PG Mall Year End Sales - One Whole Month Full With Awesome Deals

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Shop With PG Mall During The Year End Sales From 1st - 31st December 2020

PG Mall Year End Sales (Click The Link Now)

Remember that I shared with you guys on PG Mall, the Malaysia first and only local online shopping platform that established back in 2017 during their 10.10 Double Digit Sale? Within 3 years, PG Mall managed to place themselves as Top 3 Malaysia's leading e-commerce platform with an incremental of approximately 3 million of traffics within 6 months compare to Q1 2020. For more information about this ranking, you can visit
PG Mall Ranked No.3 as Malaysia's Leading e-Commerce Players Q3 2020
PG Mall Malaysia #1 e-Commerce Platform (Local)

 PG Mall Year End Sales

Shopping online has been a trend during this new normal for the year 2020 and what more interesting right now is that PG Mall currently having their PG Mall Year End Sale starting from 1st December 2020 until the last day of the year, 31st December 2020. During this most awaited year end sale, there are lot of awesome deals and great offers from all range of products from groceries, kids and baby items, health and beauty, automotive and sports, electronic appliances, essential home products and fashion. Basically, anything you want, you just name it and surely you will find a jaw-dropping deal that you won't believe it too. 
PG Mall Year End Sale (1st Dec -31st Dec 2020)
Let us support the call on buying local products with the latest on-going campaign #BarangBaikBarangKita and you can check them out at the 

 Khind by Costplus Online

I have pick up baking as a hobby now and collecting recipes especially on how to bake a bread at home. Since I need a bread maker, I made my search in PG Mall and to my surprise, I found this Khind BM750 Bread Maker with Preset menu and Recipe Book at the very attractive price that I going to invest one for my baking journey. Khind by Costplus Online store also offer variety of Khind's brand electrical and electronic appliances with discount up to 70%. 
Khind by Costplus Promotion

Diva Scarf

If you are a tudung lover and have a concern about the hot weather in Malaysia or ironing issue, you should check this tudung at Diva Scarf as they are using the world's best Japanese Cotton Voile that give you the world class comfort and you must be familiar with this quote "Tudung Bawal Tanpa Seterika". The price is so affordable as well and they are offering discount up to 20% during this sale. Check them out now before you miss it either you want to get it for yourself or for your loved one. 
Tudung Bawal Tanpa Seterika by Diva Scarf

M Plus Sdn Bhd

During my search in PG Mall for essential oil, I found out that M Plus Sdn Bhd did sell the item that I am looking for. M Plus is well-known for its unique selection of natural products like herbal remedies, aromatherapy, essential oils and natural skin care products. What give me more confident to purchase my item is their "Ship on Time Rate" which is 100% with no cancellation. 
M Plus Sdn Bhd Products in PG Mall
M Plus Sdn Bhd also offering Store Coupons where you can enjoy discount up to RM 3.00 OFF with minimum spending of RM80.00. Grab them now. 
M Plus Sdn Bhd Store Coupons

 Mizu Official Store

Looking for good deals for your car? Well, you need to check out Mizu Official Store in PG Mall as they sell variety of car care products like oil filters, fully synthetic CVT fluids, fully synthetic lubricant motorcycle engine oil, car shampoo and even a charcoal deodorizer gel. You can get them cheaper here in PG Mall because Mizu is offering you the discount up to 83%. 
Mizu Car Shampoo
Mizu Official Store Products


Recently, my big family is sharing lot of good news where my cousins are delivering babies and even my little brother is expecting to be a father soon next year. To my excitement, I have started to look for gifts to welcome my newborn nephew or niece and I found great deals here in TrendyValley. Currently, they having the TrendyValley's Organic Baby and Maternity series sales with discount up to 70%. 
TrendyValley's Baby Organic Wear
TrendyValley's Nursing Shirt
There are more deals to be discovered in the PG Mall during this festive month and not limited to those that I shared above. PG Mall is so considerate for all their customers as they are covering the shipping cost for you starting from 1st December - 31st December 2020, thus you can enjoy the exclusive FREE SHIPPING with minimum spending of RM30 only. 
Wait, I have yet to come to the conclusion of this sharing, guys! On this special PG Mall Year End Sale, you are entitled for an additional discount with the Coupon Code KBBM20 and KBBM30 for RM20 OFF with minimum spending of RM50 and RM30 OFF with minimum spending of RM100 respectively. On top of the shop discount, now you can enjoy extra discount too. 
PG Mall Year End Sale Discount Codes
What I love the most about PG Mall besides all those great deals and offers is the convenient payment methods that available as you can even use the latest secured payment technology that includes all the e-wallets such as the GrabPay, Touch 'n Go; Maybank QRPay, FPX via online banking or even using your Visa or MasterCard Credit Card. 
PG Mall Convenient Payment Methods
Shop Now before you miss an extra saving deals during this sale. If you are new to PG Mall, sign up now to be part of us by clicking the link Register PG Mall Account Here! For existing users, remember to click this link before you purchase anything from PG Mall, Shop Here At PG Mall

Do check out also for the Daily Open Box activity to stand a chance to win Gold Bar, Silver Wafer, Free Item, Free Gift Coupon or even Free Cash Voucher that directly debited into your C-Wallet account in the next day. Interesting, isn't it? 
PG Mall Open Box Daily
For more information about PG Mall and their latest promotion, do check out at their PG Mall Website | PG Mall Malaysia Facebook Page | PG Mall Malaysia Instagram | PG Mall Malaysia Telegram
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