Jati Collaborates With MGB And Organized Rasa Kasih Aidilfitri Indoor Ramadan Bazaar

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Retro-Themed Bazaar Becomes A Viral Sensation, Attracts Shoppers From Klang Valley & Beyond With 60+ Booths of Ramadhan And Raya Essentials, Contests, Giveaways, Freebies And Activities

Official Launching Event of JATI X MGB Rasa Kasih Aidilfitri At MGB Bukit Bintang City Centre
Jati, Malaysia's leading rice brand introduced the Rasa Kasih Aidilfitri today in collaboration with Malaysia Grand Bazaar (MGB). Rasa Kasih Aidilfitri is a uniquely curated indoor Ramadhan Bazaar that is held at MGB Bukit Bintang City Centre for 16 days starting today on the 9th April 2022 to 24th April 2022. 
On top of the collaboration with MGB, Jati also having a partnership with few other remarkable local brands like ecoBrown's, AirAsia SANTAN, KHIND, CHJ Motors and Gracshaw, and this bazaar has a very successful Day 1 as the bazaar has drew in record crowds that quickly becoming a viral sensation on social media. 
Jati, established in 1993 is renowned as one of the nation's leading rice millers and wholesalers focusing on rice-based products including their latest healthier editions which is Jati Signature Pusa Finest Basmathi series, namely Basmathi 1121, Original and Basmathi 1509. 
Jati Booth - Rasa Kasih Aidilfitri Indoor Ramadhan Bazaar At MGB
ecoBrown's Booth - Rasa Kasih Aidilfitri Indoor Ramadhan Bazaar

AirAsia SANTAN Booth
Rasa Kasih Aidilfitri Indoor Ramadhan Bazaar is featuring more than 60 specially selected booths offering delicious food and beverage that are perfect for iftar, and many more options ranging from groceries, arts and crafts, Raya fashion for the entire family, appliances and much more for the Raya preparation from the trusted and viral local brands. 

This indoor ramadhan bazaar is an ideal shopping spot for shoppers from the Klang Valley, visitors from other states and even tourists as Malaysia has finally entered the endemic phase with the international border opened to welcome our international guests.  The indoor bazaar presents a retro-themed art and sparkling light installation to elevate the celebration mood of both the Holy Month of Ramadan and upcoming Eid festival. 

KHIND - Experience More Booth

CHJ Motors - Pusat Pilihan Motosikal Anda Booth

"Jati is taking the lead in Rasa Kasih Aidilfitri to support and promote Malaysian brands and businesses, encouraging domestic spending by shining a spotlight on local businesses while educating and raising awareness on the variety of quality Malaysian goods and services. After a pause in the nation's economy since the pandemic began, consumers need to be reminded of the richness and quality of proudly Malaysian-made offerings." said Mr Chua Keng Jin, Group Senior Manager of Serba Wangi Sdn Bhd.
Just first day of the official launch of this bazaar, social media platforms have already been flooded with photos and videos of celebrities, influencers and regular Malaysians who choose to do their Ramadhan and Raya shopping at Rasa Kasih Aidilfitri Ramadhan Bazaar for the unique selection of products and services. 

Celebrities, Influencers And Regular Customers Visiting Booth At Rasa Kasih Aidilfitri Indoor Ramadhan Bazaar

Spacious And Comfortable Shopping Experience

Part of the 60 Booths Available At The Indoor Ramadhan Bazaar

Rasa Kasih Aidilfitri Indoor Ramadhan Bazaar not only having lot of variety and options, it is also the best bazaar that offers convenience and comfort of its centrally located indoor-setting that is protected from the sun and rain, it is air-conditioned with a good security and fully compliant with the COVID-19 SOPs. 

"The Rasa Kasih Aidilfitri Ramadhan Bazaar will be on-going at Malaysia Grand Bazaar from today April 9 to April 24 for 16 days, from 10 AM to 10 PM. It is a must visit bazaar of 2022, with so much to offer with a slew of activities, contests, giveaways, games and more while supporting Malaysian brands. Be a true Malaysian, support local brands. Start here!" Mr Chua added.
You will receive a goodie bag with Jati Signature and ecoBrown's product as well as vouchers by completing a treasure hunt of the booths in the bazaar. This treasure hunt can be completed with no purchase required. There are exclusive Raya green packet giveaways that every collector will want to add to their collection. 

