Celebrate Niu Year With BaWangChaJi Fresh Lemon Jasmine Tea

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Win Amazing "Niu" Year Gifts through Tear & Win 2.0 With Big Big Cup - Only On The 10th February 2021

You must be wondering why we mentioned "Niu" Year instead of New Year right? Let me spill the tea. According to the Lunar calendar that used by the Chinese community, this year will be the Year of Ox, a Metal Ox year  to be exact that will be starting from the 12th February 2021 until 31st January 2022. So, Niu means Ox or Cow in the Mandarin language. 
Just a little fun fact about the Chinese Zodiac that they are actually twelves animals that represent a year each and repeating every 12-year cycle. There are many versions of the story how these animals made up this Chinese Zodiac which the most popular one is about "The Great Race" where the animals will need to cross the river and whoever comes first until the twelves will be named in the zodiac. 
So, the result of the twelves animals that finishing the Great Race are in the order of Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. Interesting, isn't it? Which zodiac animal year that you are born in? 
Anyway, let's move to the main purpose of this blog entry which is to introduce the new product launch by BaWangChaJi Malaysia in conjunction to welcome the "Niu" year in 2021.
Celebrate Niu Year With BaWangChaJi Fresh Lemon Jasmine Tea
BaWangChaJi Fresh Lemon Jasmine Tea
I would say the Chinese "Niu" Year of 2021 is simply special and so different compare to the previous years due to the current pandemic that still hitting us real hard. All Malaysians that celebrating Chinese New Year are expected to celebrate this festive season at home with their next of kin. 
Not to be discouraged by this hard situation, BaWangChaJi continues to surprise us with their latest beverage line-up which is the Fresh Lemon Jasmine Tea that has made available in the market starting today on the 8th February 2021. 

This new flavor of ice-blended beverage will be added to the Fresh Fruit Tea series that comes in two sizes; the 500 ml and 700 ml with the prices of RM14.90 and Rm16.90 respectively. The main ingredients for this Fresh Lemon Jasmine Tea consist of the Jasmine, premium grade lemon, lime and cheese top. 
Celebrate Niu Year With BaWangChaJi Fresh Lemon Jasmine Tea
BaWangChaJi CNY Fresh Lemon Jasmine Tea
This is indeed a very special beverage that combines the tastes of sourish, sweet and salty with a creamy and rich texture which is mostly adored by the Malaysia tea-lovers. Tempting isn't it? It is made available today, guys! What are you waiting for? 

Another good news to be shared with everyone where as an initiative to hype up this annual festival, BaWangChaJi will be organizing activities including the Red Packet Distribution and Tear & Win 2.0 in the month of February. 
Celebrate Niu Year With BaWangChaJi Fresh Lemon Jasmine Tea
BaWangChaJi Limited Edition CNY Red Packet
In order to redeem a set of this lovely limited edition BaWangChaJi "Niu" Year Angpau, you just need to purchase any BaWangChaJi's beverages above RM28 in a single receipt. Any red-packet collector here? Quick and get yours now as this red packet will be made available during this campaign starting from 6th February 2021 while stocks last. The set of red packets with the festive designs are available in both silver and gold version. 
Celebrate Niu Year With BaWangChaJi Fresh Lemon Jasmine Tea
BaWangChaJi Tear & Win 2.0 on the 10th February 2021
Do you still remember your last Tear & Win event that organized by BaWangChaJi Malaysia before this? Well, the first Tear and Win promo for BaWangChaJi is back again in the year 2021. This will be an extraordinary and one of the most looking forward campaign where tea lovers are able to tear for fortunes with the Big Big Cup. 

The Tear and Win 2.0 campaign is applicable to everyone who purchased the Fresh Milk Tea series only on the 10th February 2021 (Wednesday) at all BaWangChaJi Malaysia's outlets or via delivery platforms. 
Celebrate Niu Year With BaWangChaJi Fresh Lemon Jasmine Tea
Mark Your Calendar - 10th February 2021 For The BaWangChaJi Malaysia Tear & Win 2.0
To participate in this Tear and Win 2.0 campaign is pretty simple, you just need to:
  1. Tear the bottom part of the Big Big Cup or cup of your Fresh Milk Tea.
  2. Take out the "Fortune Cookie" from the Big Big Cup and pull out the fortune note from the card to find out the gift that you have won. 
  3. Scan the QR Code behind the "Fortune Cookie" for the gift redemption guide. 
  4. Bring your "Fortune Cookie" to the counter of BaWangChaJi outlet stated behind your card and redeem your gift from the counter crew within the time frame of 15th February 2021 to 28 February 2021.
[ There will be a special message written at the back of your fortune note - do check them out, okay!]
Celebrate Niu Year With BaWangChaJi Fresh Lemon Jasmine Tea
Get Yours Now - Fresh Lemon Jasmine Tea
"Last month, we received tremendous favorable feedback from tea lovers in Malaysia for Snowy Berry, BaWangChaJi's seasonal beverages in Snowy Series. As an appreciation for your wholehearted support, we continue to develop a new flavor in BaWangChaJi as "Niu" Year Specialtea. The new Fresh Lemon Jasmine Tea will bring our tea lovers to the next level of premium and fresh tea drinking experience. You can rest assured that you're going to be satisfied drinking it after the reunion feast with your dearest ones," said Jack Chong, CEO of BaWangChaJi Malaysia. 
Celebrate Niu Year With BaWangChaJi Fresh Lemon Jasmine Tea
Love From BaWangChaJi Malaysia For "Niu" Year - Fresh Lemon Jasmine Tea
"The team at BaWangChaJi Malaysia would like to wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year in advance. Even though we are practicing the new normal for Chinese New Year celebration this year, we are still extremely excited to celebrate one of the biggest holidays in Malaysia by giving out red packets through the on-ground activities." he added.
As mentioned that we are still in the midst of overcoming the pandemic, you can be rest assured as well that all the BaWangChaJi Malaysia's outlet are currently in compliance with the SOP that enforced during this MCO 2.0 and tea lovers may refer to the outlet locations and updated operation hours for takeaway or you can order online via their delivery partners. 
Outlets that operating from 10.00 A.M until 10.00 P.M are;
  • Sri Petaling, KL
  • Bukit Jalil City, KL
  • Kepong Menjalara, KL
  • Sunway Velocity Mall, KL
  • Cheras Trader Square, Selangor
  • SS2 PJ, Selangor
  • Puchong Bandar Puteri, Selangor
  • Bukit Mertajam, Penang
  • Kota Syahbandar, Melaka
Outlets that operating from 11.00 A.M to 10.00 P.M are;
  • Damansara Uptown PJ, Selangor
  • Kimberly Street, Penang
  • Mount Austin, JB
Outlet that operating from 11.30 A.M to 10.00 P.M is;
    • Kuantan Star City, Pahang
     Outlet that operating from 10.00 A.M to 8.00 P.M is;
    •  Toppen Shopping Center, JB
    For more information about BaWangChaJi Malaysia's events and promotions, kindly visit their official social media platforms at the links below. 


