SAITO University College Is Now Open For 2022 Registration For New Intake Enrolment

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SAITO UNIVERSITY COLLEGE With More Than 30 Years Of Experience And This Award-Winning University College Is Now Open For Registration For 2022 Intake 

Saito University College
I recently saw an Open Day advertisement from a university college that was held at the Kampus Saito Cheras (Business School). This automatically reminded me of my good old days after I completed my STPM and waiting for my result. Back then, it was so difficult for us with limited information especially on deciding our next journey to pursue our tertiary education. 

If you are one of them now, this entry definitely will be beneficial to guide you through your decision making while you are waiting for your examination results. Now, have you heard about SAITO UNIVERSITY COLLEGE before? Why not let us explore together what this award-winning university college has to offer as they are now open for the 2022 intake registration


SAITO UNIVERSITY COLLEGE started as Saito Academy of Graphic Design that was founded by Tetsuo Saito back in 1988. This was Malaysia's FIRST Diploma in Graphic Design programme. 8 years later, Saito Academy of Graphic Design launched its new programme, Diploma in Interior Design and the campus moved to a larger facility at PJ New Town in the same year in 1996. 

In 2002, Saito Academy of Graphic Design has launched their third design programme, Diploma in Multimedia Design and the first Diploma in Security Management. Over the years, the number of students has grown tremendously and Saito Academic of Graphic Design has decided to move into the current campus to cater the numbers. 

Saito's student population has reached 1,000 in the year 2011 and Saito Academy of Graphic Design has won the NAPEI Education Excellence Award 2010 under the Best Medium Size College. In the same year, they were awarded with the Certificate of Merit by Star Business Awards. 
New diploma was launched after 24 years which is the Diploma in Fashion Design & Beginning of SAITO Business School. Once again, Saito Academy of Graphic Design has won NAPEI Education Excellence Award in 2013 under Large-Scale college category. On top of that, this academy has also been awarded the coveted 6-star (Outstanding) MYQUEST rating in the "Science, Mathematics and Computing" cluster by the Ministry of Higher Education. 

They received the 6-star (Outstanding) MYQUEST rating in the "Arts and Humanities" cluster in 2015 and 6-star (Outstanding) MYQUEST rating in the "Arts & Humanities and Services" cluster in 2017 by the Ministry of Higher Education. Another remarkable journey for Saito Academy of Graphic Design in 2017 as it has been upgraded to Saito University College and the formation of Meridian Saito College in 2019. 

The Saito Education group continued to expand their network and established a new campus in Cheras that was proudly known as Kampus Saito in 2020. In 2021, Saito has fully integrated its Learning Management System through the Microsoft Team platform and this year in 2022, Saito University College will be launching its Master programme, Master in Business Administration. 

SAITO University College Is Now Open For 2022 Registration For New Intake Enrolment
All About Saito University College

Graduate Capability - Resilient, Confident, Knowledgeable

Saito Vision - To provide educational opportunities to students that will enable them to make a positive change to their lives and to the community around them.

These are the criteria that employers are looking for from their new hires/graduates. It is achievable as Saito University College held strong on their philosophy which is: 

Good Teaching - At Saito, we genuinely care for our students and make our classrooms safe and enjoyable spaces for growth. We take the time to understand individual differences and the changing characteristics of new generations with new ways of thinking. Above all we take an earnest interest in our student's well-being. 
Applied Learning & Work-Integrated Learning - We design learning to be immersive. Subject material is chosen to be relevant, with a context-based focus and hands-on projects. This approach enables Saito students to apply theory to actual examples of work in and with the industry. Our collaborations with industry partners ensure that students also learn outside of the classrooms. There is really no substitute to the actual work experience.

Work & Study Pathway - Understanding the needs of our students has led to another distinct advantage. We give them the option to work in areas not directly related to their course of study, which nevertheless allows them to earn an income, and get valuable work experience in their portfolio. Saito actively helps in this area by periodically updating a list of available jobs via the Student Portal. 

6 Different Courses Available

Since its establishment, Saito University College has the capability and expertise in delivering these 6 courses; Saito Design School, Saito Business School, The Prime School of Integrated Logistics, Saito Security Academy, Le Masters School of Hospitality & Culinary Arts, and Saito School of Education

Saito Design School

If you are into graphic, multimedia, interior and fashion design, then the Saito Design School at Saito University College is the best choice for you. Saito Design School offers a hands-on approach to many of their subjects and this creates opportunities for the students to explore and discover the vast landscape of design. 

The exposure to industry demand and trends are part of the teaching as Saito Design School does have the Global Design Program that was initiated to allow students to experience the design industry globally. 

