IDW Celebrates 15th Anniversary With The Launch Of Wisma IDW The New Headquarters of IDW

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IDW Design & Built Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary With The Official Launch of Wisma IDW, The New State-of-the Art Headquarters And IDW Aimed To Achieve Sales Of RM 30 Millions This Year

IDW Design & Built New Tagline "Manifest Life"
IDW Design & Built Sdn Bhd is a well-known interior design and renovation firm in Malaysia that has been established 15 years ago by IDr Hj. Lokman Hakim Ahmad Subki and IDr Hjh. Rabiatul Adawiyah Rasol.
Today on the auspicious month of Syawal 1443, IDW Design & Built has organized the first Raya Open house on the 28th May 2022 not only to celebrate the Raya Aidilfitri, but IDW determined to officially launch their Wisma IDW, the new state-of-the-Art headquarters that located at No. 2, 4 & 6, Jalan Pegaga A U12/A Seksyen U12, Desa Alam, 40710 Shah Alam, Selangor. 
IDW Raya Open House On The 28th May 2022

IDW Invited Malaysian Celebrity Awal Ashaari To Co-Host For This Memorable Event

During the Raya Open house, both founders shared about their journey from Day 1 until today on the Crystal Jubilee celebration, IDW has made multiple breakthroughs, and one of the biggest milestone unlocked is moving to a bigger building that can accommodate their growing team up to 100 staff. 
The official launch of Wisma IDW was auspiciously launched by the MenThor of both IDW founders, Datuk  Wira Dr Azizan Osman and witnessed by IDr Hj. Lokman Hakim Ahmad Subki, IDr Hjh. Rabiatul Adawiyah Rasol, honorable and invited guests.
Datuk Wira Dr Azizan Osman Officiated The Launching Of Wisma IDW
Wisma IDW of IDW Design & Built Sdn Bhd

The new headquarter is designed to reflect IDW's commitment to helping and giving property owners in Malaysia better services. No doubt that IDW is known to be the game-changer in the interior design and renovation industry as IDW has successfully implemented technology to its business processes and flows to enhance clients' experience when building their dream home sweet home. 

Part Of IDW Growing Team - The IDW Warrior

Bigger Office Space That Can Accommodate Up To 100 Staff
In conjunction with the celebration, IDW also took the opportunity to share the 10 Interior Design Scheme of 2023 where the inspiration came during the Movement Control Order (MCO) as the founders of the company quickly identified that Malaysians are now more open when it comes to designing their home. 
The recent MCO allows people to be on social media more often, albeit exposing them to more bold interior design ideas and putting aside the usual traditional designs. The concepts chosen in the Top 10 list for 2023 will allow Malaysians to explore how to give more impact on their home through interior design.
Both founders believe that this will then boost the interior design industry in the country. 
The 10 Interior Design Scheme of 2023 designs are: 

  • #1 Maximalism
Maximalism is the art of more-is-more. This design style suits those who love highly saturated colors, ample accessories and bold gestures; a display of expansive collections, mixing and matching a variety of colors and patterns. 
IDW 10 Interior Design Scheme of 2023 #1 Maximalism
  •  #2 London Classic Contemporary
London Classic Contemporary style is curated, minimal and uncluttered. It is about refined elegance, where handcrafted, quality-made pieces are incorporated to create sophistication and reflect your individual style. A style that suits a city workaholic. 
IDW 10 Interior Design Scheme of 2023 #2 London Classic Contemporary

  •  #3 Luxe
Lux interior design is over the top, luxurious, glamorous and fabulous; filled with custom made or hard-to-find pieces, finer materials and textures. It is for a person who is interested in craftsmanship and expensive textures of the finest quality. 
IDW 10 Interior Design Scheme of 2023 #3 Luxe

  •  #4 Coastal
Coastal style emphasizes lighter tones and embraces casual furnishings in neutral layers to create a cosy and calming ambience. Its reflected natural seaside elements like sand, seashells and sky. Coastal is perfect and suits those who love the ocean too!
IDW 10 Interior Design Scheme of 2023 #4 Coastal

  •  #5 Country

Country interior design is a casual and cosy decorating style that portrays a leisure country life. The most used elements are wood, brick and stone, along with other natural materials to create an inviting home. 

