Spa Ceylon Malaysia Launches Midnight Sale Up To 50% In Conjunction With Merdeka Day

 Dear Readers, 

A Gift of Wellness to all Malaysians On This Coming 64th Merdeka Day!

Spa Ceylon Malaysia Launches Midnight Sale Up To 50% In Conjunction With Merdeka Day
GREEN MINT - Foot Reflexology Set by Spa Ceylon Malaysia
Spa Ceylon captures the romance of old Ceylon combined with ancient Ayurveda wisdom to create the various range of majestic home spa rituals and royal spa formula designed to soothe, calm and relax the body, mind and soul. The brand now produces over 800 all-natural Ayurveda-inspired personal care, wellness and home aroma products
As Malaysia will be celebrating their 64th Independence Day tomorrow on the 31st August 2021, Spa Ceylon Malaysia has launched their Midnight Online Sale on the 27th August 2021 at 12.00 midnight in conjunction with the Merdeka Day.
This sale will be taking place for 10 days which will ends soon on the 5th September 2021 at 11.49 P.M
(Spa Ceylon Malaysia Midnight Sale extended until 9th September 2021)
A wide range of natural health and beauty products as well as Ayurveda products, home aroma or lifestyle products will be up for grab during this online sale. It is a great opportunity for Malaysians as a total 115 items will be on sale with discounts from 10% up to 50%
Spa Ceylon Malaysia Launches Midnight Sale Up To 50% In Conjunction With Merdeka Day
Spa Ceylon Malaysia Merdeka Online Sale To Enjoy Discount Up To 50% On Selected Items
This is indeed a perfect time for all Malaysians to treat themselves and their loved ones with a gift of wellness, especially for their Body, Mind and Spirit with these awesome collection of royal indulgence products.
"The promotion is timely and important in the current situation. As the pandemic continues, more and more Malaysians find it hard to cope with self-isolation, working from home and added stress."
"This is a chance to let them enjoy a wellness break and pamper themselves in the comfort of their homes as most spas are currently closed." said Jeevah Nadaraju, Managing Director of Spa Ceylon Malaysia. 
Spa Ceylon Malaysia Launches Midnight Sale Up To 50% In Conjunction With Merdeka Day
A Trio of Soothing Ayurveda Foot Care
Look what I have for myself this time. A GREEN MINT - Foot Recovery Set. This is a trio of soothing Ayurveda foot care formulae that infused with a powerful Ayurveda herbs and pure Ceylonese essential oils. This set will delivers an instantly cooling and a refreshing to rejuvenate an over-worked tired legs and feet
When I received the products, I am thrilled because the packaging is so eye-catching and nice as it is adorned with green floral motifs that inspired by the traditional art from the grand Royal Palaces of the ancient Kingdom of Ceylon.

As mentioned it is a trio products, the GREEN MINT - Foot Recovery Set comes with a GREEN MINT - Cooling Aloe Leg Gel, GREEN MINT - Refreshing Foot Mist and RELAX - Foot Relief Balm
Spa Ceylon Malaysia Launches Midnight Sale Up To 50% In Conjunction With Merdeka Day
GREEN MINT - Cooling Aloe Leg Gel by Spa Ceylon Malaysia
GREEN MINT - Cooling Aloe Leg Gel is a gel-type fast absorbent that naturally formulated to be light-weight and enriched with the goodness of soothing Aloe Vera with a calming Witch Hazel, caring Grape and Calendula that gently smoothen and soften our skin.
The instant cooling action of the Peppermint refreshes and helps to rejuvenate the over-worked and tired legs. Another ingredient is the Organic Lemongrass that naturally refreshes the skin and deodorizes feet. 

Hence, the overall cooling experience of using this GREEN MINT - Cooling Aloe Leg Gel will leaves our feet calm, comforted and relaxed. 
Spa Ceylon Malaysia Launches Midnight Sale Up To 50% In Conjunction With Merdeka Day
GREEN MINT - Refreshing Foot Mist by Spa Ceylon Malaysia
Next, the GREEN MINT - Refreshing Foot Mist is also a fast absorbent that naturally formulated to refresh and revive our over-worked legs and tired feet. The instant cooling action of the Pure Peppermint will helps to hydrate while Organic Lemongrass will deodorizes feet.

