HASEYO WORLD Invited Diva AA As Guest Live Host During 12.12 Extravaganza Big Sale On Haseyo World's Facebook Live

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HASEYO WORLD, An e-Commerce Platform To Promotes Products From "Industri Kecil Dan Sederhana (IKS)" And Local Products

About Haseyo World

Haseyo World was first introduced to all Malaysians 4 months ago despite the world was hit by the pandemic. Haseyo World Sdn Bhd is an e-commerce platform that promoting products from the "Industri Kecil and Sederhana" (IKS) and local products through the famous Facebook Live Streaming as their selling platform. The products that Haseyo World offers include the fresh seafood, premium meat products, dim sum, pau, special "jajan" and also beverages. 
Besides food and beverages, Haseyo World also selling crystal bracelets, accessories like Haseyo World's brand earrings and also bicycles. As a fast-paced growing e-commerce platform, you can expect more products to be sell on this platform from time to time. Just stay tuned to their Facebook live where friendly and interactive hosts will go live in their official Haseyo World Facebook page at 8.00 P.M. and 11.00 P.M.
Fresh Seafood From Haseyo World (King Crab)

Haseyo World Extravaganza Lucky Draw

12.12 is one of the most waited day throughout the year that we seem famed in it especially when it comes to sales. No matter it from the well-known supermarkets, e-commerce platforms, online sellers or whoever doing businesses will take advantage on this double digit day. Haseyo World as a young player in the e-commerce platform did not miss the opportunity as well. 
Prizes For Haseyo World's Extravaganza Lucky Draw
Haseyo World introduced their first Extravaganza Lucky Draw event that kick-started on the 1st December 2020 until 1st February 2021. These three-month long program will have 3 most-waited sessions by all the Haseyo World loyal customers where the draw will be conducted with prizes worth RM30,000 to be won. This is one of the activity outlined by the team to promote the brand new e-commerce platform to all Malaysians.
The prizes to be won include a brand-new iPhone 12 Pro, PlayStation 5, Haier 50-inch television, mountain bikes, branded handbags, watches and last but not least Haseyo World cash vouchers.
Extravaganza Lucky Draw By Haseyo World
To participate in this Extravaganza Lucky Draw is pretty simple that you just need to made minimum purchase of either RM10 or RM20 to earn an e-token. Stay tuned for their live sessions and announcement will be made by their hosts. This e-token will be issued by Haseyo World and send to you either through Facebook DM or Whatsapp. Remember to keep this e-token as the lucky winner will need to send back this e-token during the winner announcement and you need to be present in the Live session. 
Extravaganza Lucky Draw E-Token Terms and Conditions
Special for this Extravaganza Lucky Draw event, Haseyo World also introduced the E-Voucher where you are entitled for 10 e-tokens when you purchased the RM 100 e-Voucher at the price of RM90 only. However, there are terms and conditions in order for you to use this e-vouchers. So, remember to read through the details below for your reference.
E-Voucher Terms and Conditions
Every event definitely will have their own rules and regulations right. Hence, it is important for you to understand and read through this Contest Terms and Conditions.
Extravaganza Lucky Draw Contest Rules
To be fair and giving others chance to win the prizes, Haseyo World has outlined the Lucky Draw Rules and Regulations as well. 
Lucky Draw Winner Terms and Conditions
On this special 12.12 Double Digit Day, Haseyo World Sdn Bhd proudly invited Mohamed Azwan bin Ali, a renowned television host and actor that commonly known as Diva AA in the industry. He is invited as a guest host and partnered with one of the Haseyo World's In-House Host, Faiz Adb Rahim in conjunction to promote their Extravaganza 12.12 Big Sale Program. 
Haseyo World In-House Host With Diva AA On 12.12 Extravaganza Big Sale Facebook Live
During this special day, several prizes have been given away such as the branded watch and products from the sponsors. Haseyo World also proudly collaborated with HajiWan Serunding, the Original Recipe From Kampung Laut Since 1976 and Qebohn, the Sambals and Instant Asian Cooking Paste.  
HajiWan Serunding, One of the Sponsor For Haseyo World Extravaganza 12.12 Big Sale
Sponsor from QeBohn
  You can watch the previous 12.12 Extravaganza Big Sale Facebook Live below. 
Special on the 1st January 2021, Haseyo World has conducted their 2nd Extravaganza Lucky Draw where 3 lucky winners were picked during the live session to walk away with the branded Casio Watch, handbag and also a mountain bike. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the winners. 

