Guardian Awards 2021 - The Best in Health and Beauty Is Back!

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Time to Vote For Your Best Health and Beauty Brands at Guardian and Stand A Chance To Win Prizes Worth Up To RM 50,000

Guardian Malaysia has earned an enviable reputation in the Malaysian market by showing the commitment where they always put their customer's first. Without any doubt, Guardian Malaysia easily earned and enjoy the reputation of being the trusted leading pharmacy, health and beauty retail destination in Malaysia. They also known as the trusted expert partner in the community health through the hard work of its large team of professional pharmacists. 
"At Guardian, the customer is at the heart of everything that we do. We listen to their needs and are mindful of delivering a healthy kind of beauty that is also affordable for them. We provide our customers with daily essential health and beauty products that provide uncompromising quality and value." said Anna Ng, Brand Marketing Directory, SEA Guardian Health and Beauty. 

Now, Malaysians can have easy access to the best health and beauty products that available in the industry. To continue the tradition that allows the customers to voice out and choose for the best brands that works for them, Guardian Malaysia once again organized the Guardian Awards 2021 - The Best in Health & Beauty
Guardian Awards 2021 - The Best in Health and Beauty
"This very popular annual brand appreciation contest is really to give our customers a voice in selecting the BEST Health and Beauty brands that we have available at all Guardian stores from their perspective." Anna added.
This year, the contest will see more than 107 brands taking part with over 410 products vying for  75 awards in SIX main award categories; 

  • Best Newcomer
  • Most Voted Influencers Choice
  • Cosmetics 
  • Skin Care
  • Personal Care
  • Health Care
The Best Newcomer category will showcases new and trend setting brands that have just been introduced to Guardian. As for the Most Voted Influencers Choice category, Guardian has invited seven well-known Malaysian influencers, who match the real-life profile of a cross-section of Guardian customers, to vote for their choice of the best health and beauty brands in their category of interest. 
Most Voted Influencers Choice - Male Health Care Category
Most Voted Influencers Choice - Male Personal Care Category
Most Voted Influencers Choice - Female Personal Care Category
Most Voted Influencers Choice - Female Personal Care Category
Most Voted Influencers Choice - Female Skincare Category
Most Voted Influencers Choice - Female Make-up Category
Most Voted Influencers Choice - Female Health Care Category
"I'm confident that the Guardian Awards 2021 - The Best in Health and Beauty will remain the most prestigious and definitive award in the market today taking into consideration the depth and breadth of the products, brands, and categories involved. It provides an independent and unbiased snapshot of brands that have reached and impacted our customers the most. The brands will also gain an important deeper understanding of the customers' brand preferences." Anna continued.
Now, you can check out for your favorite influencer's product review videos that posted online at the
The Guardian Awards 2021 is now open for voting and will be ended soon on the 27th July 2021. The voting process will be conducted online and most importantly, it is FREE to participate in this contest. Meaning to say, no purchase is required as long as you are aged 18 and above. 
Guardian Awards 2021 - Voting Mechanism
All you need to do is register yourself at via your social media platform or register manually and start voting for your favorite brands. You can vote multiple times as there is NO LIMIT to the number of entries that you can submit. 
Guardian Awards 2021 - Register With Social Media Platform Or Manual Registration
Guardian Awards 2021 - Start Voting For Your Favorite Brand For Each Categories
On top of the the voting, you will also earn a RM 10 e-voucher where you can redeem it at Guardian Online Store with a minimum purchase of RM 100 in a single receipt during the period of the contest. Act now, guys!
Guardian Awards 2021 - Redeem Your RM 10 e-Voucher After The Vote
What make the entire Guardian Awards 2021 more interesting is that every voters stand a chance to win one of the 63 prizes that worth up to RM 50,000. This include the Grand Prize winner that will walk away with the Vespa Primavera S150 that worth RM 18,000. 
Prizes Worth Up To RM 50, 000 To Be Won By 63 Winners
The 63 winners will be selected based on the entry which most closely resembles the overall Guardian Awards 2021 - The Best in Health & Beauty winners list. Give the best shot, guys!
"In line with the rise in online purchases due to the MCO restrictions, we believe more customers will vote in this year's edition of the Award. It will be interesting to see which brands have made the most impact during the pandemic environment.
The Guardian Awards 2021 - The Best in Health & Beauty is a truly unique customer voting platform that is even more relevant today as Guardian is driven to connect, engage strongly with and understand our customers' lifestyle needs, preferences, and behaviors that are constantly changing and evolving especially in this time of COVID-19. 
So to all our customers out there, please start voting to make your voice and choices heard and be in the running for fantastic prizes." Anna concluded.  
Join Now At
I'm done with the voting, how about you? Join us now!
Do stay tuned for the winner announcement on the 15th September 2021. 

For more information and full terms and conditions of the Guardian Awards 2021 - The Best in Health and Beauty and the voting, please visit the website at

About Guardian Malaysia

Guardian Malaysia started as a 200 sqft pharmaceutical retail outlet catering to the expatriate community 50 years ago. Today, it is the leading pharmacy, health and beauty retail chain in the country, with more than 450 stores nationwide, providing an unrivaled variety of pharmaceutical, health and beauty products. Each year, our stores serve more than 30 million customers across the country. 

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