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What Are The Factors That Are Affecting Moving Costs And How Mover2U Can Assist You With Their Affordable Moving Packages

Cost of moving house in Klang Valley is always one of the main factors to be considered by many who are planing to move. Nowadays, people move due to several different reasons and the whole process can be tiring, stressful and time consuming. Therefore, it is very important to not push yourself too hard during the moving process and strike a balance on it. 

Moving home is definitely one of the most stressful events in many people's lives. Other than having a good plan on what and when to move, when you are planning a move, you must have a thorough understanding about the many other factors affecting the cost while moving to a new place. 
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The price of moving house depends on the following factors:

Distance Between Old House And New Home

The cost is depending on the moving distance whether to another town or to another house just down the road. The shorter moving distance can lower down your cost. So, the cost is directly proportional to the moving distance!

Size Of The Lorry

This is decided based on how many things you have. The lorry rental service rates vary depending on the size truck that you need. If there are too many things and a bigger lorry is required to fit them in, the cost will increase due to the larger lorry's size. Similarly to the distance, the cost is directly proportional to the size of the lorry!

Number Of Belongings You Have

It's simple. The more thing you have to move, the longer it will take for the movers to pack, load and unload all the things to your new location. Hence, this will increase the moving cost as well. 

Specialized Items That Need To Be Moved

Transporting a piano or moving a safe deposit box will need specialized equipment to ensure the safety during the transportation on the road. This may add to the overall cost. 

Type of Moving Service

Extra moving services will be determining the cost of a quote from the moving company. For an example, the things like packing items, supplying boxes, assembly and disassembling furniture will increase the cost of moving house. 

 Timing Of Your Move

This is one of the biggest factors to decide how much it can cost you to move your house. Mover's rate changed based on how busy they are and usually weekends and public holidays will cost higher. Choose the low period for moving so that you can save up a bit. 

Number Of Movers You Need

More manpower will speed up the moving time but this will add up to the total costs. 

Therefore, how to lower the cost of your house move? It is best to pack on your own if you want to save some money. After packing everything, then only hire a lorry transport service instead of a bunch of house movers. This can cut down your home moving expenses by a bit. 
If you are still unclear, do contact Mover2U to hire house movers and packers in the Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya for a FREE quotation and FREE site survey. Learn more about their affordable moving packages by calling their customer service. 
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  1. Thanks for the tips and heads up on the cost of moving in KL. Guess it is not going to be cheap but at least you can have a rough estimate.

  2. Bagus servis macam ni lagi2 kalau client banyak item2 yang mudah pecah dan perlukan extra care. Nak selamat dan tak penat guna jer perkihdmatan mereka. Itu lebih baik dan boleh kurangkan stress.

  3. Servis yang amat berguna ketika nak pindah rumah. Dulu-dulu takde perkhidmatan macam ni. Memang akan ada barang yang rosak. Bertabah la.

  4. Oh thing I scare is moving house. Last time single, after contract end I move from one house to one house and then I rent room. Scare of packing. Haha.

  5. Bagus ada servis macam nih, barang kita jadi tak rosak bila nak pindah randah... kita pun tak penat nak angkat-angkat barang,

  6. kalau nak pindah memang better guna service mover sebab diorang dah ada pekerja and kita pun takyah nak fikir banyak sangat

  7. Kalau kerap berpindah randah memang bagus kita guna servis mover ni sebab semuanya jadi mudahkan. Barang barang kita pun selamat dipindahkan tanpa kerosakan. Nak pindah ni memang oenat tapi dengan adanya servis mover ni kita tak perlu fikir apa apa dan rasa penat

  8. Rawlins memang akan ambil khidmat movers for the last time when I moved to my current house. Memang memudahkan dan very stress-free. This is another service that I can consider.

  9. Pernah rasa pindah rumah, penat giler!! Bagus guna servis mcm ni. Tak payah nak penat badan. Barang pun elok cantik selamat. memang senang sangat2!

  10. Sangat bagus guna khidmat servis gini, di Johor ada tapi nama lain, sebab masa pindah dulu Sis guna khidmat gini juga..

  11. Terima kasih tipsnya. Dengan perkhidmatan begini lebih memudahkan untuk berpindah dan barangan juga terpelihara.

  12. Bab pindah ni memang banyak kena plan. Jangan leka walau satu pun. Ruby dengan husband kalau bab pindah ni memang akan think banyak perkara. Barang kena bawa sikit dan yang penting sahaja. Barang yang lain akan di QC beberapa kali. Derma, sedekah sesama saudara and jiran atau buang. Sebab lori kalau bleh nak 3 tan sahaja dan 1 kali trip. Heheheh.

  13. bagus bila ada perkhidmatan macam ni..memudahkan kita plan jika nak pindah rumah

  14. Kos pindah rumah memang tinggi haha..lagi lagi kalau jarak jauh dan banyak barang especially perabot besar besar..iena pernah pindah rumah dua kali,dan iena memang berkira dan akan compare harga and servis ditawarkan..memang prefer amek manpower sebab nk angkat sndri memang penat giler.. bagus ada servis macam ni tapi kene stanby duit je la

  15. khai aritu pun pindah pakai themover juga. bagus sebab kita boleh set nak berapa orang, lori berapa tan .so boleh bajet dah berapa kita nak guna. btw nak minta maaf sebab baru komen. gmail tak boleh login baru2 ni sebb malware issue.

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