     About BaWangChaJi Malaysia

    Originated from Yunnan Province in November 2017, BaWangChaji is one of the earliest regional teahouse chains that positions itself as the purveyor of the Original Tea Leaf of the Chinese Culture. From Yunnan to China Nationwide, China Nationwide extending throughout the world, the bran has expanded rapidly with over 300 outlets across Asia. 
    BaWangChaJi offers 4 different categories of tea drinks, which are Cheese Macchiato, Fresh Milk Tea, Cold Brew Tea and Fresh Fruit Tea. We pride ourselves with strict material selection standards where everything is freshly made to ensure the quality of each drink that we serve. We strive to bring a modern twist to the heritage of Chinese Tea, cultivating a new and post-modern tea culture in Malaysia where authentic and healthy drinks are cherished by people of all ages. 
    Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We Meet Again On My Next Post. 
    For Collaboration or Any Inquiry, Feel Free To Contact Me At kitkatnelfei@gmail.com.
    (Photo Source: BaWangChaJi Facebook)

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    1. minuman yang patut dicuba, tapi setakat ni kalau teh yang dicampur dengan lemon memang sedap tapi campur cheese on top maybe lagi sedap kot kan.

    2. Rasa nak cuba jugak rasa Fresh Lemon Jasmine Tea tu , mesti rasa dia segar, sedap dan wangi. Kadang kombinasi2 minuman baru macam nilah buat pelanggan suka nak cuba.

    3. oh ada jugak ye outlet die kat kuantan, rasanya pernah nampak. tapi jauh..takpe lain nak cuba juga la minuman die, nampak menyegarkan

    4. Fresh lemon jasmine tea!!!!!!!! Must be very delicious and refreshing. It's something I need as writer. Thank you for sharing your review with me.

    5. dari haritu nak try baru tau ada branch kat puchong. okayy nanti nak try ada masa lagi ni

    6. Oh yeah! I would love to try this one. And try to get my ‘fortune cookie’ and see what I get.
      Ok. Next weekend I’ll go and buy!

    7. I rasa takde lagi gabungan ingredients ni. Bila bayangkan pun dah terliur hahaha

      Btw, cantiknya angpau dari Bawang Chaji

    8. alahh kenapa kat sini takda. tengok pun dah tau sedap ni lagi-lagi jasmine tea tu. cair terus hati ni.

    9. Okay kepong manjalara ada. Nnt boleh terjah beli. Tmpt i ni mmg takde. Asyik tgk korg review sedap air bawangchaji ni. Teringin plak

    10. Suka teh campur lemon. Akak first time dengar nama kedai ni. Ingatkan shampoo Bawang tu. Ampun maaf. Hahaha. Kedai teh ni Halal ke Nel? Tolong cek kan utk akak. Terima kasih. Hehehe.

    11. I like their tea selections too. The tear and win at the bottom of the cup is the best and so fun.

    12. Mesti fresh betul ni airnya, jasmine siap ada tea lemon...
      Sis baru perasan tu ada outlet di JB rupanya, bolehlah cuba nanti..

    13. Air lemon tu nampak sedap sangat. Patut cuba air ni. Kat Ipoh takde kot

    14. Ooo baru tahu makna Niu tu. Patut la macam nampak byk iklan letak Niu instead of New hehe..btw all the beverages tu nampak sedap hehe..teringin nak try

    15. Memang suka minum air teh dengan lemon, yang Bawangji punya ni nampak sedap tu, dengan minum sejuk2..fuh. Wah ada limited edition angpow..menarik..

    16. I am a lemon lover, this drink really making me so craving to try it, actually I have yet to try this beverage brand before though have been hearing lots of good feedback about it :D cheers,

    17. almost cannot wait for the fresh lemon jasmine tea. sounds really festive i think it's perfect to order it for delivery to send home to family!

    18. sedap nampak air lemon ni. minuman sihat ni. wah siap ada lucky draw. goodluck pada sesiapa yang beli air ni , semoga bertuah di tahun baru cina ni

    19. Happy Chinese New Year and juga happy kepada BawangChaji hehehe kita pernah cuba sekali sebab nak pergi nasib dekat rumah ni ada yang dekat juga hehehehe ...