The Artisans Showcase At The Linc KL Shines A Light On Artisans

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Artisans Real Life And Virtual Merged Experience Only At The Linc KL And The Artisans Haven Facebook Live

Today, I got a chance to visit "The Artisans Showcase" that located at The Linc KL with my friends where this event was organized by The Artisans Haven starting from 13th March 2021 until 14th March 2021. This is their very first on-site and online showcase event of the artisanal products and services.
The Artisans Haven was set up at the height of Movement Control Order (MCO 1.0) with the aim to help artisans and small businesses that reeling under the pressure of retail closures by marketing their crafts online.
Looking at the fine quality of the artisanal products, The Artisans Haven would love to showcase their labor of love and hopes for increasing public support to help them sustain their living in the current difficult times. 
The Artisans Showcase At The Linc KL Shines A Light On Artisans
Shopping At "The Artisans Showcase", The Linc KL
The Linc KL, which is part of the PPB Group, a property division, is a strong supporter of local artisans, designers, artists and other small business. Through the partnership with The Artisans Haven, they have provided a platform for our local artisans to have their on-ground presence which in turn helped to boost their online presence on The Artisans Haven as well.
"We are honored to work with The Artisans Haven. We hope The Linc could offer these talented artisans a platform to promote their creative works and support the business sustainability of homegrown brand owners, especially during these unprecedented times." said Low Eng Hooi, Chief Executive Officer of PPB Properties, the property division of PPB Group.  
The Artisans Showcase At The Linc KL Shines A Light On Artisans
Koi Painting On Zinc
"The Artisans Showcase" gave artisans and small businesses on The Artisans Haven a golden opportunity to showcase their unique and passionately creative fine crafts at this trendy mall to the public.
During these two days event, the onsite exhibition is open to the public or you can join the event remotely as well on the Artisans Haven Facebook Live (Recorded Version)
During the showcase with the theme "Homemade and Accolade", a total of five categories will display their unique products that breaks into Sweets and Treats, Home and Living, Action and Adventure, Beauty and Fashion and last but least, the Arts and Collectibles.
A total of 100 products are displayed to more than 5,000 visitors and viewers, both the on-site and online, combined. 
The Artisans Showcase At The Linc KL Shines A Light On Artisans
Handmade by Artisans
 "This is great value to our artisans. Now, people can view their quality products at The Linc KL. This is a great collaboration that unleashes the power of online and offline." said Ng JJ, Group General Manager of The Artisans Haven. 

Finger crossed! This free exhibition of products from The Artisans Haven may be held in monthly basis at The Linc KL, if this proves successful. I personally found this event to be very interesting and eye opening especially on the creativity of our local artisans.
This is also a great opportunity for us to #KitaJagaKita and #SapotLokal especially on helping each other on the recovery phase after everyone was affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic. 
From only 30 tenants in May 2020, The Artisans Haven has seen a tremendous increases of 300% in term of number of tenants as there are more than 120 online tenants now and this is made possible with the successful, increasing corporate partnerships and media support. 

Exhibitors And Participants

Let discover together who are the exhibitors on this two-days showcase.
First, TheCakery under the Sweets and Treats section where they started the business at the height of MCO 1.0 and successfully to expand their business to Penang.
They did very well on providing part time and full time jobs to the bakers at the Padma's Dapur that sells a variety of coconut candy.
Padma Narayanan is a former training administration manager that enjoy good sales among family and friends but would love to reach out further through the virtual mall. 
The Artisans Showcase At The Linc KL Shines A Light On Artisans
Sweets And Treats Corner
Under Handmade by Artisans section, the multi-talented designer Poesy Liang who created the luxury jewelry brand POEZ in 2004 has come up with a line of accessories to help people to look their best even when masking up as part of the current Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).
Besides Poesy Liang, Sashtri Vivekanda, the hand and brush award-winner painter will showcase his creation of life-like portraits too. 
The Artisans Showcase At The Linc KL Shines A Light On Artisans
Poesy Liang Shared Her Story As An Artist (Source: The Artisans Haven FB)
In terms of Beauty and Fashion, TAS by Woman of Substance has a range of attractive and limited edition handmade bags that suit your preferences and different occasions.
There are over 50 types of skin care products where Mageline World would love to bring out women's natural beauty with it and enhance their confidence in the glow of their own skin. 
The Artisans Showcase At The Linc KL Shines A Light On Artisans
Mageline World Booth On The Artisans Showcase
Under the Home Living, there are Natural Life's treasures ranging from cute coffee mugs, lunch bags with their outdoor-themed designs and soft tapestry blankets that lend a happy feel all round, there are also new scents and room mists from Candle Pit Stop which has just launched a range of wax melts.
In addition, a total about 12 artisans also shared their interesting ideas on how to refresh and restyle your home. 
The Artisans Showcase At The Linc KL Shines A Light On Artisans
Home & Living Booth
With the theme #ShopForGood, the social enterprises under The Artisans Haven's corporate social responsibility will also be featuring coffee processed by the disabled at the Beautiful Gate Foundation, handmade cloth bags by the Community Excel Services, a non-profit organization that serves individuals and communities and many more. 
Also, RC Deaf Missions which has a cafe operated by the Deaf staffs will be introducing their delicious menu, cakes and "Deaf craft" as well.  

