Keretapi Sarong to Hari Sarong 20, #HariSarong20 by Locco

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Same Event, Same Spirit But With A Twist. Let's All Wear Our Sarong On The 16th September To Celebrate #HariSarong20 In Conjunction Of Malaysia Day

Introduction About Locco

Locco, a social community group which aims to advocate and showcase the best of Malaysia, from culture to the people that brings colors into this beautiful country. They carry full range of experiences, beginning with their signature Keretapi Sarong and various community projects with NGO's around Kuala Lumpur which empowers the heritage and culture. 

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From Keretapi Sarong to Hari Sarong 20

Keretapi Sarong is a flash mob where members of the public discover and get acquainted with the RapidKL public train network by going through a set of curated routes while dressed in sarong. This Keretapi Sarong Day takes place on Malaysia Day, the 16th September annually. 

It is not really clear when this Keretapi Sarong Day was started as from the article  Keretapi Sarong Flash Mob A Hit This Year by TheStar , this event make it first debut in 2012 but according to the Locco Event Website, there are records of Keretapi Sarong Day for 2014, 2017, 2018 and 2019. 

This year, due to the current pandemic situation faced by every nation in the world, Locco has decided to continue the same event this year but with a twist where instead of organizing the Keretapi Sarong 20, they changed it to Hari Sarong 20. 

Hari Sarong 20
Sarong Hunt and Sarong TikTok Challenge were introduced by Locco this year to make the event more fun and exciting with prizes to be won. Each city will have their very own unique checklist with 15 tasks where for those that interested need to complete at least 8 out of 15 tasks and upload it to any of the social media platform with the hashtag #HariSarong20. 
Kuala Lumpur Sarong Hunt Checklist

This was my very first year participate in Keretapi Sarong (or known as Hari Sarong 20) as I just get to know about this event earlier this month, therefore, my preparation was kind of simple! 

On the 10.00 A.M. of 16th September 2020, my friends and I had tried our best to present ourselves in Sarong and we headed to our first stop at The River of Life, Kuala Lumpur. Here we took several pictures together and tried our best to cover as many task as possible.

Part of KiteJalan Team in our Sarong for Sarong Hunt Hari Sarong 20
To be honest, this was my very first time wearing Sarong like this and walking on the street. Surprisingly, there is no awkward feeling at all during the outing with this attire exploring the entire Kuala Lumpur city. You can see so many creative ways of people wearing their sarong to celebrate the Malaysia Day together.
KitKat Nelfei In Sarong At River of Life, Kuala Lumpur

We did took some boomerang videos with the famous local mural that covered the entire two block of buildings just next to the River of Life. These murals went viral in the Twitter earlier this year and the entire project was lead by Ruhizad Ali with few other painters like Mohd Yusof Mahadi. 

After completing the task here at River of Life, we went to Sultan Abdul Samad building just next to the street. We completed our second togetherness, friendship picture in front of this building. Well, taking a jumping photo especially with big crowd is not easy, okay!

1,2,3 Jump or 3,2,1 Jump? Your Call. Look At Us!
How can we not taking picture with our Jalur Gemilang, right, when we are actually celebrating our Malaysia Day. So, I took mine here at this building. 

One thing that I observed is Malaysian is getting lesser in displaying Jalur Gemilang nowadays. I feel it was less merrier compare to my childhood time when we celebrating 16th September. Maybe it was due to the Covid-19 issue! Hopefully we will stay strong together and make our next celebration a great one.

Jalur Gemilang - Sultan Abdul Samad Building
KitKat Nelfei At Sultan Abdul Samad building
This is how I spent my first half of Malaysia Day here at River of Life and Sultan Abdul Samad building. We had a lunch break at my housing area near to Kuala Lumpur Traders Square and took a short, power nap!

Around 2.15 P.M. we once again getting ready and proceed with the challenge for Sarong Hunt 20. This time, we traveled in smaller group as another half of the team members have different assignment. As for those remaining, we went to Petronas Twin Towers to take picture with the KLCC background. 

KitKat Nelfei At KLCC Park With PETRONAS Twin Tower

One of the challenge was to do a 5 sec catwalk in the Hari Sarong outfit and check this out how I completed this task with Azriel, son of Comel. 

How is it, guys? I think it was pretty cool and great with the background music. 

Before we finish up the task, we took a coffee break and we decided to visit Nyonya Colors to look for Malaysian food especially the kuih muih. 

Kitkat Nelfei With His Favorite Nyonya Kuih

As part of the requirement, I still need to wore my Sarong and shopping at the mall. Yes, I did it too!

Kitkat Nelfei In Sarong While Ordering At Nyonya Colors, KLCC

How fast the time passed and after high-tea, we continue to explore the last spot here at KLCC which is the bus stop.

Kitkat Nelfei At Bus Stop In Sarong
We were managed to upload all our personal posting on-time and we called it a wrap for the day. Special thanks to all my friends that inviting me to join this Sarong Hunt and let's join this again next year. 

It's A Wrap!

Special thanks also to Locco for choosing me as one of the 40 lucky one to win the Limited Edition Enamel Pin for Malaysia Day and Hari Sarong 20. 

So guys, stay tuned for more contest information from Locco and future activities here at their social media platform. 

Website:  Locco Official Website

Facebook: Locco MY Official Facebook Page

Instagram: Locco MY Official Instagram

Signing Off and Take Care Till We Meet Again On My Next Post!

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  1. Ini baru Malaysia majmuk. Kebiasaan kain sarong atau bahasa mudah bagi kaum adam kain pelikat sering di pakai untuk di rumah dan menjadi kebiasaan orang kampung. Terbaik bro.. :)

  2. Bestnya tahun ni punya sambutan. Buat challenge treasure hunt camtu. Hehehe. Well done Locco!

  3. Bergayanye berjalan-jalan di KL pakai sarong.Bagusnye Locco buat program macam ni memperkenalkan sarong pada masyarakat

  4. this event is good to unite the malaysian. all races doing activities together, empower each other cultures, it's fun tho

  5. bestnyaaa! I tak pernag berpeluang join Hari Sarong ni. Every year tengok gambar orang pakai cecantik with our traditional outfits. Congrats sebab terpilih Limited Edition Enamel Pin dari Loco

  6. wah bestnya join hari sarong. tahniah ye terpilih antara pemenang bertuah dalam locco challenge :)

  7. how i wish i can join this Hari Sarong too. seems so fun and all the photos are amazingly taken !

  8. Best ada event yg mempamerkan budaya kita. Awak pakai pun bergaya kena dgn kain sarong tu.

  9. Suka dengan program macam ni. Dapat menyuntik rasa kekitaan dan kecintaan kepada seni tradisi tanah air

  10. such a good event. ini barulah terserlah rakyat malaysia yang majmuk dengan keindahan pelbagai budaya.

  11. Setiap tahun suka nengok pesta ni...bukan senang nak pakai kain naik keretapi woo hahahaha.. even kat uma pun tak pakai.. ada rezeki, one day nak join juga...

  12. Bestla ada program macam ni. Last year saya join event keretapi Sarong ni, tapi tahun ni macam tak berapa perasan pulak.. terlupa terus nak join

  13. Such a good initiative by Locco. You all look so good in a piece of sarong macam this. I will support and buy 1 to wear hehe

  14. This kinda cool. Bestnya event macam ni. Walaupun tak dapat buat dalam train tapi yang ni macam lagi best je.

  15. It is always awesome to organize such an event which introduced our culture which is the wearing of sarong. Though it is different this year, you guys still appear to be enjoying yourself a lot. :)