Mr Chua Delivering His Speech During The Launch Of Rasa Kasih Aidilfitri

Official Launch Gimmick - Rasa Kasih Aidilfitri Indoor Ramadhan Bazaar

Management And Partners Team, Celebrities And Influencers At The Launch

Numerous celebrities were spotted shopping at the Rasa Kasih Aidilfitri Ramadhan Bazaar including Sazzy Falak, Bella Astillah, and Maryam & Ryzal Ibrahim of Durian Kimchi fame. Let's see what they have to share about their shopping experience at this bazaar on their recent visit.

"Love the setting, the convenience, the comfort and the choice of local fares and offerings. Glad to find so many local brands gathered in one place, and to buy them on the spot because Raya is around the corner. Well done to Jati for supporting and making space for local entrepreneurs to shine. The setting is amazing. Every corner is insta-worthy, truly a place to shop this Ramadhan." Sazzy Falak, actor, TV presenter and investor explained. 

"Found the cutest cookies, perfect accessories for the family's Raya outfits, and so many lovely items that will make thoughtful gifts for family and friends. It's so comfortable to shop here, and it is a perfect place to create content for Ramadhan and Raya. Love, love, love it." said Bella Astillah, Malaysian singer and actress. 

"The quality and selection of rice from Jati is amazing. It will work well with Korean, Malaysian and fusion recipes. We have so many ideas of what to make. This is the first large-scale Ramadhan bazaar for me, and it is even better than I expected. The setting is so festive and evokes the kampung feels." Maryam and Ryzal shared.

Bella Astillah Spotted At The Launch
As mentioned earlier, there are several on-going contests that will be held concurrently with the bazaar. 

  • Tangkap Gambar & Menang Contest
    • This contest offers weekly prizes of KHIND Intelligence Cooker worth RM 148, and Jati Signature Pusa Finest Basmathi Rice (2 KG) worth RM 25.50. 
    • All you need to do is simply taking photos at the event and posting them to your socials using the hashtags #JatiMalaysia #JatiRasaKasihAidilfitri #JATIxMGB. 
What are you waiting for? Strike your best post, click and post it into your social media and you could be one of the lucky weekly winners. 
  • Beli & Menang Contest
    • This contest offers 3X branded motorcycles worth a total of RM 13,000 and 10X branded  motorcycle helmets worth a total of RM 2,200. 
    •  All you need to do is making purchases from ecoBrown's, AirAsia SANTAN, KHIND, CHJ Motors, Gracshaw, Hernan or selected food & beverages booths.

You will be entertained too throughout your bazaar shopping experience as there will be performances and partake in the day-long activities such as workshops and games sessions, promising fun for every member of all ages in the family. 

Prizes For The "Beli & Menang" Contest

Games Room

Beautiful Mural For OOTD

Ongoing Workshop For Everyone

For your information, the parking at MGB, Bukit Bintang City Centre is FREE for the shoppers. MGB is also strategically located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city and is easily accessible through public transport. It is located right off the BBCC-Hang Tuah LRT and monorail stations. 

Don't miss this awesome bazaar and make a date today with your family and friends to this Insta-worthy Rasa Kasih Aidilfitri Ramadhan Bazaar by Jati and MGB from April 9 to April 24, 2022 as it recaptures the spirit of Ramadhan bazaar from the pre-pandemic era, with all the safety, security, hygiene and SOP compliance for the endemic phase. 
"As KL's 1st permanent artisanal mall, we are pleased to partner with Jati, the preeminent rice producer in the country to present this Rasa Kasih Aidilfitri Ramadhan Bazaar on our premise as we share the same ethos of promoting and supporting homegrown brands and retailers." Michelle Liew, Head of Retail for BBCC Development Sdn Bhd concluded. 


Interaction Session With Celebrities

Jati Latest Healthier Editions  - Jati Signature Pusa Finest Basmathi Series

For more information about Jati, please visit and follow them on their official social media platforms by clicking the links below. 


About Jati

JATI established since 1993 is renowned as one of the nation's leading rice millers and wholesalers focusing on rice-based products including Jati Signature Pusa Finest Basmathi series, namely Basmathi 1121, Original and Basmathi 1509.

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