Celebrate Father's Day With The Perfect Timepiece Gift From Red Army Watches

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Surprise Your Hero On This Coming Father's Day With The 5 Perfect Timepiece Choices That Specially Curated For You From Red Army Watches

After Mother's Day and here comes the time for us to appreciate our hero figure in life, none other but our beloved father. This special Father's Day is celebrated every year on the third Sunday of June, a special day that allow us to show an appreciation in an extra way for the sacrifices our father or father-figure like grandpa, uncles or even Father's to be for the love that they give to us, especially to raise us up and the devotion for the family. 

To make this year an easier year on the decision making of what you want to purchase and give to your unsung hero, Red Army Watches has specially curated the Fantastic Father's Day Timepiece Gift Guide where it showcases 5 different watches across the collection of boutique watch brands.

Each of the timepiece brands is unique in style and themed for a special aspect of dad in our lives. Come and let us together explore each of them now. 

#1 Laco Bronze Series

Dad, you helped me learn to love the classics - Laco Bronze Series

Celebrate Father's Day With The Perfect Timepiece Gift From Red Army Watches
Laco Bronze Showcasing The Classics Collection

Introducing the Laco Bronze series that is perfect for dads that appreciate the classics just like one of the famous sayings "The Good Old Days". For dads that appreciate the vintage car or vinyl record, they will definitely be cherished to receive this timepiece. 

The timepiece comes in a multi-layered patina enclosed in the sandblasted bronze case that showcases the first weeks and months on top of the protection given to the material from corrosion. 

The patina is the most beautiful feature on the bronze case as it gives the bronze watches a distinctive, uniquely beautiful and individual touch that develops on every case at different speeds. 

#2 Zeppelin Atlantic Power Reserve (Ref: 8462-3)

Dad, you spread my wings and help me soar! - Zeppelin Atlantic Power Reserve (Ref: 8462-3)

The Zeppelin Atlantic Power Reserve Ref: 8462-3 has a practical design that blends with the classic aesthetics that harken to watches made for the pioneers of early aviation. Hence, this is indeed the perfect present for our awesome dads as a symbol of appreciation for helping us to spread our wings and soar to be successful as who we are today. 

This watch combines both the durable 316L hand finished stainless steel case with a high-clarified  deep blue dial as well as the ability to indicate power reserve up to 40 hours that is located at the 9 o'clock. There is a date field arranged at the three and the pointed hour and minute hands from the optical center of the watch. 
Celebrate Father's Day With The Perfect Timepiece Gift From Red Army Watches
Zeppelin Atlantic Power Reserve Ref: 8462-3 Will Be An Unforgettable Present For Dad 

#3 Sevenfriday M3/08 Chrome

Dad, you are my Rockstar! - Sevenfriday M3/08 Chrome

If your dad is someone who is an ultimate Rockstar in your life, then the M3/08 Chrome from Sevenfriday will be the ideal gift for them on this coming Father's Day. This stylish timepiece is the newest addition to the SEVENFRIDAY family. 

Celebrate Father's Day With The Perfect Timepiece Gift From Red Army Watches
M3/08 The Newest Timepiece Added In The Sevenfriday Collection 

The M3/08 model features stainless steel components with a lightning engraved animation ring and a rocking five-layer dial done up in het black, gunmetal and chrome worthy of any rockstar.  This makes M3/08 so fearless that it doesn't shy away from something new, all dad needs is to suit up with the leather jacket and he's so ready to rock in style! 

Celebrate Father's Day With The Perfect Timepiece Gift From Red Army Watches
The Funky, Fast & Futuristic Watch - The M3/06 Chrome From Sevenfriday

 #4 Sturmanskie Gagarin Vintage Classic Ref: 9015/1279600

Dad, you lift me up! - Sturmanskie Gagarin Classic Ref: 9015/1279600

The Sturmanskie Gagarin Vintage Classic showcases simplicity that can be translated into perfection and magnificence. This watch reminds us of Yuri Gagarin's monumental feats with its functional yet elegant outlook with underlying exquisite details. 

Celebrate Father's Day With The Perfect Timepiece Gift From Red Army Watches
Sturmanskie Gagarin Vintage Classic Watch - Simplicity To Perfection and Magnificence

As accuracy is the name of the game but it simplicity in design does not mean that style is left behind. The Sturmanskie Gagarin Vintage Classic Watch comes with the minimalist indices and hands that look good in any light setting as it is painted with luminous paint, its navy-blue watch face and strap are created in harmonious ensemble with the steel case perfectly. 

Just like the saying "Simple thing becomes extraordinary in the hands of a genius", hence this timepiece is perfect for our number one cheerleader and supporter as our fathers are the one who lift us up when we need it the most. This Sturmanskie Gagarin Vintage Classic Watch will definitely suit them well as this watch embodies these qualities in every aspect of its design. 

Celebrate Father's Day With The Perfect Timepiece Gift From Red Army Watches
Simplicity That Will Attract The Eye With Its Noble and Discreet Beauty 

#5 Poljot International Arctis Series

Dad, you are my north star! - Poljot International Arctis Series

The Poljot International Arctis timepiece symbolizes the north star, just like our father that is iconic to be our north star that will help to guide us through life by leading as an example so that we can follow in their successive footsteps to be a better person in life. 

This beautifully crafted timepiece has large, clear triangular hands with hour markers making it easier to read the time while giving the timepiece a sporty look. The watch is complemented by a calf leather strap of your choice as it comes with 4 interesting colorways with matching straps. 

Celebrate Father's Day With The Perfect Timepiece Gift From Red Army Watches
Poljot International Arctis Series

This striking timepiece is just the perfect gift for our father who is our role model in life. 

Getting some ideas on what to purchase for your lovely dad for the upcoming celebration? You can find out more information about these timepieces that I had shared earlier by clicking the individual link in the article. 

Alternatively, do follow Red Army Watches for more details and updates.

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Thank you for reading guys and hope that you manage to find something meaningful from this article. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all father and father-to-be, Happy Father's Day. 

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