So, there is one more lucky draw session left which is the grand finale of the Haseyo World Extravaganza Lucky Draw where we will see winners won their iPhone, PlayStation and also Haier television. 

 A Few Word From The Haseyo World's Board Of Director

During the 12.12 Extravaganza Big Sale event, friends of media and blogger were invited for the very first time since Haseyo World open the door for their business in Malaysia.
Diva AA In The House (After Haseyo World Press Conference)
"We are honored to have Diva AA to be part of our invited guest for tonight's Facebook Live Session and we hope that his special appearance will give a broader exposure to the public about the existence of Haseyo World. Although we just started our business 4 months ago, Haseyo World has successfully attracts 10,000 followers on both the Haseyo World Official Facebook page and Haseyo World Instagram. 
On top of that, the Facebook page has strong engagement as we are able to attracts viewers and gained more than 1 million views now in our social media platform. With the brilliant and supportive #TeamHaseyo, Haseyo World now can stand independently as good as the other e-commerce players in the same industry", said Mrs. Hanom, the Haseyo World Sdn Bhd Board of Director. 
Press Conference Before 12.12 Extravaganza Big Sale FB Live Session
"As we are still in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Haseyo World offers the best solution that able to break the chain from continuous spreading among the communities. Our customer just need to watch the Facebook Live selling sessions that planned at 8.00 P.M. and 11.00 P.M., made their orders online either through Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp, payment made through online and #TeamHaseyo will send the purchased items straight to your doorstep, in line with our tagline "Dari Laut Terus Ke Depan Pintu". This process can indirectly made you practice the call to #StayAtHome and made purchases online", Mrs. Hanom concluded. 
Haseyo World Vibrant and Awesome Team With Diva AA
That's pretty much that I would like to share with you about Haseyo World. Since there is one month time for you to collect the e-token to join the finale lucky draw session, remember to catch their Facebook Live Streaming that going to happen daily at 8.00 P.M.  and 11.00 P.M.

Collect as many e-tokens as possible to stand a higher chance of winning their grand prize. "Saya Dah, Anda Bila Lagi?". 
Shopping At Haseyo World

My Personal Shopping Experience At Haseyo World

Oh before I end my sharing today, let me share my shopping experience with Haseyo World. First, I would like to say good job to the Haseyo World In-House hosts, they are the one that convinced me pretty well to start purchasing from this platform. Second, of course the prices that they offered are much cheaper compare to their competitors. Third, the quality of the products are the reason why I repeat my orders and shared with my family and friends about them. Only the fresh and best quality products are sent to you, this I can guaranteed because I don't have any bad experience yet with them so far! Forth, it is really easy and they are high-responsive to your questions or queries make you feel that you're valuable and appreciated by them. So far, no "Blue-ticked" issue with them. Lastly, I do really love how they valued their customer-first attitude by offering the best and giving the best to their loyal customers in return. 
Fresh Seafood From Haseyo World
Dim Sum From Haseyo World
My Jajan And Some Beverages From Haseyo World
For more information about Haseyo World or their latest promotion, kindly visit their social platforms:
Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We Meet Again On My Next Post!
For Collaboration or Any Inquiry, Feel Free To Email Me At kitkatnelfei@gmail.com.

Source: Haseyo World Facebook 

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  1. Oh my God, the seafood got me hungry! Haha. Always looking for Diva AA's appearance these days. Entertaining dan tak membosankan. Good to know that Haseyo is focusing on IKS products. Kudos!

    1. Very true bro... especially during this pandemic time.. many IKS has economically impacted.. I admired the inspiration that they put in place, following the FB Live trend and introduced win-win situation for all parties.. Seriously he has such a different character at work and appearance in social media.. great working with him, so professional bah...

  2. Wah........lame benar x dengar khabar sal Diva AA. Hehehe.........Btw, this is a good program by Haseyo World to support local and small businesses.

    1. :) Nama Diva AA tengah hangat dipasaran sekali lagi.. lepas he hosting bersama KLPP dalam rancangan Lagu Cinta Kita 2.. yes, betul this is the local platform that i see huge potential in it.. Do check them out.. the prices are really reasonable and affordable so far as I compared my normal purchase from the market.