To achieve this, Saito Design School has a partnership with Bunka Fashion School, Japan and many more Industry Professional Linkage to ensure students are engaged with the professionals from the same industry. 
Some of the Industry Partners: 

  • Jotun 
  • Beyond Photography Academy
  • Lemon Sky Studios
  • Nippon Paint
  • Monster Interactive 
  • Illusion Fecit
  • Seng Hup
  • And many more!
The most talented from the design industry have joined hands with Saito to light up your design journey, hence you will have the best lectures and professors that know how to impart their knowledge and experience to the fresh minds like you. 
The programmes that offers by Saito Design School are:
  • SPM/O'Level or Equivalent
    • Foundation in Design or;
    • Diploma in Graphic Design or;
    • Diploma in Multimedia Design or;
    • Diploma in Interior Design 
    • Diploma in Fashion Design

  • STPM/UEC/STAM/Foundation/Diploma/Matriculation
    • Bachelor in Design (Graphic Design)(Honours)
    • Bachelor in Design (Digital Media) (Honours)
  •  Postgraduate Programmes With Saito University College's Partner Universities Oversea
Saito Design School also has a global partnership with prestigious universities around the world that can offer you the opportunity to gain international exposure by pursuing academic programmes, student exchange programmes and joint projects.
  • Sichuan Fine Arts Institute (China)
  • Ling Tung University Taipei Tech (Taiwan)
  • University of Canberra (Australia)
  • University of Lethbridge (Canada)
  • University of The West of England Bristol (United Kingdom)
  • De Montfort University (United Kingdom)
  • Solent University (United Kingdom)
Here at Saito Design School, you will be equipped with the industry-ready quality that gives you a head start. 

  • Problem Solving Skills
    • Idea Development & Research
    • Creative Thinking 
    • Visual Communication
  •  Dive into Design (Encompassing Traditional & Digital Tech)
    • Traditional techniques
    • Virtual studios & mentors
    • Computer Aided Design
    • Designing For Social Media
  •  Designer as Entrepreneur
    • Personal branding and positioning for student designers
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Business Communication
    • Professional Practice
    • Digital Portfolio
    • Final Year Exhibition
    • LinkediIn & Behance
  •  Global Breakthrough
    • Digital and physical presense
    • International attachment
    • International projects
    • Overseas study
    • Learn from internationally faculty
    • Unicorn designers as mentors

With such a proper and complete package, the design and creative industries keep a close watch on the award-winning students of Saito University College as recruiters look to Saito to headhunt top talent as interns and full-time creative. 

SAITO University College Is Now Open For 2022 Registration For New Intake Enrolment
Saito Design School - Saito University College

Saito Business School

If you are into Business or Human Resource Management, then Saito Business School is the school that is going to fit your bill. The mission of Saito Business School is to educate future business leaders and managers that meet the needs of the challenging world of business. 
As we are moving into the world of digitalization, Saito Business School is well equipped to provide students with an edge of Digital Business as Saito University College is the first in Malaysia that offers a Bachelor of Business (Digital Marketing) Hons course. 
In today's warp speed business world, Saito students will learn about cultivating leadership. Together with your own destiny as an entrepreneur, or embracing your employer's vision, business must be seen as multiple disciplines moving towards the same objective - Excellence. That, in turn, generates profits. - The Path to the Top

Saito Business School promises you that: 

  • Digital Business Centre - Online Business
  • Go Digital Passport 
    • Go Digital Series
    • Digital Expo
    • Digital Portfolio
  • Brand Association
    • Industry Experts from M100 Companies


  • Academic/Industry Certification
    • Google/FB Certified
    • Soursera
  • Applied Learning Work Integrated Learning
  • Global Classroom Series/Industry Expert Talks
    • CEOs, Global Experts 
Most importantly, you can make the leap from classrooms to boardrooms, learning from business gurus to be ready for the corporate world. Some of the school highlights are: 

  • Digital Media Skills
    • Content Marketing
    • Social Media
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Be Global - Digitally & Physically
    • International attachment
    • International projects
  • Develop Digital Business Skills - Through our Saito Digital Business Centre
    • Digital solutions
    • Upskilling
    • Future speak
    • Outreach
    • Funding
    • Mentoring
  • Understand how Traditional Business & Digital Technology can interact and work seamlessly
    • AI in Human Resources
    • Economic Drivers
    • E-Business & Logistics
The programmes that offer by Saito Business School are:
  • SPM/O'Level or Equivalent
    • Foundation in Business Studies
    • Diploma in Business Management
    • Diploma in Human Resource Management

  • STPM/UEC/STAM/Foundation/Diploma/Matriculation
    • Bachelor of Human Resource Management (Honours)
    • Bachelor of Business (Digital Marketing) (Honours)
    • Bachelor of Business (Management) (Honours)

