Logitech MX Keys Mini The New Minimalist Wireless Keyboard To Maximize Creative Potential

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Smaller Yet Mightier, Designed For Creators To Help Transform The Way They Work

Logitech MX Keys Mini The New Minimalist Wireless Keyboard To Maximize Creative Potential
100% Satisfied With The Working Experience Using Logitech MX Keys Mini
Did you find yourself a new hobby during the pandemic that hit us hard two years ago? For me, besides adding cooking into the list, I had discovered another interesting hobby of mine which is content creation as I love to share about my lifestyle especially about my traveling journey, products review and experience sharing. 
Besides brainstorming on what to write in my article or creating visuals for my social media, I personally think that it is really important to have a good set of tools for a Content Creator like us to explore possibilities and deliver the best reading material for our followers.
Logitech MX Keys Mini The New Minimalist Wireless Keyboard To Maximize Creative Potential
Logitech MX Keys Mini

Logitech MX Keys Mini

I was thrilled when I got to know that Logitech recently introduced the brand new MX Keys Mini keyboard that was specifically designed for content creators that can deliver more with this minimalist wireless keyboard. 
"Our new smaller form factor is a result of the input and requests from the creative community for a smaller version of our popular MX Keys. MX Keys allows you to regain control of your workspace, giving more room for ideas to flow while keeping you productive and comfortable for hours." said Tolya Polyanker, Head of MX Master Series for Creativity and Productivity at Logitech. 
Logitech MX Keys Mini The New Minimalist Wireless Keyboard To Maximize Creative Potential
Logitech MX Keys Mini - Smaller Yet Mightier

5 Reasons Why I Loved This MX Keys Mini

1. Ergonomic Design
I spent excessive hours now working with the keyboard when I started to venture into the Content Creator journey, Desk Engineer by day and continued drafting articles by night, I think I spent longer hours typing on the keyboard compared to screen time on my phone. Hence, it is really crucial for me to get a good set of keyboard. 

Thankfully, I found this MX Keys Mini as it is designed to be the best non-mechanical typing technology with a minimalist form that easily allows me to align my shoulders and easily place my mouse next to the keyboard for less hand reaching. I can comfortably work within the GREEN ZONE for longer hours without excessively stretching and solving my hand and arm strain problem. 

This resulted in a better body posture and improved ergonomics at the same time.
Logitech MX Keys Mini The New Minimalist Wireless Keyboard To Maximize Creative Potential
Logitech MX Keys Mini - Rose (Part Number: 920-010507)

Logitech MX Keys Mini The New Minimalist Wireless Keyboard To Maximize Creative Potential
Ergonomically Friendly and Space Optimized

2. Space Optimized

MX Keys Mini Keyboard Specification: 

Height: 131.95 mm
Width: 295.99 mm
Depth: 20.97 mm
Weight: 506.4 g
Do you have a mindset that the bigger our workstation, the better and comfortable we will be? To be honest, this is not always the case for me especially when I work on the monitor with keyboard and mouse for most of the time. I will need to stretch further while working at a spacious desk but reduced workstation will make my space limited at the same time. 

This is no longer the case now as MX Keys Mini is about 50% reduced in its width and this simple fit into my daily working environment. 

Most importantly, it is a wireless keyboard that can be connected with a range up to 10 meters. I can easily say goodbye to wire tangled issues and easily carry around this keyboard with me since my job requires me to travel a lot. 

3. Chargeable With USB Cable

We seldom face issues where our keyboard runs out of battery. However, this is still possible to happen and what if it happened while you are working on something really important and you do not have a battery replacement readily available? This is based on my personal real story.
Good news as MX Keys Mini comes with a Charge Fast, Connect Faster feature and it can stay powered up to 10 days on a full charge or up to 5 months if the back-lighting of the keyboard is turned off. 