In addition, the Grape Seed will eventually helps to gently smoothen and soften our skin. This will provides an overall cooling experience that leaves our feet cam, comforted and relaxed. 
Spa Ceylon Malaysia Launches Midnight Sale Up To 50% In Conjunction With Merdeka Day
RELAX - Foot Relief Balm
Lastly, the RELAX - Foot Relief Balm that provides an instant natural cooling and soothing relief to our tired and over-worked legs or swollen feet. It is suitable to be apply over foot pains and sprains too. This will gently soothes and relaxes our senses. 
It is pretty simple to use this GREEN MINT - Foot Reflexology Set. 
  1. Apply the GREEN MINT - Cooling Aloe Leg Gel all over the feet and calves. Just relax and unwind. 
  2. Spray the GREEN MINT - Refreshing Foot Mist on the feet and calves. Just relax and unwind. For best experience, keep it refrigerated before use. 
  3. Apply the RELAX - Foot Relief Balm over feet, ankles and calves. Just gently massage it and leave on. Re-apply as required. 
Just simple steps and I can keep my over-worked legs and tired foot relaxing and refresh at my own comfort. I even apply these before having a reflexology foot massage with the machine at home. 
Spa Ceylon Malaysia Launches Midnight Sale Up To 50% In Conjunction With Merdeka Day
FREE DELIVERY With Min. Purchase of RM 200
"In conjunction of the sales, we are also offering free delivery with minimum purchase of RM 200 only. Customers would be able to shop with peace of mind, from the comfort of their home and have their products delivered to them or their loved ones, easily." Jeevah added. 

Another good news that I want to share with all my beloved readers. During this 10 days online sale, be the first 20 customers that spend a minimum of RM 300 as you will walk away with a FREE SURPRISE GIFT worth RM 30.
Spa Ceylon Malaysia Launches Midnight Sale Up To 50% In Conjunction With Merdeka Day
FREE SURPRISE With Min. Spend of RM 300
Want more? 
Spa Ceylon Malaysia has heard you. Customer who spend above RM 500 are entitled for ONE (1) FREE Wellness Consultation from Spa Ceylon's Wellness Professionals
Spa Ceylon Malaysia Launches Midnight Sale Up To 50% In Conjunction With Merdeka Day
FREE ONE (1) Wellness Consultation From Wellness Professionals
Interesting, right? 
For more information about Spa Ceylon Malaysia, products and latest promotions, you can visit their official website or do follow their official social media platforms. 


 About Spa Ceylon Malaysia

From the teardrop isle of Ceylon, an exotic paradise nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean, comes natural well-being rituals drawn from holistic practices of age-old wisdom, deep rooted in the culture of the island. 
Derived from royal relaxation, rejuvenation and healing ritual of Ayurveda, practiced in the grand palaces of Ceylon, comes the range of treasured formulae and rituals from Spa Ceylon, to hydrate, treat, purify and soothe your body, mind and soul. 
Spa Ceylon combines Ayurveda wisdom, fine natural ingredients and contemporary design to bring you the ultimate in Ayurveda luxury for health, well-being and relaxation. The range includes treatment oil, massage balms, massage and bath oils, essential oils, cleansing bars, exfoliating bars, shower gels, body scrubs, body pacs, milk baths, body lotions, moisturizing balms, body mist, soothing balms, foot care, eye care and herbal compress. 
The Spa Ceylon range of Ayurveda luxuries is the result of nearly 50 years of expertise in the field of natural health and beauty products from the pioneer in modern Ayurveda beauty care in Sri Lanka. 
Aiming to offer our customers a lifestyle of indulgence and total natural wellness, Spa Ceylon offers the highest quality Ayurveda services through its design, innovation, professional retail staff and worldwide distributors. 
Spa Ceylon products are formulated only with the finest natural ingredients, including organic essential oils from our tropical island home, organically grown sun kissed fresh Aloe Vera, therapeutically proven pure extra virgin Coconut Oil, mineral rich Indian Ocean salts and fabled Ceylon spices. 

Our precise production and quality assurance procedures incorporate traditional herbal prescriptive with modern dermatological science, to protect and deliver the god-given herbal benefits of our all-natural ingredients in our high performance formulae. 

Spa Ceylon promotes environmentally-friendly products, supports human rights, and is against the use of child labor and animal testing. All products are alcohol free and contain no ingredients of animal origin. 

Spa Ceylon is committed to maintaining close working relationships with all of its distributors offering services ranging from retail store design, customized marketing plan and strategy to achieve the perfect mix of luxury retail distribution worldwide. 

Currently, there are few Spa Ceylon Malaysia outlets available and you can find them by clicking the link below. 

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Wow! Spa Ceylon Launched Midnight Sale Up to 50% Until 5th of September 2021. Check them out now at ##fypシ

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