  3. Wahhh..shopping tapi boleh dapat lucky draw lagi, and boleh dapat iPhone..I want 😆😆

    1. Yes sis,, betul tue.. senang pulak nak participate dalam lucky draw mereka yang bakal berlangsung on 2.2.2021 nanti.. :) RM10 untuk dapat e-token lagi berbaloi beli jer e-voucher RM100 hanya bayar RM90. Dapat 10 e-token terus.. tinggi lagi peluang nak menang iPhone 12 Pro mereka :)

  4. all the prizes really catch my eyes haha. macam goreng pisang diva AA sekarang ye

    1. Nell pun tertarik sebab prizes yang mereka bagi.. ni dah almost two months mengumpul.. hopefully ada rezeki on the last grand finale draw... boleh la cuba tengok FB Live mereka kalau kelapangan.. serious barang2 mereka jauh lebih murah dan boleh saving kat situ..

  5. The seafood looks tantalizing to say the least. It's good to see AA after such a long period of MIA.

    1. I was so afraid to meet him in person but after meeting him during this event, he is totally 180 degree different character from the person we know him in social media.. very professional.. :) yes bro, I bought all my seafood from this platform now.. for Christmas and CNY too.. can save more, why not kan.. :)

  6. Awalnya taknak buka tapi ternampak dimsum terus terpengaruh. Doakan Rawlins dapat iP12 please ye

    1. :P ramai yang aim iPhone 12 Pro tue kan.. Nell pun tengah gigih kumpul e-token.. Jangan lupa saksikan grand finale lucky draw session mereka nanti on the 2.2.2021.. :) All the best ya..

  7. boleh join dengan membeli ni.mana tahu ada rezeki menang contest..so excited

    1. Yes Kak.Yu.. Serious lepas tengok FB Live mereka sure you will like it too.. seafood dia memang terbaik, fresh dari laut terus ke pintu rumah, harga pun jauh lebih murah dah platform lain.. kalau boleh jimat, why not kan.. :)

  8. Heheheh Nelfie jangan marah mula-mula i tengok ingat you Diva AA hehehe rupanya memang ada hehehehehe dah lama tak nampak beliau meroyan wakakakakak... Nak menang peraduan boleh...

    1. Hahaha,,, tak marah pun... sebab I perasan the same thing juga lol.. Itulah tapi time jumpa dia kat event ni,, serious sangat lain character dia.. he is so professional on the set. Sangat berbeza dengan character dia kat Twitter.

  9. Oh I never knew about Haseyo World until today. It's a great way to support small local businesses. And those are great prizes up for grabs!

  10. baru tau pasal, HASEYO WORLD

    thanks sharing info ni, boleh cuba kalau berkesempatan.

  11. Wah now can try my luck to join their Extravaganza Lucky Draw the prizes are so awesome.

  12. Another shopping platform to shop for frozen seafood and jajan. Thanks.

  13. Wow.. Kenapa nampak sangat menyelerakan?? Kita Love seafood dan dimsum! Tertarik teruja kita nak cuba di sini.

  14. wow, never heard of them before but i am so glad i did because those fresh seafood look so amazing, ok brb, going to check them out and do some shopping hehe

  15. Macam-macam ada hanya pergi di satu Mall. Part ni memang Sal suka sangat . Mempermudahkan !! Kalau tak nak kena cari parking lagi .. hurmmm lemah betul dibuatnya

  16. Tiba2 jer Diva AA top dah lama xtgk dia, shopping sakan skrg sng dah ada shopping online

  17. I baru tahu about haseyo world ni. Suka sangt diva aa walupun kadang-kadang dia pelik sikit hahaha. Nanti i tengok apa ada di haseyo world

    1. :) I ada perasaan takut nak jumpa dia takut kena marah dia masa nak pergi event ni.. but he is totally different weii from the person we know him kat Twitter or other socmed.. :) Sure, mereka ada FB Live kat Haseyo World profile every day, kul 8 malam dan 11 malam.. kadang2 siang pun ada juga..

  18. Haseyo World ni macam best jer. Nanti nak ushar jugaklah apa lagi yang ada , bila tengok kata ada basikal ada jajan ehhh macam kena sangat dengan saya punya kehendak terkini.

  19. Sampai part lucky draw prizes, buntang terus mata saya...untung sangat sape yang dapat tu, really nice platform for this new norm 👍😊

  20. nice sharing nelfei! i tak pernah tahu pasal Haseyo World ni sampai lah baca blog you. bagus betul haseyo sebab fokuskan kepada produk produk IKS. memang terbaikkk