From Social App To Rewards Program With Yippi Biz By TOGL

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Boost Your Sales And Build Brand Loyalty with Yippi Biz Specially Brought To You By TOGL Sdn Bhd 

From Social App To Rewards Program With Yippi Biz By TOGL
Yippi Biz From Social App To Rewards Program By TOGL Sdn Bhd

Online shopping has remained the first choice of shopping option in our daily routine looking at it as truly convenient for all, not only buyers but also for the sellers in term of managing the business.

This is one of the reasons why Yippi has been doing well for both parties in recent years. Looking at the continuous growth of this Yippi platform as it continue to expands into new markets, including the SEA region in 2023 and China in 2024, Yippi is excited to announce the launch of its new Yippi Biz which is created perfectly for all merchants. 
From Social App To Rewards Program With Yippi Biz By TOGL
Grow Business With Yippi Biz To Boost Sales Through Online Ads And Loyalty Rewards

The aim of having Yippi Biz is to help local SMEs boost their sales through online advertisement and loyalty rewards. Hence, this is an ideal option for offline businesses to grow and get connected digitally with customers in this IoT era.
From Social App To Rewards Program With Yippi Biz By TOGL
Yippi Biz The Brand All-New Business Model Brought To You by TOGL Sdn Bhd
This is made possible through Yippi's advanced CRM system that has the ability for businesses, especially merchants to track customer data where Yippi has over 6 million users now, merchants can easily engage with customers through its targeted advertisement, and gain the attention of customers by improving customer retention through the personalized offers and promotions available in the platform. 
From Social App To Rewards Program With Yippi Biz By TOGL
Yippi Biz Benefits For Merchants
Yippi Biz has a sophisticated advertisement feature in place as it has the ability for businesses to place targeted ads within the Yippi app that allowing merchants to reach out to new customers and increase visibility to raise brand awareness. 
From Social App To Rewards Program With Yippi Biz By TOGL
Yippi Strong Customer Database Among Younger Users With Spending Power
As it is highly customizable, merchants can easily tailor the messages in the advertisement to their targeted audiences and reach out to their potential buyers for the maximum impact. 
On top of that, these are the Yippi Biz benefits for all merchants that enroll in Yippi Biz. 
  • Reach millions of potential customers
  • Amplify business traffic 
  • Lowering marketing expenses
  • Target specific audiences
  • Build brand loyalty

As mentioned earlier, one of the attractive values of the Yippi platform is the loyalty program that continuously rewards the customers for their repeat business and this can indirectly help to build long-term customer-merchant relationships, and drive sales growth in the long run. 

Introducing Yipps Wanted, the Yippi's E-Rewards program that is curated for users to earn Yipps Points whenever they perform transactions with Yippi Biz merchant partners.
From Social App To Rewards Program With Yippi Biz By TOGL
Reasons Why Merchants Should Join Yippi Biz To Grow Your Business
Yipps Points are valuable instant rewards points offered by Yippi to customers and the points can be redeemed with Yippi's collaboration partners including
  • RedBox
  • Park 28 Boutique Dining
  • Freestore
  • Bottomless
  • and more!
From Social App To Rewards Program With Yippi Biz By TOGL
Start To Earn With Yippi Wanted - Yippi Rebate

Not only that, but customers can also spend in Yippi's partners like TopzMall E-commerce platform and Togago to book travel tickets and hotels. This will provide an added incentive to the customers to choose local SME products and build long-term brand loyalty. 

Joining Yippi Biz is the brilliant choice for merchants as Yippi currently has a strong user database of 6 million users, especially among young people and those with spending power making this the sole reason that able to helps merchants to reach out to new customers each day.
With all the powerful tools offered by the Yippi platform, they are thrilled that these can help all the local SMEs to thrive in an increasingly competitive online marketplace.
The rewards program is a plus point as this can build up customers' interest to shop online with Yippi to drive businesses' sales growth and build a stronger and more successful business. 

From Social App To Rewards Program With Yippi Biz By TOGL
All-In-One App - Yippi by TOGL

Expansion is always been the priority of Yippi, and they remain committed to helping businesses succeed as part of the merchants in the e-commerce platform by providing the tools needed to thrive in the online world. 

For more information on how the rewards program can help to grow your business, you can visit the social media platforms by clicking the links below. In addition, you can contact them through email to submit your interest to join Yippi Biz as a merchant. 

Yippi Biz 


About Yippi

Yippi is a social and communication application developed by TOGL Technology Sdn Bhd. 
Yippi is a SuperApp that provides e-rewards for users to earn and redeem Yipps points. 
Yipps have an array of purposes, including paying utility and mobile bills, and point redemption, and are also used in F&B, online shopping, traveling, entertainment, beauty, and healthcare. 
Overall, Yippi is a platform that allows users to share their lives, express their ideas, purchase goods, book travel, and earn reward points to cover their daily expenses. These features are designed to enhance the user experience and meet their daily needs in just one app. 
For more information about Yippi, you can visit Yippi's official website and follow its social media platforms for real-time updates. 

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  1. macam menarik je yippi ni. nanti nak explore lagi. thanks sharing tauuu - bae roslan

  2. So many benefits of joining the Yippi Biz Program. A great platform entrepreneurs should explore.

  3. yippi ni menarik sebab ianya banyak manfaat esp Biz Prog.... para peniaga boleh amik cakna dan mungkin boleh sertai

  4. I m using this app too, so far its user friendly with so many engaging features

  5. Menarik program ni, saya cuba dulu dan tengok macam mana.

  6. Bagusnya ada platform macam ni untuk bantu para peniaga kembangkan lagi bisnes diorang.

  7. So so good to know about this app with many good reward program, gonna download now to check out. Cheers SiennyLovesDrawing

  8. Pernah dengar Yippi tapi tak tau tentang apa, baru tau Yippi ni bagus untuk para peniaga kembangkan perniagaan mereka dgn bnyk reward program yg ditawarkan

  9. Wow, this sounds really interesting, especially with the focus on providing benefits for business owners through the Biz Prog feature. I'm definitely considering checking it out and maybe even joining in, maklumlah, nak cuba-cuba juga, kot lah my small biz boleh lebih maju kan.