Hero Malaysiaku, A Sweet And Tasty Homage To Frontliners & Malaysians

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Coolblog Introduces Smoothies Based On Local Favourites, Durian, Pandan, and Cendol For Their Hero Malaysiaku Campaign!

Hero Malaysiaku Local Favourite Smoothies

This September, for our Malaysia Day celebration, Coolblog proudly presents the Hero Malaysiaku featuring Malaysian's local delicacies as an honour to our frontliners for their sacrifices and effort in combating the pandemic. Their hard work and sacrifices ensuring the safety of every Malaysian during the pandemic are highly regarded and will forever stand a place in the heart of every Malaysian. 

This campaign by Coolblog is also a campaign that applaud us Malaysians, because every single one of us played a crucial part during these trying times where we pulled through hardships and challenges that was brought in by the pandemic. Through we are still far away from the finishing line, but the sacrifices that we have put on the table made us heroes, and we deserve to be celebrated. 

To put the sweet touch to this celebration, Coolblog is honouring the king of all fruits - durian as well as pandan which is staple in most Malaysian delicacies. A definite Malaysia's pride, durian is without a doubt one of the flavour that unites us Malaysians and the aroma of pandan that brought us back the same sweet memories. The pride and the best of Malaysia is now in a cup of smoothies that is guaranteed to tantalize your tastebuds. 
Coolblog Hero Malaysiaku - Durian Cendol Delight Smoothie
Cool lovers let's mark your calendars! These amazing local flavours that we Malaysians are accustomed to will hit every Coolblog outlets starting on Malaysia Day, from 16th September until 31st October 2021
Three "sangat sedap" durian and pandan based smoothies are: 
  1. Durian Delight Smoothie
    • Made from the king of fruits, the durian, this limited-edition smoothie is jam packed with the delicious taste of durian in every sip. In short, this smoothie is the ultimate answer to any durian lover. 
  2. Durian Delight Cendol
    • A local favourite during the durian season and hot days. No one can deny how a bowl of a delicious cendol will pout a smile on our face. What better way to elevate a cendol than to have the king of fruits in it. The durian and cendol mix create a delicious smoothie with bursting flavours which tickles the tastebuds!
  3. Pandan Delight Cendol
    • Not a durian lover? Don't worry there is the other option of pandan. The sweet distinct taste of pandan which is used for multiple Malaysian delicacies and is now a treat in Coolblog. 
Hero Malaysiaku - Pandan Cendol Delight Smoothie
Each smoothie is priced at RM 8.80, but there are special offers including a combo hero (buy two for RM 15.00) and watch out for the buy one cup and get the second cup at 50% off offers. On top of that, get special offers when you purchase a cup of these delicious smoothies. 
Coolblog has always been up to date with the latest trends of flavours to captivate audiences and smoothie lovers. Back during the Tokyo Olympics, Coolblog concocted two amazing, flavoured drinks, Yubari Melon and Sakura Lemon. This has led to many other delicious smoothies based on conducting insights, research, and customer feedback. 
Worry not on the implementation of strict ruling by government for F&B outlets, loyal customers can always order their favourites drinks from the comfort of their homes and delivered to their doorsteps through e-halling food delivery services. 
For more information, head on to Coolblog's and do follow all social media platforms @coolblogmalaysia to keep up to date with the latest news. 
*While stocks last. 
Hero Malaysiaku - Durian Delight Smoothie
 "Hero Malaysiaku is all about our love for Malaysia, our beloved country. Hari Malaysia reminds us of how we have come together and helped Malaysia in our very own to grow to what it is now - a peace multicultural country with diversity of cultures We are all tested with the pandemic which has brought us all to fight the pandemic together. Thus at Coolblog, we feel that it is utmost important for us to appreciate the sacrifices of our frontliners, hence, Hero Malaysiaku.

Born and making our mark in Malaysia, Coolblog is always proud of our Malaysian heritage. Thus, we are proud to highlight the local flavours which is a favourite of our customers and for all Malaysians to indulge in. Come and try our Hero Malaysiaku smoothies and share them amongst friends and family. As they say, good things must be shared Being the leading dessert and beverage brand, we aim to satisfy our customers with the best and premium ingredients and at Coolblog, everyone deserves nothing but the best and we promise to continue to bring you the best combinations of local or international flavours to you." said Win Zaidi Zakaria, Corporate Relations & Communications Manager, Coolblog. 
Coolblog, Hero Malaysiaku


 About Coolblog Sdn Bhd

A Malaysia kiosk-based desserts and beverages brand, Coolblog innovates on finding the best of local and global flavours, using ice blended and smoothie base creations. We first started out in Malaysia and Singapore by introducing over 25 flavours of desserts and beverages with over 300 product variants. Coolblog has underlined a three-year growth plan to increase the number of outlets in local markets to 500 outlets.



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  1. macam-macam cara untuk hargai frontliner kan, memang berbaloi beli dengan harga promo, lebih jimat, teringin nak cuba perasa durian tu, raja buah

  2. Sis pilih cendol delight la. Sis suka makan durian tu hanyalah buah dia je. Sis tak suka durian dalam bentuk lain. Ok sis nak cari Cendol Delight kat Cool Blog!

  3. Wow......durian cool blog. This is exactly what we need during these hot days. Will try this. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Teruja nak cuba pandan delight tu.
    Nampak sedap. Kalau husband kita sure dia pilih durian.
    Bagusnyaa inisiatif Cool blog menghargai para Frontlines

  5. yg durian tu nampak sedap dan unik. boleh try nanti.. air dr cool blog jrg mengecewakan

  6. Wah menu baru coolblog ni berani seperti hero. Macam menarik je semua. Ada yang try semua menu ni...hihi

  7. The price is affordable and the combo price is a great deal for couple to try out this drink. I should check out it soon!

  8. Sis dah cuba yang cendol tu memang sedap.. nak try durian, masa tu dah habis..

  9. Kene survey outlet berdekatan nak cuba rasa coolblog ni. Ada durian tu..sedap tengoknyaa

  10. Sedap betul menu baru CoolBlog ni. Memang akak suka minuman mereka. Selalu pearl aje kan. Cendol dan durian pula kita cuba. Ayohhhh.

  11. Coolblog ni memang kegemaran dan paling sedap yang kita suka juga... Tengok rupa air tu pun dah terliur menyegarkan...

  12. Brand coolblog ni dah lama kan. no wonder sebab macam2 promo dan strategi diorg. Harga pun mampu beli oleh ramai golongan.

  13. Coolblog is one nostalgic drink la. Nak gi check the latest menu la - except for durian sebab tak makan durian haha

  14. Duriannnn sedapnya. Tak try lagi coolblog baru ni. Dekat kuantan macam susah je nak jumpa coolblog. Kalau jumpa nantti boleh try la kalau ada lagi.

  15. Wow best nyer! now i can't wait to try out the durian and cendol, mesti sedao giller kan.