  Online CrossOver

Other activities during this two-days event include the interview sessions with artisans and their invited guests for social media postings, as well as crossovers to special interest media groups involving the five categories of artisanal products. 
Interviews were conducted with personalities with a large social media following which include Oh Kah Beng, ex-motorcross champion and founder of motorcross park Most Fun Gym and Thomas Foo, overland explorer and founder of 4 by 4 World Explorer. 
There is an involvement from Arts website Kakiseni, a non-profit platform that work with artists with the aims to build a sustainable local art scenes.
They will be posting the interviews on the social media and this including Harizon Ramli, the certified fitness coach and founder of the the e-fitness center, as well as Trio Ultimate, designers of customized sports attire and accessories. 
The Artisans Showcase At The Linc KL Shines A Light On Artisans
Beauty and Fashion Exhibition Booth

Artisan Scholars At Enfiniti Academy

Besides products exhibition and interviews, those interested in the arts can meet up with Enfiniti Academy and also the three scholarship holders from The Artisans Haven to know more about their studies of the arts at the Academy, as well as view of scholarship available for arts, sports and a whole range of courses at the Scholarships2U slot. 

Artisans Window Display

To commemorate with the launch of this event, The Linc KL has kindly donated a permanent window display that allows The Artisans Haven to showcase their products on the rotation basis, all year round. 

Online Buskers Debut

The Albab's performed live their original rendition of the theme song for The Artisans Haven - Ahoy Artisans, Jiwa Wawasan at The Linc KL during the The Artisans Showcase. For your information, The Albab's is the resident buskers at The Artisans Haven and they will be debuting their music studio going from busking at Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur to online busking. 

Handmade is Heartmade

The Linc KL has a similar mission when it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) where they not only supporting the artisans and small businesses, but also the single parents and sustainable projects that include urban or rooftop farming and textile waste recycling. 

It strives to educate the young generation on biodiversity through education and conservation programs such as its current Chrysalis project that encourages people to 'Adopt a Caterpillar and Host Plant'. 

The Linc KL also supports an association for medically challenged children called Tender Hearts. The children from Tender Hearts will be given a free space in the weekends to cook and bake. Their products will be purchased by the management and donate to other organizations. 

Locals including the craftsmen, housewives and artisans with special skills are invited to set up their businesses at The Linc KL, initially at no cost. With like-minded partners in The Artisans Haven and The Linc KL, there are strong factors for success.
It is hoped that the public will lend their support for this worthwhile project to also help enhance the tradition of "Homemade is Heartmade". 
The Artisans Showcase At The Linc KL Shines A Light On Artisans
Handmade by Artisans

About The Artisans Haven (TAH)

The Artisans Haven (TAH) is essentially a virtual shopping mall that seeks to provide a platform for talented Malaysian Artisans to showcase the beauty, grace, fun and excitement of their products and talents. TAH was set up in May 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic with the clear objective of curating an artisan's digital mall to help local artisans to promote the rich array of their products and talents to customers throughout Malaysia. 
TAH is the brainchild of seasoned, semi-retired and passionate founders Jade Lee and Rosalie Lin. Appreciating the many local artisans who put their heart and soul into their handmade products, they also understand the many challenges faced by these artisans especially during the pandemic.
Together with their team, they work pro bono to leverage on their experience and network in creating and sustaining a digital commerce platform for local artisans. TAH digital mall currently hosting 121 tenants consisting of local artisans and retailers. 
TAH also promotes #ShopforGood where portion of the sales from the digital mall is channeled to support five selected NGOs namely Beautiful Gate Foundation, Community Excel Services (CES), Gem & Bread Special Needs Support Group, RC Deaf Missions and Helping Hands Penan. 
Come and explore the wide variety of products and services by our very own Malaysian artisans at the following online and social media platforms. 
The Artisans Showcase At The Linc KL Shines A Light On Artisans
Utilizing QR Code Technology For More Information On Display
The Artisans Showcase At The Linc KL Shines A Light On Artisans
Beautiful Artwork Display

Signing Off For Now And Take Care Till We Meet Again On My Next Post.
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