. 

Imagine waking up and going out on them, uniquely experience the sunny morning

Your gaze will probably land on a swimming pool that will invite you for a morning swim. And when you are done with that, you will have a guided tour of mangrove forests, rivers, and sea stacks. 

While you are exploring the nature of Malaysia, the resort can take care of your children with a wide range of kid activities. In that way, you can rest easy and explore, or just relax at The Geo Spa. 

The Kasturi Pahang

If you have never been to Cherating, the Kasturi will make you reconsider putting it on your itinerary shortly. 

A cozy and private personalized experience is what they promise to their guests in one of the 23 villas that are blended in the natural surroundings adjacent to every one of them. 

Their gourmet experience is available at the restaurant that offers international dishes, but we strongly recommend trying the local meals. 

They resemble the dishes you can try at Zebra Square in Kuala Lumpur, as they are freshly prepared for visitors with locally sourced ingredients. When you are done with food, you can burn calories at one of the many activities they provide. 

Volleyball on the sand, hiking, cycling, and swimming sound perfect. 

Lankayan Island Dive Resort

For the one who are in love with the sea, we have a special treat. 

In Malaysia, you will find a hidden island in the state of Sabah. Here, a secluded gem awaits you in the form of a unique eco-resort called Lankayan Island Dive Resort. 

Besides the appearance that resembles something out of a fairy tale, this getaway will offer you all the commodities of the other luxury retreats, but with one special addition. 

The marine world underneath is perfect for divers and adventures. Rich corals attract a lot of attention from underwater animals which are accustomed to divers. 

Besides that, you will have a rustic and traditional experience at this resort, as television and Wi-Fi are nowhere to be found. You will be left with your thoughts and a chance to meditate and connect with your surroundings on another level. 

As you can see, people in Malaysia have outdone themselves in their luxury resort offers. We have selected only 4 of the ones we think are the best for your first visit, but it was a very tough selection process, believe us. 

There are so many places that you should see, feel, and experience, and due to that, we hope you will visit Malaysia on multiple occasions. 

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