  •   Postgraduate Programmes With Saito University College's Partner Universities Oversea
Saito Business School is an unique Digital Business Centre that prepares Saito students to be digital and business ready through collaborations with digital gurus and experts in the digital business. 
The Global Classroom initiative gives you access to the best business minds from the best universities where professors are educators from the USA, UK and Australia. Overseas study is also opened up through Saito's foreign partners where you can choose to do two degrees in two different countries with University of West England (UWE) and graduate with both a Saito Degree and a UWE degree - this is the "2 Degree 2 Experiences Programme"

On top of that, Saito Business School does have industry partners on their Industry Linkage with: 

  • Chartered Management Institute
  • Logistian
  • Ringgit Plus
  • Kenny Hills Bakers
  •  Pos Malaysia
  • The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
  • Safeguards Oceanic
SAITO University College Is Now Open For 2022 Registration For New Intake Enrolment
Saito Business School - Saito University College

 The Prime School of Integrated Logistics

The Prime School of Integrated Logistics aims to produce logistics professionals to master logistics in the modern world. You who undergo Bachelor and Diploma level courses can sharpen the theoretical knowledge while gaining hands-on experience overseas through internship programmes. 
Here at The Prime School of Integrated Logistics, you will acquire hands-on experience of real world logistics challenges under the guidance of international professionals among faculty and industry partners. 
Integrated Logistics involved: Warehousing, Custom Brokerage, Freight Forwarding (Air/Ocean), Logistics Project Management, Distribution Management, Supply Chain Management, Container Haulage, E-Business and Transportation. 
The Prime School of Integrated Logistics is dedicated to making Saito students the preferred choice of employers in logistics as you will be the professional who understands the entire chain in the industry and able to think critically under pressure as well as react swiftly to global and regional challenges to keep the flow moving. 
The Prime Benefits include: 
  • Professional Accredited Programmes by The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) and the Society of Logistians Malaysia (LogM)
  • Global Classroom Series - sharing sessions with the international industry and academic experts
  • Saito Graduate Capabilities - attributes sought after the employers
  • Smart Logistics Centre - IR 4.0 & Digital Driven
  • Industry Expert Talks - CEOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents
  • Industry Advisors, Professors of Practice as Mentors
  • One Stop Training Centre - Backed by full-fledged Logistics Company (Safeguards Oceanic)
  • Leaders Apprenticeship Programme - moulding YOU as the future leader. 

The programmes that offer by Saito Business School are:
  • SPM/O'Level or Equivalent
    • Diploma in Logistics Management

  • STPM/UEC/STAM/Foundation/Diploma/Matriculation
    • Bachelor of Business in Logistics Management & E-Business (Honours)

  •   Postgraduate Programmes With Saito University College's Partner Universities Oversea
You will graduate as a well-trained new talent that employers prioritize. 

  • Industry Ready
    • Your Saito skillsets are what the industry needs in the real world
  • Excellent Career Prospects
    • Syllabus and practical training familiarize students with correct procedures as well as solutions that enhance your career path
  • Applied Learning, Performance Excellence
    • You will be sought after for being able to perform from Day One, with applied learning enabling you to perform as an employee or in your own entrepreneurial setup
  • Flexibility
    • Designed for professionals with a demanding work schedule
  • Professional Certificates
    •  Provide a pathway to an industry recognized certification
  • Industry Mentors
    • They prepare you to perform in logistics, as well as identify a clear career path for your success
  • CILT Academic Partnership
    • CILT accredited programmes recognized by the industry that single you out as a top talent
  • Halal Chain Ecosystem
    • Equip professionals with skills in halal logistics perspectives
Just for your information, POS Malaysia and Saito University College (Saito UC) have recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on 24th March 2022 where this collaborative MOA is for the academic excellent purpose to pave the way for the development of future logistics professionals through integrated learning opportunities. 
"It is the golden age in cross-border e-commerce, with the rise in Business to Consumer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B) and Customer to Customer (C2C) Segment." said Mr Charles Brewer, Group CEO POS Malaysia Berhad and Saito UC Professor of Practice.


SAITO University College Is Now Open For 2022 Registration For New Intake Enrolment
The Prime School Of Integrated Logistics - Saito University College

You can find more information about all the courses that Saito University College has to offered from their website by clicking the link below. 
SAITO University College Is Now Open For 2022 Registration For New Intake Enrolment
Le Masters School of Hospitality & Culinary Arts - Saito University College

SAITO University College Is Now Open For 2022 Registration For New Intake Enrolment
Saito Security Academy - Saito University College

SAITO University College Is Now Open For 2022 Registration For New Intake Enrolment
Saito School of Education & Modern Languages - Saito University College

Remember to follow Saito University College's social media platforms as well for the latest updates and events. 
Plan your #FlightToYourFuture with Saito University College. The new intake is happening now! Click the link below to find out more!

Hope this information provided is helpful for your next decision making for you to pursue your next tertiary educational journey. All the best. 

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