Marrybrown Brings Malaysians Around The World Through Second Destination! It's Eatalian Time

August 05, 2021

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Let Your Taste Buds Savour And Enjoy The Super Rich And Robust Italian Wonders With The New Marrybrown Eatalian

Marrybrown is serving us with their 40 Years Of Something Different and famed for their crispy chicken, fragrant and heart-warming nasi lemak, various Malaysian goodness and most importantly, always introducing "something different" aligned with their tagline. This is something that we should be proud of because Marrybrown is our Malaysian local homegrown Halal fast-food chain that has been there for most of us and we grew up enjoying their delicious offers.
In celebrating their 40th Anniversary this year, Marrybrown has invited everyone to hop onboard with Marrybrown's latest gastronomical adventure around the world where the second destination is Italy, one of my favorite city in Europe because of its spectacular yet scenic beauty, interesting historical and magnificent architectures, and of course, their delightful delicacies. 
Marrybrown's Latest Super Rich And Robust Italian Wonder, Marrybrown Eatalian
Marrybrown Eatalian is Marrybrown's latest Around the World themed meal that will be made available starting from 5th August 2021 onwards. They brings a tantalizing taste to our locals combined with the feeling that is out of the world yet close to our home with every bite, a truly satisfying moment to fulfill our sparkling adventurous spirit of fellow Malaysians. 

"Malaysians are truly unique when it comes to our identity, culture, traditions and our never-ending love to open our minds and taste buds. When it comes to going on an adventure to discover new gastronomic wonders, we are definitely up for it - which is why Marrybrown always want to ensure that our meals are always something that Malaysians find joy and comfort in indulging." said Dato' Joshua Liew, Chief Executive Officer of Marrybrown.
Marrybrown Eatalian
This Italian feast could even make the great Godfather, Don Vito to smile for us fellow Malaysians to dig into and enjoy it. The newly added Marrybrown Eatalian is truly Chef's Kiss starting with the MB Spaghetti that cooked to the perfection where you can enjoy a hearty meal served with the super rich and robust chicken Bolognese sauce topped with the finest herbs and cheese. 
Marrybrown Eatalian - MB Spaghetti (Price From RM 13.90)
Marrybrown's memang best fan can savor the spaghetti on its own or the MB Spaghetti combo that paired with Marrybrown's Crispy Chicken and a refreshing cup of Coca-Cola starting from RM 19.90. 
Marrybrown Eatalian - MB Spaghetti Combo (Price From RM 19.90)
No Italian meal is complete with spaghetti alone, so to ensure Malaysians can enjoy the meal to the fullest, Marrybrown has curated the MB Italian Cheesy Rice Bites that guaranteed to make Malaysians go "MMMMM" with just one bite! What make this so special is that you can taste the warmth and voluptuousness of the insides of the MB Italian Cheese Rice Bites that is cooked till golden brown on the outside. This is how Marrybrown put a local twist to the luscious risotto. 
Marrybrown Eatalian - MB Italian Cheesy Rice Bites (Add-On Price From RM 3.50 Or Single Price From RM 4.40)
In addition to this, you can enjoy the Mushroom Soup that is ideal for those who are looking for a starter to kick-start their appetites or for those who want to enjoy a spoonful of smooth and velvety soup on a cosy day in. These options can be add-on to any available menu from RM 2.50 or just enjoy Ala-carte from RM 3.80.  
Marrybrown Eatalian - Mushroom Soup (Add-On Price From RM 2.50 Or Single Price From RM 3.80)
 "Similar to the feeling we get when we travel - the sense of voyage hyping our spirit when we dive into new experiences and food, we want our fellow Malaysians to relish in that kind of adventure again. Although we are unable to travel yet, let us at Marrybrown re-create this adventure for our fellow Malaysians with meals that bring us around the world from the comfort of our safe place." added Dato' Joshua.

Lastly, the MB Italian Box Meal is a perfect choice for those who looking to enjoy the overall Eatalian experience. This box meal is suitable to be shared with your loved ones too! Marrybrown's fan will be able to enjoy the MB Spaghetti together with the iconic Crispy Chicken, MB Italian Cheesy Rice Balls, Chicken Burger and a cup of Coca-Cola to quench your thirst during this hot weather with the price from RM 27.90. 
Marrybrown Eatalian - MB Italian Box Meal (Price From RM 27.90)
"Our 'First Trip' to Korea was a success and we hope to continue lifting the spirit of fellow Malaysians by introducing innovative meals through our second destination and more to come! We hope that during this time, our meals can keep Malaysians at home comfortably as we go through this difficult period of time." concluded Dato' Joshua. 
I just ordered mine and enjoyed these truly satisfying Marrybrown Eatalian meals. The spaghetti comes in a sealed packaging to preserve the freshness of the food, it is cooked to perfection and topped with flavorful Bolognese sauce. The cheesy rice ball is so unique in taste that you do not want to miss to try it out. A thumb up for the rest of the menu; the Crispy Chicken, Chicken Burger and also the creamy Mushroom Soup. 
Excited To Try Marrybrown's Latest Eatalian Meals
Marrybrown Eatalian Meals And Mangiamo!
What are you waiting for? Let's order now and Mangiamo!
Marrybrown currently serves millions of customers in more than 500 restaurants across 16 countries with the objective of delivering the highest standard of quality, service, cleanliness and value for our perfect dining experience. 
For more information on Marrybrown, promotions and delivery services, you can visit their official social media platforms. 

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  1. That cheesy bites look so tempting la. Macam boleh habiskan sorang-sorang tu. Hehe.
    Weekend nie boleh try these menu la

  2. Comel betul MB Italian Cheese Rice Bites tu. Tetiba teringin nak try sebab MB ni tak sampai 5 minit dari rumah. Menu lain pun nampak menarik sangat. Sure bila order anak² suka

  3. Sedapnya! Dah tengok banyak yang share. Dah masukkan dalam wishlist ni. My fav pasta!!

  4. Menyelerakan.. akak dah rasa 5 ogos hari tu. Sedap! Ayam Rangup dan Nasi risotto bebola cheese tu paling fav!

  5. Ingat harini nak beli laaa, kan cuti kan, so dapo off, nampak sedap snagat.. tapi menu dari MB ni memang tak mengecewaan...


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