TopzMall Offers A Gateway To Grow Your Business Internationally

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TopzMall Offers A Gateway For Your To Grow Your Business Internationally And Officially Launched Its 2022 CNY Goods Campaign With Jeryl Lee Pei Ling Appointed As Campaign Ambassador

Congratulations to TopzMall for the strong sales performance that surpassing RM16 million year over year and this is made possible with the on-boarding of more than 300 sellers plus 900 well-known brands. This was announced during the TopzMall Official Launch that recently took place after setting up the platform back in 2020. 
TopzMall is a platform that established with an aim of creating e-commerce mini programme to build up self-domain traffic and unlock sales channels, provide creative sales strategies to improve sales performance. Looking at the past one year excellent results, TopzMall is determined to become one of the largest online shopping platforms in the Asia region. 
Ice-Breaking Ceremony For The Strong 2021 Sales Performance Of RM 16 Millions
I am fortunate and proud to be part of this TopzMall Official Launch that was held on the 16th December 2021 and this event is organized at Sunway Grand Lagoon Ballroom, Sunway Resort Hotel.
Official Launching Of TopzMall Event
In conjunction with this e-commerce official launch, TopzMall has taken the opportunity to launched it "2022 CNY Goods Campaign" too since Chinese New Year is around the corner. How can a campaign be successful without a campaign ambassador, right? 
Jeryl Lee Pei Ling Appointed As TopzMall "2022 CNY Goods Campaign" Campaign Ambassador
TopzMall has officially appointed Jeryl Lee Pei Ling as the campaign ambassador. The marketplace is optimistic and confident about this appointment as they believe Jeryl can effectively help to boost the presence of Malaysian cultural products especially the TopzMall 2022 CNY Goods onto international platforms. 
Jeryl has an impressive presence looking at her successful career as a singer in the international platform especially in China. 

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose TopzMall ? 

TopzMall offers a variety of sales strategies and training to help the sellers and boost the sales in this marketplace. This includes sales training, promotional videos with product highlights and a call-to-action (CTA) towards international users on trending social media platforms to motivate their buying desire. 
These are the Top 5 Reasons why merchants should choose TopzMall as their e-commerce marketplace platform. 
DGlutea Product On TopzMall

No.1 - Reaching Customer Worldwide

This is one of the goal that highlighted by TopzMall which is never limit your business only on the local market. TopzMall encourage merchants to onboard into this marketplace and go big to attract customer worldwide. TopzMall will be the platform that will help merchants to export their products to China, Vietnam and the Philippines
A Sharing About TopzMall From Their Representative

 No.2 - Mini Program Trend

Mini program is picking up its trend especially for e-Commerce platforms in the Southeast Asia region as it gives a better flexibility and convenience to consumers since they no longer need to download multiple apps just for one specific brand. 
In short, mini programs are like "an app inside an app" that make it more engaging and easier for brands in the retail industry. For example, looking at TopzMall, users can easily access this e-Commerce platform from any app like Yippi, Southeast Asia's First Social Media & Messaging Super App.
This is how you can access TopzMall using Yippi app. 
Brand Like CUBILOXE Ready To Go International 

 No.3 - Creative Sales Campaign

TopzMall is also very competitive in the e-commerce marketplace! Besides organizing the famous double digit sales campaigns, merchants have the flexibility to promote their product with TopzMall Group Buy, Flash Sale and other creative sales campaigns as well. 
The very first campaign for the year 2022 will be this CNY Goods Campaign and one of the highlight items for this campaign will be the Poon Choi and Buddha Jumping Over The Wall. Most importantly, these items will be made available at a very special price for customers to enjoy during the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration. 
Some Of The Creative Sales Campaigns Planned For Merchants In TopzMall
Celebrity Chef Presented Poon Choi And Buddha Jumping Over The Wall To Mr Calvert Choo, CEO of TopzMall And Campaign Ambassador Jeryl Lee

No.4 - KOL Marketing Ready

TopzMall has adopted the KOL marketing strategy and engaged with more than 800 Key Opinion Leaders that can help to promote products available in TopzMall and at the same time gaining the brand awareness and customer confidence in purchasing the products. 
Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) And Bloggers Engagement
TopzMall And J&T Express To Express Your Online Business

 No.5 - 1-To-1 Seller Guidance

If you are new to the e-Commerce platform, you do not have to be worried if you are not familiar or first time going to an online marketplace. This is because TopzMall will provide 1-to-1 guidance to every merchant that joins this marketplace.
On top of that, merchants will be able to enjoy access to the free creative content services available in TopzMall. This will indirectly help the merchants to promote their products and create a good e-commerce ecosystem. What a win-win situation between TopzMall and all merchants, right? 
Mr Calvert Choo Delivering His Speech During The Official Launch Event Of TopzMall
These are the five (5) reasons that make TopzMall differ from all the e-Commerce platforms available here in Malaysia. 
During the launching event, Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and Selangor Information Technology & Digital Economy Corporation (SIDEC)  also encouraged all the SMEs and traditional businesses in Malaysia to digitize their businesses by joining platforms such as TopzMall to better promote their products.  

Accepting the encouragement, TopzMall has outlined attractive ways to support the on-boarding process of local SMEs into this marketplace. 
  1. The first year subscription fee worth RM1080.00 for SMEs to be qualified business owners will be WAIVED
  2. TopzMall will reduce its service fees from 6% to 3% flat to qualified merchants for ONE YEAR upon joining. 
  3. TopzMall will provide TRAINING & MARKETING ASSISTANTS with the engagement of KOLs and Bloggers to provide marketing support such as Live Streaming, Mini Video, Social Media Postings to increase sales and exposure for merchants
  4. ASKPERT REVIEW & REBATE with a total worth of RM 12,000 per TopzMall merchants as buyers who post product reviews will get RM10 rebate worth of ASKPERT coins. These coins can be used for rewards redemption or turn them into cash. 
Madam Carol Fung From MDEC
In addition, Selangor Information Technology & Digital Economy Corporation (SIDEC) will help to promote the Selangor Digital Transformation Plan that will help to cultivate more of Selangor's digital talents, and narrow down the digital gap. 

They will also assist in promoting Selangor's start-ups as regional technology symbols and empowering Selangor SMEs in digitalization through Selangor's digital and technology investment. 
Congratulation To TopzMall And Wishing The Very Best Of Luck With Many More Successes
This is indeed a very interesting opportunity for both sellers and buyers right? For more information, you can click the links below to be part of this TopzMall users or do follow their official social media platforms for more information, events and promotions available.
Register Yourself As A Merchant: Enjoy The Perks Here 

Mr Calvert Choo Disclosed The Target For 2022 Will Be RM 32 Million Sales
Watch the full TopzMall Official Launch event video here: 
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