IDW 10 Interior Design Scheme of 2023 #5 Country

  • #6 Indochine
Indochine is a blend of old nostalgia from Southeast Asia and the romantic beauty of France. This is the go-to choice for an aesthetic lover. An interior design combination from the East and the West that will add a timeless touch to modern homes. 
IDW 10 Interior Design Scheme of 2023 #6 Indochine

  •  #7 Tropical
Tropical style focuses on the use of natural materials such as bamboo, rattan, teak and fabrics with leaf patterns. The color palette is a splash of bright green, turquoise, hot pink and warm yellow. A go-to design for those who love the lustful tropical forest. 
IDW 10 Interior Design Scheme of 2023 #7 Tropical

  •  #8 Parisian
Parisian interiors are a decorative style with an innate sense of romance and elegance. It is an integration of classic and contemporary styles. The overall tones are muted, with timber floor and decorative wall paneling. A true love for a timeless feminine. 
IDW 10 Interior Design Scheme of 2023 #8 Parisian

  •  #9 Middle East
Middle Eastern Home interiors are known for their bold colors, luxurious furniture made with traditional elements and of course, arabesque patterns and designs. This design is for individuals who love the richness of cultures and elegance in one place. 

IDW 10 Interior Design Scheme of 2023 #9 Middle East

  • #10 Modern Minimalist
Modern minimalist is a design that combines sleek furniture, bare essentials and neutral colors to create an elegant yet uncluttered space. If you like effortless beauty with clean lines, this is the style for you. 
IDW 10 Interior Design Scheme of 2023 #10 Modern Minimalist
(Disclaimer: These 10 Interior Design Scheme of 2023 photos are the Intelligence Property (IP) belonging to IDW Design & Build Sdn Bhd)
Besides providing interior design services, IDW Design and Built is also a one-stop centre for your home where all the services and items can be accessed and purchased through the IDW Design SuperApp, the first interior design application made in Malaysia for Malaysians. 
The features that are available in the SuperApp include the Interior Design & Architecture Services, Design Inspirations, Weekly Newsletter, Daily Interior Tips and Market Hall where the furniture used in IDW's interior design projects can be purchased through the tip of your fingers. You can even track the progress of your home using the application as well.
In conjunction with the launch of the 2023 IDW Design Trend, IDW is proudly offering 20 Limited Exclusive Consultation Slots that you can book through the IDW Design SuperApp to build your dream home to life. 
Wisma IDW Newly Renovated Showroom - Open To Public For Viewing Purpose

Wisma IDW As One-Stop Centre For Your Home

I was fortunate to be part of this propitious event as I was given a chance to have a quick tour at the showroom before it is officially open to the public. If you want to have a better and clearer picture of your home sweet home in design, you can always visit the Wisma IDW showroom to find out more. 

Before the session ended, friends of the media had the opportunity to attend the press conference and interviewed both the founders to find out more about IDW Design and Built, especially on the target and way forward after the launch. Some of the highlights include: 

  • IDW aimed to achieve revenue up to RM 30 million this year
  • Expansion plan in building a factory that can supply the needs and provide better services to IDW clients'
Press Conference During IDW Raya Open House And Launching Of Wisma IDW
For more information about IDW Design & Build, you can visit their official website, remember to follow their Instagram to browse for photos of finished interior projects and YouTube channel to watch the Manifest Life series and informative videos about interior design and renovation. 
IDW Design & Build 
To be successful in whatever we do, one's must strengthen these three relationships; the relationship with Allah, the relationship with our family especially our Parents and the relationship with the People around us. IDr Hj. Lokman Hakim Ahmad Subki shared during his speech.
Bersedekah sampai kaya, bukan tunggu kaya dulu baru bersedekah. Sedekah tak perlu tunggu kaya. IDr Hjh. Rabiatul Adawiyah Rasol shared one of the tips during the press conference about her success. 


Once again,  the healthiest congratulation to IDr Hj. Lokman Hakim Ahmad Subki and IDr Hjh. Rabiatul Adawiyah Rasol for the success in leading IDW Design & Built to this stage and wish you the best with more achievements to be unlocked. 
A Shoot In Front Of Wisma IDW
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