Rasa Viet (The Sphere), Place Where You Looks For Authentic Tastes Of Vietnamese Cuisine

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Rasa Viet Serves The Best, Healthy And Authentic Tastes Of Vietnamese Cuisine In Kuala Lumpur

I have been craving for the authentic tastes of Vietnamese cuisine since I came back from Danang trip back in 2017. Do you know that Vietnamese foods are considered as one of the most healthiest cuisine worldwide? The common ingredients that used to prepare the dishes include shrimp paste, fish sauce, rice, fresh herbs, lot of vegetables, lemongrass, ginger, mint, coriander, lime, Thai basil leaves and few others. 
Finally, I found a place after a long searching where Rasa Viet not only serving the foods that tastes so authentic, its environment and ambient also resemble so closely with the feels and touches of Vietnamese culture with its hanging traditional lanterns and other decorations.
Rasa Viet, Restaurant In Malaysia Where I Feel Like I Am Actually Dining At Vietnam

About Rasa Viet

The Rasa Viet restaurant is located at the G-3A Level Ground, The Sphere, No.1 Avenue 1, Bangsar South City, No. 8 Jalan Kerinchi 59200, Kuala Lumpur. You can easily identify this restaurant for its catchy blue-yellowish Vietnamese exterior design. Link: Rasa Viet The Sphere, Bangsar South Google Map
Rasa Viet, The Sphere, Bangsar South
Rasa Viet, with its iconic quote, "Uniquely Vietnamese" presents the most authentic tastes of Vietnamese cuisine with a range of flavor from the Northern Region that known for its savory quality, the Central Region with its strong flavor and last but not least from the Southern Region that known for its slightly sweet flavor and dishes are served with fresh herbs. 
Most importantly, Rasa Viet is preparing all the dishes they served here with the meat and food products that procured from Halal Certified Suppliers only. You can be rest assured as well where no pork/lard or alcohol product and no animal brush is used in the food preparation and cooking process. Therefore, this restaurant is going toward the Muslim-friendly restaurant and aiming to serve more customers that looking forward for Halal food. 

Foods Are Freshly Made And Served Hot
The chef, also the owner of Rasa Viet is very experienced in preparing, customizing the well balanced menu that also come with an unique vegetarian or vegan option and only freshly made foods will be served to you, so that you can have it the best while serving hot. 

My Dining Experience

The list of foods that I going to share on my dining experience are mainly the chef-recommended dishes but of course there are more choices that you can have a look in their e-menu by clicking this link >> https://www.rasaviet.com/menu
Before I order the main and several side dishes, how can I miss the Vietnamese Traditional Dripped Coffee with Milk, right. This is my favorite drink that I even ordered this in all my AirAsia flight whenever it is readily available. The coffee was left dripping until the last drop before pouring it into the glass filled with ice cube if you want to drink it cold. 
Vietnamese Traditional Dripping Coffee with Milk
First on the list, I had the two version of spring rolls; the Summer Roll with the base ingredient of lettuce, cucumber, bean sprout, pickled carrot and daikon (White Radish) and vermicelli that wrapped in the rice paper. The specialty of this Summer roll is that it served with peanut sauce which I only had it here and never before even in Vietnam.
(If you only eat vegetarian food, you can opt for the Vegetarian Summer Roll - Tofu)
My Healthy Spring Summer Roll With Peanut Sauce
As for the fried Spring Roll, it is filled with chicken, taro, black fungus, carrot and daikon and vermicelli that wrapped with rice paper served with fish sauce.
Fried Spring Roll Served With Fish Sauce
Fortunately, I get to witness the friendly owner showing off his skill in preparing the Banh Xeo which is the Special DIY Wrap Sizzling Pancake that comes with wrap platter full with lettuce, basil, picked carrot and daikon and coriander with rice paper. 

The preparation seem to be very easy where you just need to wet the rice paper, then add all the items from the wrap platter, put piece of the pancake and lastly just roll to properly wrapped it. The healthy combo is now ready to be served with the fish sauce.
Banh Xeo (Sizzling Pancake) Wrapped By The Owner
Next, I had the Banh Mi which is the Vietnamese Sandwiches and I tried both the Grilled Chicken and Smoked Duck flavor. The sandwich ingredients include the chicken liver pate, pickled carrot & daikon, coriander, cucumber, margarine and mayonnaise. It was a real satisfaction as it was served hot and really crispy/crunchy. Check the video out guys for the mukbang and ASMR video of us having the Banh Mi. (Source: Rasa.Viet Instagram)
Your visit isn't complete when you visit a Vietnamese restaurant without having the famous Pho. Pho is the popular food in Vietnam, a rice noodle soup consisting of broth, rice noodles, herbs with beef or sometime chicken. The soup here in Rasa Viet is simmering in the pot for more than 10 hours and authentically boiled with natural ingredients and spices. Most importantly, MSG is not added into the broth and the sweetness that you tastes is purely from the ingredient itself. 
Smoked Duck Pho With Chicken Soup Base
Never happened in any Vietnamese restaurant before, the owner eventually shared with us the correct way to enjoy the Pho which first to taste the superior broth that has been simmered for more than 10 hours. Only then, slowly enhance it by adding the specially made garlic vinegar, producing the mouth-watering Pho that you will crave for. As for the smoked duck, dip it into the mixture of the sambal and chili to further enhance the taste.  
With the proper way of eating the Pho, I manage to finish the entire bowl of Smoked Duck Pho without a drop left. It tasted so good and the broth itself does not made me feel thirsty at all. 
Taste The Broth First, Then Enhance It With The Specially Made Enhancers
Last but not least, I ordered two signature desserts that available here in Rasa Viet to give it a try. First, the Traditional Caramel Pudding that made from egg and milk topped with the caramel. The texture was so solid but soft and the taste blend perfectly with the sweetness of the caramel. Surprisingly, you don't taste too much of bitterness from the caramel.
Solid Yet Soft Traditional Caramel Pudding
Next is my favorite Fried Jackfruit Cempedak paired with Coconut Ice Cream, such a balance combination between hot and cold desserts. 
Fried Jackfruit Cempedak and Coconut Ice Cream
Overall, I am really satisfied with my dining experience here as the foods and drinks were prepared in the most quality manner, the portion was really generous, the environment that temporary transported you to somewhere in Vietnam that you missed, the friendly and lovable staffs that will assist you and guide you especially on the proper way of tasting the authentic Vietnamese cuisine and last but not least, the reasonable prices for the memorable dining experience here at Rasa Viet.

For more information about Rasa Viet or their latest promotions, do check out for their Rasa Viet Website | Rasa Viet Instagram | Rasa Viet Facebook Page.
The Happy Tummy Face After Having Great Dining Experience Here At Rasa Viet
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