This keyboard can be easily charged using the USB-C charging cable. It is the most common cable that can be shared with our phone charger too! Convenient, isn't it? 
Logitech MX Keys Mini The New Minimalist Wireless Keyboard To Maximize Creative Potential
Chargeable Using USB -C Cable Only - No Battery Required
4. Smart Device
Now, take a closer look to the MX Keys Mini keyboard. It is designed with spherically-dished keys for every key available, making the command and shortcut easily to be reached at our fingertips without cluttering the keyboard with extra keys that we do not need. This design provides satisfying feedback among the users.
Logitech also introduced the Perfect Stroke key to ensure that every keystroke is fluid, natural and accurate. The key stability has been increased to reduce the noise that you do not hear on every keystroke and this ultimately optimizes the responsiveness of each key as well. 
On top of that, a smarter Fn Keys on this MX Keys Mini give us the power to send emojis in just few seconds, mute and unmute our mic for a flawless video calls, and easily tap on the Dictation Key (available in selected countries) to activate the talk to text in any selected text field.  This is the new function is known as the Logitech Options.
Not only that, MX Keys Mini is also equipped with Smart Illumination that comes with a proximity sensor to detect our hands and illuminate the keyboard the moment our finger approaches. The backlit keys also automatically adjust to our surrounding lighting conditions or it can be set manually as well and turn off when we step away. This is a smart feature to save power at the same time. 

Logitech MX Keys Mini The New Minimalist Wireless Keyboard To Maximize Creative Potential
Logitech MX Keys Mini With Smart Illumination

5. Connectivity
For your information, MX Keys Mini can easily connect up to three wireless devices with the Bluetooth® Low Energy and it is highly compatible with Windows®, Chrome, Linux and Android, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Bluetooth and Logi Bolt USB receiver.
*Logi Bolt wireless products will not pair with other Logitech USB receivers
We can easily manage the switching between the devices with the Easy-switch key with confidence. Furthermore, MX Keys Mini pairs well with the Master Series mice that allow us to build a complete MX setup and create a seamless connection like never before. 
Logitech MX Keys Mini The New Minimalist Wireless Keyboard To Maximize Creative Potential
Logitech MX Keys Mini - Pale Gray (Part Number: 920-010506)

These are the 5 reasons why I am really in love with my MX Keys Mini.
If you are an environmental person, the last point that I want to share will be the most interesting one of all.  MX Keys Mini is also designed to be the choice that will make you feel good about it too! 

MX Keys Mini is designed to not only deliver great user experiences but also to minimize environmental footprint. The sustainable design puts environmental and social impacts into consideration from the moment raw materials are sourced right through to end-of-life, which is why a portion of MX Keys Mini's plastic parts are made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic. 
The PCR plastics used for the MX Keys Mini are 30% for Graphite and 12% for Pale Gray and Rose.  

Logitech's PCR program illustrates the brand's commitment to designing for sustainability and ability to innovate to give materials a second life, helping to reduce our industry's carbon impact. 

By the end of 2021, half of Logitech's current Personal Workspace line of mice and keyboards will include some level of PCR plastic and new product introductions will use PCR plastic, wherever possible. MX Keys Mini's paper packaging is also sourced from FSC(R) - certified forests, reflecting Logitech's commitment to supporting responsible management of the world's forest. 
Logitech MX Keys Mini The New Minimalist Wireless Keyboard To Maximize Creative Potential
The Summary Of Logitech MX Keys Mini

 Personal Experience

I have been using this keyboard for almost two months now and I am 100% satisfied with its performance that gives me the optimum working experience. 
The device itself is small enough that I can easily carry it around while  I'm travelling to get my job done and limited workstation space is no longer my worry anymore. 
It is so portable, light, comfortable and durable too! Most importantly, MX Keys Mini is easily connected using Bluetooth to make it so user-friendly without the need of USB Receiver. This make it more perfect as no more worry about misplacing the keyboard USB receiver.  

Pricing And Availability

Logitech MX Keys Mini is already made available at all Logitech's Official Store on Shopee, Lazada and many authorized retailers. You can click the links below to view and make the purchase starting today. 
Shopee | Lazada | Authorized Retailers

The suggested retail price for MX Keys Mini is RM 489.00. 

For more information on MX Keys Mini, please visit their website, blog or connect with them at Facebook. 


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Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We e-Meet Again On My Next Post. 
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